June 2009 - Zehandi by monkey6


June 2009 - Zehandi

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									Hi everybody

We're all healthy and it's going well. We're just so hard at work that we go to bed at the same time as the
children every night.

The bakkie's (Donkey) temporary import permit has expired and so we had to get it across the border. And
since the border posts in Congo are problematic and after talks with Kabwe (Grace headquarters) we
decided to combine trips and to get rice. Here rice costs K295 000 =R 580 and there K160 000 = R320 for
50 Kgs. So we quicly did 2000 KMs over 4 days.

It's going well with all the projects, but this is also the reason that we fall on the bed every night.

At Grace they are busy expanding the school, making changes to the leadership structure, but with our
support role there aren't much changes. Their headquarters asked us to come talk to them about discipleship
and how we can take hands in future. We'll definitely consider it.

A lot is happening at Ichtus farm. Lots of miracles, we're praying for people and God heals them !

And then there's not a cent in our account, or food in the cupboards, then someone phones and says
that they have a lot of stuff on their counters that they can't sell any more and we can have it if we
want it. Or someone deposits money into our account that's enough to buy maize for a week.

Currently the 30 women that volunteers became 60. Praise the Lord since this is an opportunity to talk to so
many more people about our wonderful Father. We have a half hours bible study every morning.

Johan and I drove past some women and Johan said that this is a great example of faith. Without any
guarantees these women come work everyday building a clinic for their children. They're hoping for
something they can't see.

Then there is our full discipleship course, we have 15 people of which 7 stays with us (in a tent and
sometimes in the house). It makes feeding them all pretty tricky, since we're giving breakfast lunch and
supper, 120 meals per day !

In between all this we're busy developing the overnight facilities and truck stop so that we can be self reliant
as soon as possible, and someone can come take over.
The vegetable garden will be done soon which will lift a big financial burden.

Meanwhile the water issue is making life difficult for us, since we need it for the community and garden and
we're carrying it from the river at the moment in containers with a wheel barrow (220m).

We've tried digging wells that are closer, but have only found one so far. In between all that we're building
houses in the camping area and an open air kitchen.

On a more residential front:
Patricia, a 21 year old orphan girl, that we have taken in has just completed her discipleship at FCE and also
wants to do missions training. Something we're very happy about. Between all this johan and Zenika is busy
with her school work. Please pray for Zenika's books.

And then there's Dirk, I finally understand how boys brains work. Sometimes we wonder how he could have
done something, what was he thinking ? But I realised it's because they're thinking that their doing these
I once stood outside and called everybody for supper, when Dirk asked me why we don't ring a bell. “We
don't have one”, I answer. He thinks for a second and asks why don't we shake the cat. Tyger the cat has a
bell around it's neck ! And you wonder why we're tired !

There is light at the end of the tunnel. My parents are coming to visit, their landing on the 25 and staying for
two weeks. It's a pity it's not all of you.

Please pray for:
Food, and lots of it.
A waterpump to pump water from the river.
The people on discipleship.
Safety, especially from snakes.

Thank you very much to everybody that supports us.

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