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					Central Gauteng Aquatics

Water Polo Board of Control
Tel: Clive\Lorna (011) 867-0587
Fax: 0866707971
Cell: Clive 083 768 0222 – Tony 082 4646018 -
E-mail: Web Site:

                                                    11.01.2005 at Old Eds
In Attendance:

NAME                             CLUB                            POSITION

Clive Cox                                                        new Vice Chair
Lorna Cox                                                        new Secretary
Richard Van der Knaap           Boksburg                         Chairman
Andrew Van der Molen            Benoni                            Chair
Gavin Robertson                 Pretoria Old Boys                 Chairman
Ryan Thorpe                     OJ Eagles                         Chairman
No Name                          Old Eds                           Chairman
Ryan Weideman                    Wits                             Chairman
Bronwyn Cartwright               Wits                            Rep

1. Welcome:
       Clive Welcomed all to meeting. Told meeting Tony Could not be present and

    2. Apologies:
Bruce Bowden, Ralph Heath and Tony Furguson
3. Matters arising from previous minutes:
4. Approval of previous minutes:
        Approved by Bronwyn Cartwright seconded by Ryan Thorpe
5. Correspondence.
     Letter received from Ravens requesting 2nd ladies side Old Eds had said ravens
could replace their u20 side at no cost.Wits informed by email that they had no second
ladies side but this was received too late to amend league schedule TEAMS WHO
E mail from Gavin Robertson re results on leagues was corrected on league schedule.

6. Finance.
    Arthur handed out statements of financial statements for all clubs
these included all payments excepting capitations not yet received.
Arthur asked that in future all payments be made only to him.
Payments must indicate from which club and for what as he had
difficulty determining if payments were for leagues or cup games or
referees course or capitations.
    7. Leagues.

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Central Gauteng Aquatics

Water Polo Board of Control
Tel: Clive\Lorna (011) 867-0587
Fax: 0866707971
Cell: Clive 083 768 0222 – Tony 082 4646018 -
E-mail: Web Site:

 Next round will start on 15th January 2005.Clive stressed he had
capitated all forms received and presented clubs present print outs of
each club with details of those capitated and those capitated in past
but not yet capitated this year.We have not yet received any capitation
forms from OJ Eagles, Olympians and Ravens. Edenvale had not yet
submitted correct forms.These clubs are now not in good standing.OJ
eagles apologised and said they would give their forms to Tony on
Saturday. Lorna stressed that clubs not in good standing would be
disciplined as more than enough time has been given to sort this out.
Clubs present indicated they were happy with way round two had
been scheduled. We must re look games on 26.02.2005 as Wits was
not available as a venue. Wits indicated that two games against Saints
had not been captured Clive to sort out.. Tony requested that we
mention that no changes to schedule will be allowed.Clive noted that
no clearance had been received from some clubs for players they
wished to capitate.

8. Cup Games:
    First round has been played but we have still not received results
from most games played at Saints and Zoo lake which makes
scheduling next round difficult. Clive will distribute the schedule
including results received. Bronwyn suggested we look at replacing
medals with something more practical like engraved beer glasses for
medal winners. Clive to discuss with Tony. Clubs present suggested
that next round take place on 10th of February and third round on
24th of February. We must try to do prize giving on same day as finals.

9. Prize Giving:
               Nothing to Report.
10. Development :
   Wits has capitated one PD player. It was suggested we try to recruit an u20 side
from Highlads school which had a full pd team to participate at level one
championships to comply with requirements to participate in club championships. OJ
eagles would also be capitating a PD plater and Old Eds had capitated an American
Red Indian is this player considered a PD player?
11. General:
    The poor attendance was highlighted. Arthur asked that we
    highlight that the meetings were very poorly attended and that we
    discussed the same problems at each meeting and did not spend
    enough time on the real purpose of meeting which he felt was to
    discuss how to promote Water Polo and Grow the sport.. It was felt
    that action should be taken against clubs not attending regularly.
    Lorna said it seemed that clubs did not read their minutes as they

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Central Gauteng Aquatics

Water Polo Board of Control
Tel: Clive\Lorna (011) 867-0587
Fax: 0866707971
Cell: Clive 083 768 0222 – Tony 082 4646018 -
E-mail: Web Site:

   kept on complaining about need for new capitation forms while it
   had been explained at each meeting that the requirement for new
   forms came from SSA and had to be complied with.

       Next meeting 1st February 2005 at OLD Eds at 19.30 hrs

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