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					The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers - the only internationally recognized professional body
for shipbrokers, ship managers and agents in the world - has throughout the years involved
itself in maritime education within the schools offering Maritime Ecomonics as a subject.
Currently there are 3 such schools in the country, being Simons Town High School in the Cape,
New Forest High School in Durban, and Sithengile Secondary School, also in Durban. The latter
has only been offering this subject in recent years.

The Institute offers their very popular “Understanding Shipping” course to Grade 12 learners in
these schools at greatly reduced prices, and further has traditionally offered between 5 and 10
bursaries to students in Grade 12 who have excelled the previous year, to both Simons Town
High School and New Forest High School each year.

In 2008, the ICS became involved in assisting Sithengile Secondary School in an attempt to raise
the standard of their Maritime Economics studies, and assist their learners with learning
material. The ICS have been most fortunate to now have received the support of a corporate
partner, JO Tankers, who have come on board to offer their support in the form of 10
Understanding Shipping bursaries to the schools top learners from 2008’s Grade 11 year.

JO Tankers, whose head office is based in Norway, are a leading provider of deep-sea
transportation services for chemicals and other high value liquids like petroleum products and
edible oils. They are responsible for technical and commercial management of a fleet varying
in size up to 40.000 dwt. The company has pioneered a number of innovations starting with the
introduction of the first tanker with stainless cargo tanks back in 1960 and by introducing the
first large double hull chemical parcel tanker in 1993.

JO Tankers have a healthy social responsibility program in various centres throughout the
world, and acknowledge that the global challenges related to either poverty or lack of
opportunities are so infinitely much bigger outside of their own “community”. The realization
that every effort counts in solving these issues, has formed the background for several
initiatives Jo Tankers has taken. Through aid and financial support to charities and development
organizations, they express the wish to extend Jo Tankers internal care to some of those
beyond their own organization

JO Tankers’ bursary sponsorship to 10 Sithengile Secondary learners has been very well
received by the local Claremont community, as well as by the industry and the ICS itself, as
setting an example for other corporate entities to follow. There still exists a huge skills shortage
in the Maritime Industry not only locally, but worldwide, and this coupled with the fact that the
industry is by its very nature in a constant state of change, means that it is up to employer to
ensure their staff are fully trained, and fully up to date with international standards at all times.
It is also the responsibility of each workplace to support newcomers into the industry in order
to ensure a constant supply of skills into the future. JO Tankers have undertaken this latter task
in South Africa through their support of Sithengile Maritime studies learners.

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