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					                                                Simon Hudson
                                            PERSONAL INFORMATION

Address          : P.O.Box 4256, Dainfern                          Languages       : English, Afrikaans
                   South Africa, 2055                              Nationality     : United Kingdom, South Africa

Telephone        : +27-82-555-7732                                 Date of Birth   : 23 September 1971
Email            :

                                               PERSONAL PROFILE

I am a business leader and innovator in the IT industry with over 15 year’s experience of senior and executive
management, software development and enterprise consulting. It is my goal to find a role that will challenge
me to utilize and expand on this experience and where I can learn from those around me. I am a dedicated,
determined professional who prides himself in making the right decisions and delivering on what I promise.

I see myself as the subject matter expert in helping the enterprise to see the big picture. I am a specialist who
enables agility and simplicity to take advantage of technology evolution and I am the one who can help the
enterprise to locate their reusable resources.

                                               WORK EXPERIENCE

Amalgam IT Partners                                                                                         2008
Johannesburg, South Africa


Amalgam IT Partners offers the experience, wisdom and independent insight that a chief information/
technology officer or IT director can bring to a SME business, guided by the principle that although the owners
of a business may not be able to afford or justify a full-time executive to develop their technology strategy and
assist their business to grow, there is no reason why they should not have access to one at a reasonable rate if
their business demands it.

Amalgam’s aim is to ensure that SME businesses have access to the same set of skills as corporates, so that
they too can make the right strategic decisions, that they are able to make the right technology purchasing and
hiring decisions, that they are able to make sure that their suppliers are kept honest and above all else that
they have an independent and impartial resource on call to represent their best interests.

Amalgam has a growing customer base, spread amongst the financial services, government and parastatel,
information technology and environmental services sectors.

Tradestream (Pty) Ltd                                                                                       2007
Johannesburg, South Africa

          Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Tradestream is an international trade management business - it processes and manages international trade
transactions on behalf of its clients with a specific focus on the retail sector. The platform has trading, financial,
treasury, logistics and regulatory functionality and is integrated with international trade service providers, such
as banks and logistics companies, as well as with client systems and their trading partners to deliver a
comprehensive, interactive, real time service.

In my capacity as CIO and a member of the executive team, I was responsible for the Tradestream product
roadmap, client management, contractual arrangements with respect to service level and delivery agreements,
business analysis services, data warehouse services, and all aspects of the development of the Tradestream
platform including but not restricted to operations, architecture, quality assurance and product management.

Tradestream is a Rand Merchant Bank initiative.
Enterprise Consultant (Independent)                                                           2004 – 2007, 2008

    Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd as Principal Consultant: Technology
    2006/01 – 2007/03

            My primary engagement was to South Africa’s largest retailer (Edcon) where my responsibilities where
             split between managing the client, the technical relationship between the Chief Architect and BCX and
             assisting both companies with the adoption of new practices, processes and technologies. I also fulfilled
             the role of strategic architect, focusing on Microsoft technologies, to assist with the development and
             implementation of the retailer’s country-wide rollout of a new windows-based point of sale platform as
             well as engaging in the development of software products for the retail warehousing environment.

            In addition, I also engaged with a number of other BCX customers (Sasol, South African Presidency)
             providing consulting and account executive services as part of the overall BCX strategy team.

    Metsentia (Pty) Ltd as Chief Technical Officer
    2005/07 – 2006/05

    Metsentia is a turnkey Mobile and Web Value Added Services Provider (VASP) focused on the provision of a
    seamless Subscriber, Customer and User experiences in the Mobile, Internet and Wireless spaces, and as
    such I was primarily responsible for the technical specification, design, development, delivery and
    management of all technical solutions. These included, but where not limited to:

              Real-time alerting, mobile content and service management delivery platforms
              Mobile usage and tracking services
              Over the Air provisioning platforms

    Standard Bank of South Africa (Pty) Ltd as Senior Consultant: Strategic Technology Projects
    2004/06 – 2005/06

            Project administrator, reporting to the Director, Technology Engineering for the determination of a near
             to middle term desktop software road map and licensing regime, including vendor negotiation with an
             initial total spend of over R200m

            Consultant, reporting to the Head of R&D assisting in the organization, development and
             implementation of a replacement platform for the branch desktop operating system environment

            Consultant, reporting to Director, Technology Engineering for the evaluation, implementation and
             management of a group wide Email Archiving infrastructure

            Consultant, reporting to the head of Call Centers, for the analysis, design and development of a survey
             capture and reporting platform, to assist in their business rationalization process

In addition I am also actively engaged in consulting to a number of other blue-chip South African companies,
where my responsibilities have included:

    Delivery manager for a web based recruitment portal which, although severely behind schedule was
     deployed within 90 days after I was engaged. The requirements also included training the client to enable
     them to successfully manage the operations of the portal. (KPMG South Africa)

    Development and delivery of a web-enabled ‘360 & Organizational Culture’ review system that is used
     throughout the county, using limited infrastructure. (Amos Laycock for Eskom, Enviro-Fill and MunichRe).

    Engaged to ensure delivery of non-performing and late software projects, as well as repositioning the group
     technology platform to support the implementation of new business strategies. (Digital Mall)

    QA and audit of pre-launch development project to determine where technical failures were occurring that
     were delaying the project. (Knowledge Factory)

Moreover, I also have a share holding and participate in an internet hosting service provider that has been
successfully and profitably offering outsourced web, DNS, email and fully managed content management
hosting facilities since 2003. During this time I have developed a number of business and client support
platforms based on Microsoft technologies, for messaging and automated website management purposes.
WMC [UK] Ltd/Aqua Gaming
London, United Kingdom and Johannesburg, South Africa                                              2002 – 2004

         Chief Operating Officer/Chief Technical Officer

   Responsible for setting up, managing and driving the SA and international operations, with the following
    functions in Johannesburg: Finance, IT and development, customer Loyalty, data Analysis, system
    development and daily operations, marketing in London, and casino operations in Montreal.

   Tasked with reorganizing the process and performance of the company as well as the integration and right
    size of acquired operations, the net result that the company moved from cumulative losses of $500,000 per
    month to profits of over $1,000,000 per month.

   Directly managed a development team of 9 and outsourced development functions, lead developer on Java
    Payment Gateway, Extranet Services Platform, Switched Payment Services Engine and the real time Casino
    Software Platform servicing 1,000,000 users worldwide, representing over $5,000,000 of development and
    handling over $50,000,000 in transactions per month.

Comitant Holdings (Pty) Ltd/clickStream (Pty) Ltd (prev. Rapid Blue Interactive)
Johannesburg, South Africa                                                                          1998 – 2002

         Group Managing Director – Comitant Holdings
         Chief Technical Officer – clickStream

   Overall responsibility for group management and strategy, post purchase of Y3K/Rapid Blue Interactive.

   Responsible for delivery of all development and project management contracts, liaison with clients and
    outsource partners to ensure satisfactory delivery and value for money for clients.

   Responsible for product development, consulting, overall technical performance and future capacity
    planning of the clickStream product range as the original inventor and developer of this outsourced
    statistical analysis and management service, provided as a 24/7, high availability tool to ISP’s and used by+
    the majority of the top 100 companies in the South Africa.

Y3K/Rapid Blue Interactive
Johannesburg, South Africa

         Managing Director

   Primary tasks include research and development into and for the implementation of new technologies
    specifically within the internet/intranet and extranet environments.

   Invented and constructed a number of tools specifically targeted at the IP environment as well as a large
    number of internet (web) specific developments

   In addition, had responsibility for all work produced from within Rapid Blue/Y3k Interactive, as well as full
    time management, strategic steering of the company and people management aspects of the business.

Tool/ TBWA Hunt Lascaris
Johannesburg, South Africa                                                                         1996 – 1997

         IT Director

   Responsible for IT strategy development, management of all information technology needs, project
    management and development solutions to meet client requirements as lead developer, consulting to the
    group as to their IT requirements and to clients from a technical perspective.

MIB/Glenrand Group
Johannesburg, South Africa                                                                         1994 – 1996

         Group Technical Support Officer

Responsible for network, communications, operating system and hardware and software installations for 20+
offices distributed countrywide. Also performed software development and user training on a one to one and
group basis

Gordon Institute of Business Science, Johannesburg, South Africa
  Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), admitted to academic program for 2007/2008

Graduate Management Admissions Test
Verbal: 38 (85th percentile), Quantitative: 32 (37th percentile), Analytical Writing: 6 (95th percentile)

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
  Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems), 1990 – 1994

Centre for Management Development - Management Skills for Technical Personnel
Ernst & Young South Africa - CounterHack Certified
LGIT – Introduction to C# Programming with Microsoft .NET (#2609)
LGIT – Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 (#2933)

                                        TECHNOLOGY RELATED SKILLS

Operating Systems: Windows NT, 2000 Server and Workstation, XP, Vista, MS-DOS, Linux

Development: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net (Client and Web), SQL, XML/SOAP,
VBScript/Active Server Programming, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, WML, Borland Pascal and Delphi.

Platforms: Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange Server, BizTalk Server, Internet technologies, AXS-One Workflow
and Procurement, GSM SMPP (SMS/MMS), WAP

Productivity Suites: Microsoft Office

                                        PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery, December 1998 to present
IEEE - The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, November 1998 to present

                                            FIDUCIARY EXPERIENCE

Chairperson and Financial Director: Waterford Estate Homeowners Association 2001 to 2004:

Waterford Estate is a secure estate development in the north of Johannesburg, South Africa. With 275+
properties and an annual income of over R3.5 million, the estate has been making a surplus since 2001 and
continues to grow with extremely healthy financial prospects.

Chairperson – Digital and Interactive Media Association (DiMA) 2001/2002

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