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					                                 NEWS RELEASE
                           SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants
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A group of engineers from SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants recently had the rewarding
opportunity of investing in the lives of future young engineers, when they were invited by Hilton College to
weigh up entries in the school’s bridge building competition.

Founded in 1872, Hilton College is a private full boarding senior school for boys near the town of Hilton in the
KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. It is one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

As part of the school’s Design Technology curriculum, Hilton College’s budding civil engineers were set the
task of building a wooden bridge that spanned 75 cm, using only wood and carpenter’s glue. SSI civil
engineers David Wright, Sarah Skorpen and Digby Johnn were called in to give a presentation on bridge
design and to test the bridges to see how much weight each could support.

The winning bridge held a load of 41kg and appeared capable of supporting even more, had the judges not
run out of weights!

Mentoring less advantaged young people

SSI CEO Naren Bhojaram says: “We were delighted to have been able to give input into this valuable
exercise at Hilton College and we wish these budding young engineers every success in their future careers.

“As a company we’re totally committed to seeing engineers emerge from the ranks of high school pupils and
we’re doing all we can to help make this happen. SSI is fully aligned with government’s aspirations towards
developing sorely needed skills in our country and we share government’s concern at the lack of interest and
the poor pass rate in maths, science and technology at school level.

“In response, we’ve stepped up to the plate to do our part in preparing and supporting school leavers in
these subjects and helping to direct them towards technical careers. We’ve been focusing on skills
development, careers guidance and awareness programmes for more than ten years and, among other
initiatives, have mentored a number of engineers and technical staff, supported post-Matric learners with
bursaries — and generally worked hard to raise awareness among school learners about the consulting
engineering sector.
                                 NEWS RELEASE
                           SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants
           Transport ● Water ● Industrial ● Environmental ● Ports, Aviation & Rail ● Mining
                                ● Project & Construction Management

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“Social responsibility is a bedrock philosophy at SSI,” he says. “We measure our involvement in social
programmes not by our input — but by the results we achieve. And we’re proud to be doing significantly
more than what is required to achieve maximum corporate social responsibility points in the draft
Construction Charter.

“For instance, we run our own Saturday School for previously disadvantaged grade 11 and 12 learners in the
subjects of science, maths and technical drawing. Our own engineers and technical staff teach at these
schools, which presently operate free of charge in Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg and
Pietermaritzburg. SSI also offers a bursary scheme for undergraduate and post graduate studies.

“In addition, SSI is a proud sponsor of Protec, another Saturday School initiative, and we’re involved in the
Gauteng Department of Education’s 16 schools project, designed to impart technical, business and project
management skills to emerging contractors.”

       SSI — a DHV company, is a black empowered, multi-disciplinary consultancy that tailors solutions
        for clients involved in infrastructure development. The company’s services cover the complete
        spectrum of lifecycle needs within the sectors of transport, water, environmental, electrical power &
        building services, mining and project & construction management. SSI staff number 900, operating
        from 20 offices in all major centres of South Africa and in, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique and
        Zimbabwe, as well as project offices elsewhere in Africa including Lesotho and Madagascar. Its
        majority shareholder is the DHV Group, one of Europe's leading engineering firms with
        representation in 30 countries.

For more information, contact Robin Hayes, Group Communications Manager, on (011) 798-6522.
More news about SSI is available on the website,


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Seen here with the winning structure are SSI civil engineer Sarah Skorpen and pupils Marlowe Brett,
Diederik Putter and Cuan Thomas, all in Grade 8. Hilton College teachers Noel Robert and Mike Green
teach the course and organised the event.

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