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									Dear Locum (Independent Contractor)

StaffMed thanks you for your interest in working through us. We promise to maintain a professional yet
caring working relationship with you and our clients. We have a short contract that needs to be signed by
both you and StaffMed. This is to protect you, the client and StaffMed from any misconceptions that may
lead to misunderstanding and ultimately, hard feelings or legal action. Please read through your contract
thoroughly. We need the following documents from you:

    1.   Copy of your Identity document
    2.   A short C.V
    3.   Contactable references

There is an annual registration fee of R130.00, which will be deducted once you have worked for us. The
current rate for an Admin Clerk is R46.00 per hour for normal practice hours, from Mondays to Saturdays.
On Sundays the rate is R69.00 per hour and on a public holiday the rate is R92.00 per hour.

We endeavor to maintain a professional attitude towards you and our clients and therefore request the same.
We also urge you to approach us with any problems and/or issues with regards to any place of employment.
This includes any change in any confirmed sessions. (e.g. number of hours worked).

Payment of hours worked will take place through StaffMed. A time sheet must be completed for all work
done at hospitals and clinics (not private practices). The closing date for receiving time sheets to be
processed for payment is the 20th of every month. Time sheets received after the 20th will only be processed
for payment the following month. Payment for work done as from the 21st of the previous month up to the
20th of the current month will be done on the last working day of the month. Should you be earning more
than R300 000.00 per year you must register as a VAT Vendor with SARS, alternatively you must register
as a Provisional TAX payer with SARS as no PAYE, UIF or SDL will be deducted by ourselves. This is
because you are working for us as an Independent Contractor and not as an Employee. StaffMed obtained
approval from SARS to do self-invoicing, this means that from the time sheets you faxed to us we will
generate an invoice to StaffMed from yourself for work done. If you are a VAT Vendor we will add the
14% VAT to your earnings. Your earnings will be transferred directly into your bank account and a
statement of work done will be posted as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to contact Chanelle, Lesley Ann and Michelle
with anything you may wish to discuss. We are available 24/7, so please feel free to call us at any time.
Below are our contact numbers:

Office hours:     (021) 913-7346
Fax:              (021) 913-7344
After hours:      076 577 3494

We look forward to meeting you in person!

Chanelle, Lesley Ann and Michelle                                                         ______
                          (HEREINAFTER REFERED TO AS THE “LOCUM”)

                          AND STAFFMED CC
                          (HEREINAFTER REFERED TO AS THE “AGENCY”)

The AGENCY and LOCUM hereby agrees as follows:

   1. The LOCUM hereby declares himself willing, after accepting a LOCUM, to perform
      LOCUM services in any general PRACTICE and/or hospital/clinic (hereafter referred to
      as “the PRACTICE”) where he/she has been placed by the AGENCY.

   2. In the event of the LOCUM accepting the placing by the AGENCY, the LOCUM

   2.1 To promptly adhere to the hours of service as agreed and obtain his/her own transport to
       and from the PRACTICE;

   2.2 To inform the AGENCY immediately if he/she experience any problems at the
       PRACTICE during a locum (e.g. additional or reduced hours worked, or if you fall ill);

   2.3 Should he/she not be able to report for service or to remain in attendance as agreed, to
       advise the AGENCY telephonically at least 24 (twenty four) hours before the LOCUM
       service will commence;

   2.4 Not to have any dealings directly or indirectly with the PRACTICE to whom he/she was
       introduced by the AGENCY without the AGENCY’S prior written consent, neither to be
       employed by or become a partner in or in any other way be involved in the PRACTICE.
       Should the LOCUM fail to do so, the AGENCY may claim from the LOCUM a penalty
       fee equal to one months’ gross salary, calculated at the hourly locum rate payable at the

   2.5 That the AGENCY shall not incur any professional liability as a result of the services
       performed by the LOCUM and the LOCUM hereby confirms that his/her relationship
       with the AGENCY is not that of employer/employee but that of an independent
       contractor and AGENCY.

   2.6 The LOCUM hereby indemnifies the AGENCY and holds it immune from any claims
       which may arise from his/her services, or his/her failure to perform a service in the event
       that he/she has failed to give notice in accordance to paragraph 2.3 and estimate
       liquidation damages to the amount of 75 % (seventy five percent) of his/her service fee,
       which amount he/she confirms and accepts as just and reasonable to cover to cost his/her
       replacement and other damages the AGENCY suffered in lieu of the amount of estimated
       liquidated damages.

_______________________________                                          _______
Initials and Surname                                                     Initial
   3. The service fee shall be paid by the AGENCY to the LOCUM at a tariff agreed, from
      time to time between the parties, the payment whereof shall be made on the last working
      day of every month.

   4. The LOCUM will not be paid by the PRACTICE. All payments to the LOCUM will be
      made by the AGENCY.

   5. The LOCUM will comply with any request pertaining to work that the PRACTICE may
      make on the LOCUM (within ethical reason) and indemnifies the AGENCY against any
      damages or loss suffered as a result of any claim, which the LOCUM may have against
      the PRACTICE due to the unlawful and/or improper conduct of the PRACTICE vis-á-vis
      the LOCUM.

Initials and Surname

_______________________________                                               ___________
Signature (The “LOCUM”)                                                       DATE

_______________________________                                               ___________
Signature o.b.o. StaffMed                                                     DATE
Dear Locum,

Kindly note that SARS granted permission for StaffMed CC to use a self-invoicing system. This
will have the effect that an invoice for monthly services rendered by yourself will be issued by
StaffMed (to the various institutions where you worked) on your behalf.

If you are registered for the purpose of VAT and have supplied StaffMed with a copy of your
VAT registration certificate (VAT 103), a tax invoice reflecting VAT at the prescribed rate of
14%, will be issued on your behalf.

If you are not registered for the purpose of VAT, an invoice will be issued on your behalf by
StaffMed (to the various institutions where you worked) for monthly services rendered.

Furthermore, please note that a comprehensive accounting and tax service is rendered by our
accounting officer: Mr Petrus Bosman at very reasonable rates. He will take care of all your tax
requirements and submit all the required returns (IT12, IRP6 and VAT201) on monthly, six
monthly and yearly intervals should you not have your own accountant.

Kindly inform us whether you want to make us of Petrus Bosman’s services.

Please complete and sign the following to grant us permission to do self-invoicing on your behalf:

I, …………………………………………….. ID Number: ……………………………………
Hereby give permission to StaffMed CC to use the above-mentioned self-invoicing system to
issue invoices on my behalf to the various institutions where I worked.

Please tick the relevant:

               VAT Vendor

               Non VAT Vendor

_____________________________                                                     __________
Signature                                                                         DATE
                    PERSONAL DETAILS
NAME:        _______________________________________________________________

SURNAME:     _______________________________________________________________

ID NUMBER OR D/O/B:       __________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER(S): __________________________________________________

WHERE DID YOU STUDY? __________________________________________________

YEAR OF GRADUATION:       __________________________________________________

WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE?         ____________________________________________

POSTAL ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________


RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________


                      BANKING DETAILS
ACCOUNT HOLDER: ________________________________________________________

BANK NAME:________________________________________________________________

BRANCH:      ________________________________________________________________

BRANCH CODE:       __________________________________________________________

ACCOUNT NAME:      __________________________________________________________

TYPE OF ACCOUNT: _________________________________________________________

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