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									Amarider 100 Miler Event Information:

Friday 12H00 – 19H00 – Delvera, Stellenbosch
Saturday: 05H30 – 06H45 - Start Location, Durbanville

Start Location:
GPS: 33° 45’38.43”S 18° 40’15.27”E
The event will start on Rondebossieberg Farm just outside Durbanville just off the Spes Bona
Map to start from Fair Cape MTB Funride website -
Thanks to the Fair Cape funride (10 May) organisers and Hugo family for the use of the
property. Please support their event.

Waterpoint 1
Spice Route Estate, Kalbaskraal Rd
GPS: 33° 30’42.59”S 18° 40’50.96”E
Race Distance: 33km
Spectator Directions:
Leave Start location and turn left onto Adderley Rd (becomes Koeberg).
Turn Left into Plein street and then left onto the Klipheuwel Rd.
Follow Klipheuwel Rd north from Durbanville. At the main intersection (wrind
turbines in front of you..), turn Left towards Malmesbury.
Turn Left to Kalbaskraal(there is a sign…) just as you enter Malmesbury.
Spice Route is 6,5km down the road.

Waterpoint 2 / Also Transition 1
Swartland Kelder, Malmesbury
GPS: 33° 27’09.46”S 18° 45’17.22”E
Muffins, Coffee/Tea, Fruit
Race Distance: 48km
Head back to Malmesbury.
At first traffic light turn right into Loedolf and right again into Piet Retief (R45)
Swartland Kelder is on your right as you exit Malmesbury.

Waterpoint 3
Crossing of R311
GPS: 33° 17’32.30”S 18° 48’23.34”E
Fruits, Potatoes etc
Race Distance: 71km
Exit Swartland Kelder and turn right onto R45
Do not follow riders onto Dirt Road!
Take next tar road exit left to Riebeeck Kasteel – R46
Turn Left onto R311 and drive through Riebeeck Kasteel and Riebeeck West.
You will find the waterpoint roughly 7 km after Riebeeck West

Waterpoint 4 – Lunch - Transition 2
Riebeeck Kasteel
GPS: 33° 23’02.33”S 18° 53’41.52”E
Sandwiches/Soup, Fruits etc
Race Distance: 110km
Turn downhill into Hoof Street. The lunch stop is on the town square.
There are many restaurants around the square so give yourself enough time at this stop!
www.riebeeckvalley.info for more info

Waterpoint 5
Race Distance: 142km
Unfortunately No Outside Assistance or Spectators allowed! Proceed to the Spectator Point.
Spectator Point
Race Distance: 145km
Outside assistance allowed!
Voor Paardeberg Rd turnoff from R45
GPS: 33° 34’03.09”S 18° 53’15.45”E
From Riebeeck follow R46 back towards Malmesbury.
At R45 turn left for Paarl/Wellington.
Turn Right onto Voor Paardeberg Rd. Riders cross here – look out for Traffic Police/marshalls

Finish Location
Race Distance: 161,5km
Klipvlei Farm, Voor Paardeberg Rd, Agter Paarl
GPS: 33° 38’06.77”S 18° 54’39.87”E
From Riebeeck follow R46 back towards Malmesbury.
At R45 turn left for Paarl/Wellington.
Turn Right onto Voor Paardeberg Rd.
After 7.5km turn left towards Wellington
Klipvlei is on your left after 7km.
Alternatively follow R44 to Voor Paardeberg turnoff after Nelson’s Creek.
Note, there is another Voor Paardeberg sign at Windmeul Kelder – IGNORE THIS – use the
turnoff between Windmeul Kelder and Nelson’s Creek
Turn onto Voor Paardeberg Rd and follow for 2km – Klipvlei is on your right


    1) No following of riders on any dirt roads – even if they are district roads! Your
       rider/team will be disqualified.
    2) Mechanical or feeding support only at the designated water stops/transitions and the
       specified spectator point.
    3) Please give riders right of way – some sites will be a bit congested
    4) There is ample time to get from point to point – please drive carefully

   1) Riders are to complete the route under their own power
   2) Outside assistance allowed in designated zones only
   3) Support vehicles on dirt road sections of the race will lead to team/rider
   4) Assistance from participants is allowed and encouraged (The Burry Rule…)
   5) Obey all traffic rules – the roads are not closed!
   6) Trains have right of way (The Common Sense Rule)
   7) Obey all marshalls but allways a apply the Common Sense Rule.
   8) The Race Director reserves the right not to award a category prize should
      unsportsmanlike behaviour influence the result process (The Wiesenhof Rule)
   9) This is a fun event – participate in the right spirit (The Dirtopia Rule)

    1) There are tar road sections (Yes We feel very ashamed):
    These include:
    Philadelphia Rd and Klipheuwel Rd (1.16km) – Take Care!
    Kalbaskraal Rd (approx 10km of bad/bumpy tar road)
    R311 North of Riebeeck West (2.9km)
    Main Road Riebeeck West to Riebeek Kasteel (4.75km) – BUSY!!!
    Town centre and exit of Riebeeck Kasteel (2.65km) – BUSY!!!
    Hermon Rd (0.65km) – fast traffic
    2) We ride straight through Riebeeck West and Riebeeck Kasteel – many locals will
        realise this on the morning… USE COMMON SENSE!
    3) Course marking – yellow boards with blue arrows (red arrows if we need to)
    For the most part we’ll also use the bright orange squares on droppers to indicate or
enforce direction.
    Only turn off when directed, if faced with an intersection with no marking – go straight
    DISTANCES:            stage 1 – 48km (climbing in last third)
                          stage 2 – 60km (climbing in first third, then flat)
                          stage 3 – 53km (undulating)
    5) Relay riders to collect numbers at registration (or team captain can collect on their
        behalf – bring indemnities!!)

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