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         To repeat what others have said, requires education; to
                      challenge it, requires brains.
          Mary Pettibone Poole, A Glass Eye at a Keyhole, 1938

Teacher Zone – Red Cross Children’s Hospital school

Inclusion in schools now means any child with a barrier to learning. But what if
that barrier requires that the child be confined to a hospital bed?
The South African Bill of Rights guarantees each and every child the right to
education. For children in Sub Sahara’s only dedicated children’s hospital this
right begins to gather new meaning.
Many of the young people come here to seek the best medical help for their
various conditions. By being taken out of their natural environment and brought
to Red Cross Hospital they have to find ways of adapting to their new
surroundings. This can sometimes be a traumatic experience for the children and
it is here that the right to education has added value.

Lesson Plan - Gr 4 “facing challenges”

They say a picture tells a thousand words, the evocative photographs taken by
journalists in third world countries often prove this. When this teacher handed out
pictures of children from across the globe to her class, and asked them to try and
imagine the story behind the photo, she was surprised at the sensitiveness with
which the groups handled the task. Instilling values of compassion and empathy
in learners will ensure that as grown-ups they will get involved in helping those in
need, fight for the rights of the disenfranchised and be valued citizens of the

News Flash – Episode 16

This is Beyond The Classroom’s Newsflash:

In education news this week we ask: What is the right age to have children
start formal schooling?

In the UK, some parents feel that their children are expected to read and write far
too early. Parents there feel that forcing a child to learn numeracy and literacy at
age five robs the child of an important transition from preparation to learning.

That’s the views of parents in the UK. We want to know what you think.

Send your comments to us via fax, email or post.
Fax number: 011 447 0029,
or post to PO Box 2237 Saxonworld 2132.

In local educational news Mrs I Neaves from Bordeaux Primary School in
Johannesburg asks what the most fun methodologies are to teach arts and
culture in the classroom.

We highlight the importance of a theatre experience in the learning and social
development of primary school children. The kids from Summerwood primary
visit the Johannesburg Youth Theatre for a morning of fun activities.

We celebrate a very special day today. Madiba turns 86 today. One of our
countries and the worlds most inexhaustible leaders and champions of freedom,
Nelson Mandela has time and again stressed the importance education plays in
the growth of people and nations. And this, amongst other things, is why we love
you so much Madiba. Happy Birthday and enjoy your rest.

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