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					                          SEPTEMBER – DECEMBER 2002

Project Objectives
      To provide ongoing care and support for the sick and terminally ill.
      To identify orphaned and vulnerable children; working with the Social Worker to assist with foster
       placements and Child Grants.
      To offer relief to families in crisis by providing food parcels, medical care and second-hand clothing.
      To advise and assist people to access social pensions and grants due to them, to reduce poverty.
      To provide ongoing HIV/Aids information and counselling.
      To oversee and supervise more thoroughly the volunteer team’s home visits.
      To run a training workshop with the Management Committee.
      To work more closely with the local health authorities.
      To link-up and start networking with other NGO’s in our greater area.
      To share the workload more evenly on the ground and at a managerial level.
      To host a Christmas Party for about 200 vulnerable children from the community.

Expected Results
                                    RESULTS                  PROBLEMS
   PLANNED ACTIVITY                                                                     ACHIEVEMENTS
                                    ACHIEVED                EXPERIENCED

~ Volunteer team to do home    ~ About 450              ~ 1 or 2 volunteers are not   ~ Small monthly feedback
visits 2 days per week.        households overseen.     doing regular or follow-up    sessions – 4 volunteers per
                                                        visits when required.         group – and monthly
                                                                                      checks of all Report
                                                                                      Sheets, indicate that
                                                                                      almost all of the
                                                                                      volunteers are doing
                                                                                      regular home visits &
                                                                                      following the correct
                                                                                      ~ The volunteer team are
                                                                                      making good use of their
                                                                                      Home Based Care kits.

Identify and assist orphans    ~ 8 families visited          ~ Social welfare offices       ~ Progress chart indicates
and vulnerable children.       with Social Worker in         understaffed. Have to wait     that we are moving
                               Chibini, Mashakeni &          for months for social          forward, even if it be at a
                               Mtakama communities.          worker to visit.               snail’s pace.
                               ~ 4 families have             ~ Recently the social          ~ Volunteer team
                               successfully completed        worker postponed our           understand well now, all
                               Children’s Court              appointment for                the documentation
                               procedures for foster         community visits to 5          required & are doing a
                               placements.                   families in Bhensela. They     good job in advising &
                               ~ 2 vulnerable children       have been waiting for          assisting people.
                               assisted with food,           about 6 months now.
                               school fees & uniform.

Volunteer team to identify &   ~ 20 families have been       ~ These families have no       ~ The Crisis Support Fund
assess families in crisis.     helped with food              food, no income,               has been a lifeline to many
                               parcels, clothing,            threadbare clothing &          families who are literally
                               medical care & access         usually very sick people.      starving.
                               to school.                    ~ Obviously this is not a      ~ We have streamlined the
                                                             sustainable programme.         distribution of second-
                                                             ~ We have been inundated       hand clothing into an
                                                             with appeals for help. The     equitable & well
                                                             situation is quite desperate   functioning system.
                                                             on the ground. We cannot
                                                             respond to everyone.

~ HIV / AIDS information &     ~ Jabu Molefe &               ~ Their presence & input is    ~ Many people do go for
counselling.                   Vulindlela Vilakazi           not having the desired         counselling & their
                               from Siyaphila Support        effect of breaking the         workshops are well
                               Group visit us for 2          silence & denial around        attended.
                               days every month.             HIV / AIDS.

~ Alleviate poverty by          ~ 16 families identified        ~ The Social welfare           ~ Volunteer team are
educating & assisting people    for Disability & Care           offices announced at the       seeing these grants as one
to access social pensions &     Dependency Grants.              beginning of October that      step out of poverty &
grants due to them.             Woza Moya wrote a               no more applicants for         starvation for families &
                                letter of support for           Disability & Care              are encouraging people to
                                each applicant &                Dependency grants would        make full use of them.
                                assisted people to              be accepted until next year.
                                hospital for the doctor’s       They apparently have a
                                assessment.                     major backlog of

~ Establish a networking        ~ Woza Moya initiated           ~ Our 2nd meeting seemed       ~ It has been very helpful
programme with other NGO’s      & successfully hosted,          to be going nowhere. I was     for all of us simply to
in the area.                    on 3 Oct, the first             a lone voice calling for       come together & realize
                                Sisonke Region                  some kind of planning to       that we are not alone in
                                Networking Program. 8           ensure constructive            our struggles.
                                projects attended.              continuity in this
                                ~ The second meeting            networking program.
                                was held at Centocow
                                on 28 Nov.
                                ~ Masikhulisane in
                                Ixopo will host the 3rd
                                meeting on 27 Feb ’03.

~ Run a training workshop for   ~ On 26 Nov AFSA ran            ~ Initial date for this        ~ Obed ran an excellent
the Management Committee.       a full day workshop             workshop was 4 Oct -           workshop that left all of us
                                attended by the                 during school holidays. So     feeling inspired &
                                volunteer team & the            we had to postpone. With       empowered with a much
                                Management                      AFSA’s heavy                   clearer vision on how to
                                Committee.                      commitments, the next          move forward.
                                                                possible date was only the
                                                                26th Nov.

~ Meet with and encourage       ~ Meeting with Dr.              ~ The Nompilo in our area      ~ Meeting with Dr.
better communication with       Naidoo at Christ the            was not democratically         Naidoo was very
local health authorities.       King hospital on 27             elected by the community.      encouraging. The hospital
                                Nov to discuss how to           Families have been             want to set up their own
                                work together.                  complaining all year that      HBC program as an NGO
                                ~ Next meeting with             she does nothing. She feels    & have asked for our
                                hospital & clinic body          very threatened by us &        advice.
                                on 12 Dec.                      has consistently snubbed       ~ We arrived at the
                                                                us, despite us having          meeting on the 12 Dec to
                                                                invited her to all our         discover that it had been
                                                                meetings & also on to the      cancelled.
                                                                Management Committee.

~ Share workload more         ~ Jane Nxasana will be         ~ Volunteers in Mashakeni       ~ Everyone is very
evenly on the ground & at a   employed as the ground         & Mtakama areas are             pleased with the plans for
managerial level.             manager effective from         feeling stressed & alone in     the new year. These
                              1 Dec 2002.                    their work.                     changes & expansion of
                              ~ 5 new trainee                ~ I am also finding it          the volunteer team should
                              volunteers will begin in       increasingly difficult to       relieve the pressure.
                              January 2003.                  keep abreast of the work.

~ Xmas Party.                 ~ About 400-500                ~ About 200 people were         ~ The children had a day
                              people arrived on 5            invited!                        that they will not forget :
                              Dec for the party.             ~ Unfortunately donations       eating, singing, dancing &
                              ~ Our guest speaker,           for the Xmas party were         receiving gifts from
                              Mary-Ann Orr, shared           stolen so we are seriously      Mother Christmas
                              her own inspiring story        out of pocket for this event.   ( Bakhumbulile, BRC staff
                              of being HIV+ & how                                            member ) who was a great
                              the Sutherlandia plant                                         hit!
                              has changed her life.

~ Fund-raising :              ~ CD rehearsals                ~ Have been let down by         ~ Kittisaro & Thanissara
 - Brochure                   continue & are being           the offers for help with a      continue to be very
 - Website                    enjoyed by everyone!           brochure & setting up a         actively involved in
 - Produce a CD               ~ Did a presentation on        website. Unfortunately I        fundraising amongst the
                              21 Sept at Crescent            don’t have the technical        Buddhist community
                              Club’s 10th Annual             knowledge & skills,             abroad. This is our main
                              dinner, which brought          myself, for this.               source of extra funding.
                              in R10,000.                    ~ Fund-raising, keeping in
                                                             touch with donors &
                                                             sending photos requires
                                                             personal attention & is

~ Support for the 2 local     ~ Moyra Keane is               ~ Both schools, in              ~ Moyra seems to be
schools, : Lusiba Primary &   doing a Curriculum             particular Sinevuso, are        making steady progress in
Sinevuso Secondary Schools.   Development Research           very poorly resourced & it      her work & offers us
                              Project with both              is a continual struggle for     different & interesting
                              schools.                       them to get on with the real    insights into the
                              ~ Have set up an               business of education.          community.
                              exchange program
                              between Sinevuso & a
                              high school in Florida,
                              ~ Have accessed 2
                              second-hand computers
                              for the 2 schools.

Lessons learned
~ Community politics are not simple and are beyond our control. Serious allegations have been brought against the
Induna ( Head man ). With him and the chief being good friends it has been a long and difficult process, with the
community refusing to allow him back. Having no functioning Induna, our work has been seriously affected. We
now have to liase directly with the chief to get the necessary letters required by Home Affairs & the Social Welfare
offices. The chief lives to hell and gone and is not always readily available. Access to the chief’s home is also only
weather permitting.
~ Also beyond our control are the Home Affairs & Social Welfare departments. I have had meetings with both
offices and expressed my concern over the long delays in processing documents and grants. Both offices are
radically understaffed and people overworked and stressed. Recently the Social Welfare offices came to a standstill
due to allegations of bribery and corruption. They will be facing court hearings.
~ Our Crisis Support Fund seems to be heading towards a crisis! Appeals for help are increasing all the time. We
need to look at more sustainable ways of alleviating hunger and poverty. It has been suggested that we start
distributing seeds along with a bag of maize-meal.
~ Our difficult - basically non-communicative - relationship with the Nompilo ( Community Health Worker )
recently came to a head when she sent us a letter accusing us of undermining her. We requested a meeting with her,
which took place on the 13 December. In the past, our repeated attempts to include her and open dialogue, have
been snubbed. Her agreeing to this meeting was a big step forward for us.

Overall Assessment of the Project
~ Generally the work on the ground seems to be continuing well. The volunteer team are committed and earnest
about their work. For reasons mentioned above, the work has felt more difficult and challenging lately. It has been
helpful, although not encouraging, meeting with other projects and learning that these are not uncommon issues that
we are facing.

Organisational Issues
~ Everyone felt very positive after the workshop with AFSA, regarding the Management Committee. We look
forward to seeing this body functioning more effectively in the new year.
~ The news that Jane Nxasana will be employed as the Ground Manager next year was welcomed by all. This will
also ease up my own workload.
~ TC Ngcobo, on our Management Committee, is a person of exceptional quality and skills. She has indicated that
in the future she would like to resign from her teaching post and work with the Woza Moya Project.

Priorities for the next Quarter
~ Training of new volunteers.
~ Training of management position for Jane Nxasana.
~ Produce a brochure for donors

FINANCIAL REPORT September – December 2002

1. Receipts

               AFSA           Donations      Xmas Party     Other            TOTAL
Sept           12 000.00      13 547.01                     331.27           25 878.28
Oct            12 000.00       9 238.71      1 600.00       736.21           23 574.92
Nov            12 000.00       5 307.20      1 035.00        11.25           18 353.45
Dec            12 000.00      13 682.34                     1 917.85         27 600.19

TOTAL          48 000.00      41 775.26      2 635.00       2 996.58         95 406.84

Commentary on above figures:

Donations: In September, Crescent Club donated R 10 000.00.
           Kittisaro and Thanissara are continually hard at work fund
           raising among the Buddhist communities.
           In December, in particular, we received some excellent donations, the fruit of
           Kittisaro and Thanissara’s work.

Other Income: We have been promoting and assisting Siyaphila Support
              Group to sell their beaded AIDS badges. This is mostly their
              sales that have gone through our books.
              In December, intermediary bank account for the project
              closed and remaining funds moved across to the non profit
              business bank account.

2. Payments

           Fuel &        Office           Medicines & Meetings &   Donors     Crisis
           Maintenance                    Materials   Training                Support

  Sept     4 014.06      1 264.24                     1 013.63     303.78     3 023.12
  Oct      3 604.09      1 067.00           145.77      573.91     132.00     2 672.64
  Nov      2 027.67      1 076.60         1 495.39      926.02     623.60     2 667.39
  Dec      1 559.00      1 119.14           181.55      370.00     236.00     2 627.50

  TOTAL    11 204.82     4 526.98         1 822.71    2 883.56     1 295.38   10 990.65

                 Salary             Xmas Party       Other             TOTAL

Sept                                                  947.75           10 566.58
Oct              12 400.00            148.00          429.40           21 172.81
Nov               6 200.00          4 517.40          870.30           20 404.37
Dec               6 800.00             20.00          399.85           13 313.04

TOTAL            25 400.00          4 685.40         2 647.30          65 455.80

Commentary on above figures, over page.

Fuel & Maintenance:
 Sept - I forgot to put the F & M cheque through in August, so this is for 2 months.
 Oct - General service and car repairs costing R 2 052.03. Had strong petrol fumes leaking into
   the car. Gear box is cracked; have been advised to attend to this soon. Shock absorbers gone;
   car sways all over the road when loaded.
 Dec - General service and new shock absorbers, totaling R 1 499.00.

Large order from Kendon Laboratories in November.

This mostly consists of photographic materials and postage abroad.

Crisis Support:
Assessment visits up to date so were able to deliver. Has increased substantially over the past
4 months totaling R 10 990.65

Salary / Stipends:
Paid September salary & stipends at the beginning of October.
As from Dec 1, Jane received R 1 000.00 p/m ( no longer R 300.00 p/m ).

Xmas Party:
Our target was R 5 000.00. Raised R 2 635.00. Spent R 4 685.40 on food, gifts and decorations.
Shortfall of about R 2 000.00.

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