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                    HILLSIDE ESTATE
                 NEWS LETTER/NUUSBRIEF
                      Maart 2004           Issue 9
                      March 2004           Uitgawe 9
                                                    drankies en verversings koud en
    RESULTS OF VOTING                               aangenaam bly.
    DURING       AGM                                Geniet dit!
    OCTOBER 2003
    The results of the voting during the            LEVIES 2004/2005
    annual general meeting of October               Management herewith would like to
    2003 are as follows and all votes               acknowledge       all    the     loyal
    have been counted and verified:                 homeowners who have paid their
                                                    levies on time for this past year –
    Resolution 1: Approval for erecting a           thank you and well done. However,
    roof at the entrance gate during the            we would like to urge the few
    2004/2005 financial year.                       transgressors who are presently in
    Result: YES                                     arrears to settle their accounts as
                                                    soon as possible. Every one of us are
    Resolution 2: Approval for the                  enjoying the benefits of the Estate,
    payment of 3x the normal levies for             therefore everyone should pay their
    unbuild stands from January 2004                levies on time.
    and 4x the normal levy for unbuild              We are all aware of the costs in
    stands from July 2004                           running and maintaining a security
    Result: YES                                     estate. These costs increase year on
                                                    year due to new requirements, needs
    Resolution 3: Approval for the                  and as well as with the general
    prohibition on the use of wendy                 inflation. Included in this year‟s
    houses in the Estate. The proposal is           needs, is the appointment of an Estate
    that all wendy houses have to be
                                                    Manager, which were approved by
    removed by 28 February 2005.
                                                    the homeowners by way of a
    Result: YES
                                                    majority vote. This position will be
    Resolution 4: Approval for the                  soon advertised. The other major
    appointment of an Estate Manager                costs covered by our levies are
    for Hillside from 1 January 2004.               security,       maintenance        and
    Result: YES                                     administration expenditure.
                                                    As form 1 April 2004 our monthly
    ---------------------------------------------   levy will increase with a reasonable
                                                    R30 from R260 to R290 per month,
                                                    comparing to the R40 increase from
    Na vele navrae en versoeke gerig, is            R220 to R260 for the previous year.
    daar besluit om „n yskas aan te skaf            The R290 per month is also more or
    vir gebruik by die Klubhuis. Die yskas
    is reeds aangekoop en sal sorg dat u
less in line with the levies of our             prefer all residents to revert in using
surrounding security estates.                   the concrete balls that can be bought
Please note that this levy does not             from any nursery. If you would like
include the costs of the Hillside Roof          to see an example of the concrete
Entrance project. If this project is            balls to be used, please take a walk or
approved, a portion will be funded              drive up in Tsomostreet.
with our present cash reserves and
the rest of the funds will be acquired          ---------------------------------------------
by means of a once off special levy
to all owners.
This year we are running a very tight           PROTOKOL
budget and once again we request                Die Sekuriteits protokol is aangepas
and expect that all levies will be paid         met „n verdere definisie vir
on time. We thank you for your co-              “kontrakteurs” en lees as volg:
                                                "A Contractor is an independent
---------------------------------------------   person or company paid to render
SEKURITEIT                                      constructional building and
                                                repairwork". This includes any
GEDURENDE                                       constructional building or
DESEMBER                           2003         constructional repair work done to
                                                or on a residential stand - including
VAKANSIE                                        general areas, e.g. pavements.
Die Direksie wil met trots aan alle
eienaars en inwoners van Hillside               Neem asseblief kennis van die
Estate meedeel dat daar geen                    aanpassing aan die sekuriteits
sekuriteits insidente plaasgevind het           protokol en skakel die kantoor indien
gedurende die afgelope Desember                 u twyfel oor u kontrakteurwerkers, al
vakansie nie. Daar was „n eksta wag             dan nie.
aangestel gedurende die periode om              ---------------------------------------------
te verseker dat eiendomme verdere
beskerming ontvang terwyl u rustig
                                                ELECTRIC    FENCE
vakansie kon hou.                               MAINTENANCE
                                                It is with sadness that the Directors
---------------------------------------------   need to bring the following to the
PARKING                                ON       attention of all members of the
                                                HomeOwners Association. The Board
SIDEWALKS                                       of Directors had to make certain
Although we all appreciate that you             decisions re the maintenance of the
would like to keep foreign objects              electric fence to keep it free from
from your beautiful lawn and                    any items that could cause an
sidewalk in front of your house, we             “alarm”. We decided to appoint an
request all residents to please try and         independent supplier who would
standardise on the same type hazards            maintain the fence on a regular basis
to keep these foreign objects from              to ensure that the electric fence is
damaging your sidewalks. We would               kept clear from any items touching
                                                the wires.
This unfortunately adds unnecessary
costs to the budget, and affects
                                                NEW       BUILDING
ultimately the levies payable. Our              PLANS       AND/OR
efforts and friendly requests done to
home-owners/residents of the border             ADDITIONS       OR
stands of the Estate, to please assist
in keeping the electric fence clear
                                                ALTERATIONS     TO
from any items that could cause                 YOUR PROPERTY
unnecessary alarms, did not help                What does the rule book say……..?
since we still experienced numerous
“alarms” of the fence.                          RULE 13.      Architectural Standards

---------------------------------------------   “All building plans shall comply with
                                                the Hillside Estate Residential Design
BESOEKERSKAARTE                                 Guidelines prepared by the Hillside
Oor die afgelope paar maande is daar            HOA and included in [26] to [33] in
gevind dat besoekerskaarte nie                  this document and applicable to the
terugbesorg       word      by      die         township, and must be approved
sekuriteitshek nie.      Dit het ons            by the Esthetical Sub-committee
genoodsaak           om           nuwe          of the Hillside HOA in order to
besoekerskaarte aan te koop wat                 assure such compliance. This applies
onnodige uitgawes meebring. Daar is             also to any additions and alterations
beter kontroles in plek gestel met              to existing structures.
behulp van ons sekuriteitswagte en              The services of SDV Architects have
dit behoort die saak te verbeter.               been terminated and all building
Ons wil u net in kennis stel dat daar           plans need to only be submitted to
„n R100.00 (Een Honderd Rand                    the Esthetical Sub-committee for
alleen) boete gehef kan word as                 approval.
                                                Please contact the Esthetical Director
besoekerskaarte nie terugbesorg word
                                                – Robert MacDonald – to apply for
binne een week van uitreiking nie –
                                                approval of any building plans and/or
behalwe in gevalle waar reelings
                                                alterations before submission to the
getref word met die kantoor. Die                City Council and/or contact the office
besoekerskaart sal ook gestop word              to find out the procedure to follow if
indien nie aan bogenoemde versoek               in doubt.
voldoen word nie.
                                                Na vele versoeke en pleidooie word
                                                daar steeds nie gehoor gegee deur
                                                inwoners aan rondloperhonde in die
                                                Estate nie. Dit noodsaak die Direksie
                                                om meer drastiese stappe te neem.
                                                Rondloperhonde sal in die vervolg
                                                gevang word en aangehou word by
                                                die kantoorgebou. Die hond(e) kan
                                                daar opgeeis word teen „n boete van
                                                R100.00 (Een Honderd Rand alleen)
kontant, andersins sal die hond                 Nico Parrot (Finance)
oorhandig word aan die DBV – na „n              997 2944     &     0828215650
redelike tyd verstryk het van nie-
opeising.                                       Anita Bezuidenhout
---------------------------------------------   997 6005     &  0824511549

TEL NUMBERS                                     Johan Coetzer        (Security)
                                                0834631228 &       0835566081

Directors:                                      Hillside Office:
Tim Coetzee (Chairman)                          Mrs. Gertie van der Walt heads the
997 5866   &    0825762531                      Hillside office (above the security
                                                guardhouse). Her office hours are
Tjaart van der Walt (Vice                       18h00 to 19h00 on Tuesday and
Chairman & Maintenance)                         Thursday evenings.
997 4583     &    0832646264                    The telephone number is (012) 997
Steven le Roux (Resident
Liaison)                                        Security Gate:
997 3293   &   0832584184                       The    telephone      number,       in
                                                emergencies, for the security gate is
Robert MacDonald (Esthetical)                   0723813647 or (012)997 0595
997 5757

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