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					Press Release
RedCube Porter Novelli and Vega partner in CSI Initiative, InCube8

June 2008

        RedCube Porter Novelli and Vega, The Brand Communications School, announced their partnership earlier
        today to implement an entrepreneurship encouraging, skills development project called InCube8.

        Through the InCube8 project, strategically talented and creative individuals will be taken on board to
        participate in an incubation program which includes a bursary to Vega and an in-house formal training
        programme where RedCube experts will nurture and train individuals with the holistic skills necessary to
        ultimately start their own Brand PR or Below-the-Line Agency. To make that a reality, RedCube is
        contributing a percentage of net profit to a start up fund for these individuals and the trust will then be
        administrated by both RedCube and Vega.

        Both entities have similar approaches and shared values to brands and brand building. Vega is at the
        forefront when it comes to producing highly creative and strategic branding individuals who challenge the
        status quo and who add real value within the South African brand communication space. RedCube
        specialises in creative brand communications to top local and international brands using a unique strategic
        brand approach with brand experts, therefore the partnership made natural sense as both entities value
        creativity and lateral thinking as the cornerstone of effective brand communication solutions.

        RedCube believes InCube8 will provide the opportunity for talented individuals to jumpstart his/her career,
        with a specific focus on Brand PR. “Our vision is to see a steady stream of individuals through the
        programme, who not only want to be part of this fast growing marketing discipline, but also want to
        eventually create a leading Brand PR Agency that challenges our own market-position, adds real value to
        clients and their brands and which can only be to the betterment of the South African brand
        communication industry and the Brand PR discipline in particular. “We are delighted to be partnering in an
        initiative of this nature with such a well respected entity like Vega and together we are passionate about
        seeing the InCube8 project take root and flourish” says Danni Vos, CEO of RedCube Porter Novelli.

        This is the first time that a project of this nature is being implemented in South Africa. The launch of “Own
        your own Agency” will take place in the beginning of July. Finweek has been confirmed as the marketing
        media partner. For more information, visit

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                                                  Directors: D. Vos; V. Middlewick; T. Purto
 Registered Name: The RedCube Agency (Pty) Limited ▪ Company Registration Number: 2002/005666/07 ▪ VAT Registration Number: 4030198602
       Notes to Editor:

                          RedCube Agency was established in 2002 and in six dynamic years, we believe we have
                           achieved our goal of becoming a new breed of Agency that offers brand leadership
                           expertise through our unique approach that delivers credible brand education, brand
                           endorsements and brand experiences. For more information, please visit
                          Vega The Brand Communications School is a division of The Independent Institute of
                           Education (Pty) Ltd, Reg. no 1987/004754/07 which is registered with the Department of
                           Education as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act,
                           1997. [Registration Certificate no. 2007/HE07/002]. For more information on Vega, please

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                                                 Directors: D. Vos; V. Middlewick; T. Purto
Registered Name: The RedCube Agency (Pty) Limited ▪ Company Registration Number: 2002/005666/07 ▪ VAT Registration Number: 4030198602

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