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					                          Prospecton Business Forum

                              Minutes of the Monthly Meeting

  Date:                     21st November 2008
  Time:                     14:00 – 15h00
  Venue:                    Elephant Room - Cataler South Africa

  In Attendance:            Andrew Maluleke
                            Annisha Agwon
                            Arthur Pillay
                            Fred Muller
                            Ian Elder
                            Johnny Frankiskos
                            Julian Carter
                            Mark Van Wyk
                            Nancy Strachan
                            Nondumiso Ntuli
                            Wessel Badenhorst

  1.       Welcome address:

  The Chairperson welcomed all present.

  2.      Apologies:
  Tracey Thiart, Inspect Mohomad

  3.       Minutes of the last meeting

  Minutes of the AGM were distributed to members. They were accepted as a true reflection of the

  Matters Arising

              Items                   Action plan or Activities               PIC              Time Line

1. Elected Members           Two members have stepped down                    Andrew
                             namely; Hennie Pretorius and Nancy
                             Andrew welcomed and introduced new
                             committee members to the forum

                             The new Vice Chair was elected - Wessel

2. Year   Planner   Our year planner is broken into four
                    quarters. We need to have interesting         Andrew &
                    topics to draw businessmen to attend and      Mark
                    for networking to take place.
                    Get issues from companies that are
                    affecting them and what outcomes they
                    want. Put the survey on the website and
                    obtain the responses from the public.
                    Get involved in the Toll road, as this
                    affects all businesses. South Coast Sun
                    could put an advertisement in the paper.

3. Dates for 2009   The dates are as follows;
                    21st Jan
                    18th Feb
                    18th March
                    20th May
                    15th July
                    16th September
                    21st October

                    11th November is the AGM

                    No meetings will take place for the
                    month of April, June and August.

                    Meetings will take place at Cataler, 14h00.

4. Seminars         We need to have attractive topics for
                    businessmen to attend and which are
                    relevant to their business as well as
                    beneficial. Maybe have a golf day and get
                    to know businessmen. Themes that will aid

5. Action Teams
                           Communications

                    The convener for Communications is Mark
                    van Wyk. Geoff Buthelezi has been
                    elected into this Action Team.

                           Cleaning and Greening

                    The convener is Wessel Badenhorst.
                    Johnny Frankiskos and Fred Muller has
                    volunteered to be involved in this team.
                            Safety and Security

                     A letter will be drafted for Shlembe for
                     head this team, however Julian Carter is
                     standing in the mean time. Insp .Mohomad
                     , Tasmyn and Arthur will be involved in this

                            Services

                     Ian Elder will be running the services
                     team. Nondumiso and Tasmyn will assist.

6. PBF Badges        Ian suggested that a good way to create
                     exposure is to give companies a PBF             Ian
                     Badge, which they can put at the gates.
                     This will illustrate what we stand for
                     (Promoting a safer, cleaner environment).
                     The PBF could use the CCPO approach;
                     Ian will invite the chairman of the CCPO to
                     assist us with the strategy they are using.
                     Ian also informed us that he is willing to
                     sponsor some monies to this cause.

7. Metro Building    The Palladium Building belongs to the
                     Department of Housing, a letter must be         Nancy &
                     drafted to assist in getting the premises for   Wessel
                     Metro. Nancy will assist Wessel.

             The Chairman then closed the meeting
            The Next Meeting is on 21st January 2008


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