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					Imagine Durban Demonstration Project Fund
Enhancing Safety and Accessibility of Public Space Project - Request for Proposals
Total Allocation – R100,000

Imagine Durban is a Council-led initiative for integrated, long-term planning that was
initiated in 2007 and has culminated in June 2009 with the public release of a draft long
term plan for Durban. The Imagine Durban project was implemented by eThekwini
Municipality in conjunction with Sustainable Cities, an NGO from Vancouver, Canada,
and the PLUS Network, a network of 40 cities in 14 countries established to share
experiences in sustainability planning.

The Imagine Durban plan represents a vision for a better Durban that government, civil
society organizations, faith based groups, tertiary institutions, business organizations and
ordinary folk have identified through the Imagine Durban consultation process. Now
that the draft plan has been developed Phase Two of the Imagine Durban project is to
initiate action that helps us to achieve the dream of a better Durban.

The Imagine Durban Demonstration Project Fund was created to support projects that
inspire citizens to imagine a sustainable future for Durban.

The Demonstration Project Fund is now making R100,000 available to for a project that
enhances the safety and accessibility of public open space. Imagine Durban is looking
for an organisation, business or government department to implement a project that can
act as a model for enhancing the safety and recreational accessibility of public open space
in the eThekwini Municipality.

The project should involve the local community surrounding the public open space and
should enhance the active use of the space by the local community. Examples of possible
projects include:
    1. Reconceptualise a public open space so that it serves a purpose for the local
        community and as a result use, activity and safety improves.
    2. Facilitation of a partnership between government and the local community that
        improves the maintenance of a public open space in a way that enhances safety
        and accessibility.

If appropriate permission to implement the project is not already in place the project
should include an activity area to secure permission.

Project Implementation
Project implementers may choose to implement the project in-house as long as the
technical capacity exists within the organisation resources. Alternatively, implementing
organisations may seek outside guidance and/or implementation assistance. This
assistance must be reflected in the project budget.

Proposals must be received by 4pm on Thursday 10th December 2009.

Time Frame
The project must be implemented over the period January 2010 to August 2010.

Showcasing of results
The winning applicant must complete a display in the Sustainability Exhibition that the
Imagine Durban project will be hosting in approximately September 2010. This activity
should be included in the workplan and budget.

Evaluation and selection of winning proposal
Imagine Durban has established an evaluation committee that will review all the
proposals submitted against the following criteria
    Anticipated impact of the project
    Ability of the project to continue in the long term without further funding
    Replicability of the project
    Gender Equity
    Level of innovation
    Level of involvement of local stakeholders (eg learners, governing bodies etc)
    Ability of the organisation to successfully implement and manage the project
    Ability to complete the project within established timeframe (January 2010 to
       August 2010)
    Commitment to completing a small display for the Imagine Durban Sustainability
       Exhibition in the second half of 2010
    Applications that benefit previously disadvantaged communities will be given
       special consideration

Question and Queries
Questions and queries should be directed to: Genevieve Harley, eThekwini Municipality,
Tel: 031 311 7689, Email:

Proposals should be sent to Dorothy Lutchmaih, eThekwini Municipality
physical address: Corporate Policy Unit, 2nd Floor, Rennies House, 41 Margaret
Mncadi Avenue, Durban. 4000.
Fax: 031 3114120

Proposals should ideally be submitted electronically as part of the evaluation is done by
Sustainable Cities which is based in Canada. However proposals can be submitted via
fax or hard copy if necessary.
Demonstration Project Application Form
Project Name:


Contact Name

Telephone Number

Email Address

Other Partners
(if applicable)

Project Duration

Project              Type: (eg community members,     Approximate Number: (eg
Beneficiaries        local sports club etc)           surrounding community 2000

                     Approximate number of female     Approximate number of female
                     beneficiaries                    beneficiaries

Project Cost and     Imagine Durban:     Other Sources (if      Total:
Sources of Funding                       applicable):
                                PROJECT CONCEPT
(Please explain what the overall intention of the project is and how that intention will
                                     be achieved)
Please Explain the Expected Impact of the Project (Environmental/Social/Economical):

                               GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

             The main goal of the project                  Indicators of success in
                 (eg build a house)                       achieving the project goal
                                                            (eg completed house)
                       WORK PLAN

Major Activity   Responsibility    Time Frame      Deliverable (ie
                                                measurable result that
                                                  shows you have
                                                 completed activity)

Budget Item   Unit   Unit Cost   # of Units   Total Cost   Source of
                                 PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Who will be responsible for the overall management of the project? (please provide the
names and gender of the project manager or project management team)

Who else will be involved in the implementation of the project?
(please provide the names and gender of anyone else who will be involved in implementing
the project)

Briefly describing the track record of the implementing organisation in implementing similar

Please explain how will the project funds be managed?
                Self-Assessment of the Project against Selection Criteria

Please provide brief explanations for the questions below. These questions are
designed to help you self-assess the likely success of your application by
assessing it against the evaluation criteria that will be used by the evaluation

      Selection Criteria             Discussion (maximum of 100 words per question)
Briefly explain how this
project will continue after
the initial funds have been
Briefly explain how the
project could be
implemented / replicated in
other public spaces in
eThekwini Municipality.
Briefly explain how you
would promote gender
equity in the
implementation of your
Briefly explain why you
believe that this project is
Briefly explain how you will
be involving stakeholders
such as local community
Will you make the project
available for evaluation and
provide access to all
financial and other
information relevant to the
Do you have sufficient and
appropriate resources
(human and financial) to
implement and sustain the
project and its results?
Please explain

                         Selection Criteria                             Yes / No
Will you make the project available for evaluation and provide
access to all financial and other information relevant to the
Will you undertake to make a small display on the project
available for the Imagine Durban sustainability exhibition that
will take place in the second half of 2010

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