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                  SAAB AGM 32nd annual congress
                              Venue 1
               Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
                           Port Elizabeth
                      Tuesday, 17 January 2006
                           16h45 – 18h00

1. Welcome
The president, Prof JJM Meyer, welcomes the members to the 32nd AGM of SAAB and
points out that the Association has a long history and it is important to keep all members
satisfied with developments.

2. Apologies and attendance
Apologies received from: Proff Laco Mucina, Hannes van Staden, Eileen Campbell and
Gideon Smith and Drs Leanne Dreyer, Charlie Boucher and Stefan Siebert.

The meeting is attended by:
Adekiledun A, Ascough G, Berjak P, Bester SP, Botha CEJ, Botha FC, Buys MH,
Cramer M, De Villiers B, Du Preez DR, Esler KJ, Goodman/Cron GV, Grobbelaar JU,
Howis S, Kamatou G, Klopper RR, Kritzinger Q, Light M, Maklolela T, Masubelele L,
McKenzie R, Meyer JJM, Mostert RE, O’Brien C, Pammenter NW, Prins A, Rajkaran A,
Smith M, van Heerden PDR, Van Vuuren S, Van Wyk BE, Verhoven RL, Vijoen AM,
Vorster A, White A, Winter P, Ziaratnia M.

3. Additions to agenda
1. Letter from the Minister of Environmental Affairs.

4. Minutes of the 31st AGM
JJMM proposes that the minutes of the AGM must be distributed on SAABnet in future.
The minutes, financial report and secretarial report were posted on the notice board from
Monday morning, 16 January, 2006.
Professor Frikkie Botha proposed that the meeting considered the minutes in order and as
read. Professor George Bredenkamp seconds the proposer.

5. Matters arising from previous minutes

6. President’s report
Professor CEJ Botha takes the chair from Professor M Meyer (JJMM) who delivers the
president’s report. Addendum 1. CEJB gives the floor to JJMM to deliver his report.

The president names current members of council and thank them for their contributions
during the year. He congratulates and welcomes the three new members; they are Drs
Stefan Siebert and Leanne Dreyer and Prof Rudi Verhoeven. A special thank you to
CEJB who was on council for 11 years and whose term came to an end.
A SAAB student council has been initiated in 2005 and it is up and running. A word of
thanks is extended to Free State University for hosting the conference in 2005 and thanks
to NMMU for organizing an excellent conference in 2006. The 2007 conference will be
in Cape Town in January. A conference checklist was compiled to help organizers with
the organization of conferences.

A SAABnet e-mail list server was established in 2005 and it is imperative to have
members’ updated e-mail addresses. JJMM thanks Dr Quenton Kritzinger for
administering SAABnet.

A special council meeting was held in September with the aim to discuss the SAJB and
Elsevier issue. Council decided, after several quotes were scrutinized, to have SAJB
published by Elsevier.

Members will receive regular reminders to pay membership fees through the new
professional database that was implemented. JJMM points out that there are now 382
members, and the 400th member who joins SAAB will be able to receive membership
free of charge.

QK will report on the finances. JJMM points out that SAAB is dependant on conference
profits to make ends meet financially. Elsevier pays Euro 15,000 to SAAB annually for

publishing SAJB. These funds will be administered in a separate account and will not be
used for the annual running costs of SAAB.

JJMM thanks council and secretary for support and help during 2005.

The president’s report not open for discussion, CEJ Botha thanks the president for his
report and a job well done. CEJB hands the chair back to JJMM.

7. Treasurer’s report
Quenton Kritzinger (QK) reports on the finances of the association. Addendum 2.
QK thanks the secretary for assistance in preparing the financial statements.

QK discusses the balance sheet, income statement and projection for 2006.           It is
imperative that members pay their fees in order to make the SAAB books balance.

QK explains that the income from Elsevier for publishing SAJB will be handled in a
separate bank account and will not be used for SAAB running costs. SAAB has not
decided how to apply this money and will decide in future. In future the Editor in Chief
will receive approximately 50% (10% salary and 40% running cost) of the funds received
from Elsevier as opposed to the previous R12,000 per annum, plus courier expenses.

8. SAJB report
JJMM apologizes for Professor van Staden (JVS) who is not present to report on the
journal, but JJMM will report on his behalf. SAJB report is taken up in Addendum 3.
Only 3 issues (a total of 458 pages) were published in 2005. The first issue in 2006 will
appear in February.

In 2005 a total of 44% papers were rejected. The amount of papers submitted increased
substantially and this trend will probably continue due to the exposure received through
Elsevier. The impact factor of the journal at present is 0.46. SAJB is rated 7th of all
South African scientific journals. A world wide rating of all botany journals showed that
SAJB rates 103rd out of a total of 136 journals.

JJMM thanks NISC for help in the past to build the journal up to this point where an
international publisher showed immediate interest in publishing SAJB.

Ms Margaret Crampton from NISC expresses sadness to see SAJB going and wishes
them well. NISC wants to promote the back issues and archives of SAJB. JJMM points
out that the back issues are still a contentious issue, but will not be discussed in this
meeting. No agreement is yet made with Elsevier with regards to back issues.

9. Report back by SAAB student council
Glendon Ascough (GA), the president of SAAB Student council is called to report on the
activities of the junior council.

GA reports that all the students initially elected as student council members resigned and
he was left as the only one remaining. At a meeting on 16 January 2006 they elected a
new student council with representatives at each university.

GA thanks JJMM for placing students on SAABnet and also the LOC for organizing the
student braai, which helped a lot to break the ice.

At the annual meeting for the student council (16/01/06) they expressed their sorrow of
the website not being active and up to date. Students will initiate a forum for themselves.
Students feel that they do not get enough information on SAAB. The representatives of
SAAB on each campus will promote SAAB. They also propose to receive a budget of
R1,500 to cover their running costs.

Issues the students discussed was to get accommodation free during the conference or to
get registration fees waived for needy students to encourage them to attend the
conference. Students hope to achieve this and will look for sponsorships.

GA proposes that the name should be SAAB Student council and not SAAB Junior
council. The meeting is in favour of the name change.

JJMM thanks GA for the report and states that the budget is no problem, the registration
fees and accommodation is an issue involving private sponsors and will have to be
addressed separately.

10. Future SAAB congresses
SAAB 2007 will be hosted by UCT in Cape Town.
There is a tentative offer from University of the North West (Potchefstroom) to host the
meeting in January 2008.

11. General
1. Letter from the Minister of Environmental Affairs.
SAAB received a letter from the Minister of Environmental Affairs, Marthinus van
Schalkwyk, thanking them for the petition send to his office with regards to building the
N2 national road on the coastal route through Transkei. The ministry have set the plans
to build the road aside.

12. Closure
JJMM closes the meeting at 17h45. JUG thanks JJMM for his wonderful job and also for
QK for the financial statements.


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