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									                Manual for

         G Grotius & Son CC

                 Tile Crazy
  (Manual prepared in accordance of Section 51
of the promotion of information act, no. 2 of 2002)
1.       Definitions

        Tile Crazy means G Grotius and Son CC T/A Tile Crazy
        Personnel means any person in the employ of G Grotius and Son CC T/A
         Tile Crazy and receives remuneration from them or is entitles to receive
        Customers means any person that buys the products of Tile Crazy

2.       Overview
         Tile Crazy is a ceramic tile retailer in Brakpan on the East Rand. Tile
         crazy is an independent business and is not related to a group of tile

3.       Contact details
     Name:           Gustav Grotius
     Adress:         No 2 Zonnebloem str, Sonneveld estates, Brakpan
                     P O Box 440, Brakpan 1540
     Telephone:      (011) 915-1600
     Fax:            (011) 915-1614

4.       Records of Tile Crazy
             Personnel records
                 o Employment records, personnel files, disciplinary records and
                     payment information
             Customer related records
                 o Invoices, accounts, statements and other customer related
             Private body records
                 o Financial statements, minutes, tax, product records, databases,
                     statutory records and internal policies and procedures.
             3rd party records
                 o Tile crazy may possess 3rd party records related to its business.
             Government legislation
                 o Tile Crazy possess legislative information insofar it is required
                     by the acts.
             Other information
                 o The above list does not include all information held by Tile
                     Crazy. The business may also hold any other information that is
                     needed to conduct its business in a proper manor.

6.        Grounds for refusal of access to information
          The grounds on which Tile Crazy May refuse a request for information is
          set out in Sections 63 to 69 of the act.

7.        Remedies for refusal to information
7.1           Internal remedies
              Once the information officer has made the decision, such decision is
              final and all parties will have to make use of external remedies if they
              are not satisfied with such answer.

7.2           External remedies
              Any person requiring information that has not been satisfied by the
              answer supplied by the information officer, may within 30 days apply
              to a court to gain such information that is required.

8.        Request procedure
         Any person must comply with the procedure in the act when requesting
         The person must write a letter and email or fax or mail such letter to the
          information officer, requesting the information required and pay the
          prescribed request fee.
         The person requesting the information must give enough information so
          that the information officer is able to identify the person making the
          request, as well as the information the person requires.
         The person must also give contact details of where the information should
          be sent
         The person must also clearly state what form of access is required
         The person must also state that he needs the information to protect a right
          and specify the right he needs to protect
         Tile Crazy will attempt to answer the requester within 30 days if his
          request have been granted or denied
         If the request is made on behalf of someone else, the person submitting the
          request must supply proof that he/she is authorised to act on behalf of the
          person represented
         If a person cannot write, he can make the request in person
         The requester must pay a prescribed fee before any information will be

9.        Fees
         Request fee
             o If a person request information the request fee if any must be paid
         Access fee
             o An access fee will be calculated based on the information required
                    by the person and how long it will take to prepare
             o Such access fee will be calculated on a reasonable hourly rate to
                    prepare the information in the format requested and to make it
                    available to the requester.
             o A sufficient deposit must be paid in order to cover the estimated
                    expenses to provide such information

10.       Decision
          Tile crazy will attempt to make a decision within 30 days after the deposit,
          fee and request have been made. If it is a large amount of information,
          more time will be required.
11.   Availability of the manual
      The manual will be available at the offices of Tile Crazy and on Tile
      Crazy’s web site.

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