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									Management Accountabilities

The Career Choices Model clarifies the contribution required from individuals in each of the seven roles in the organisation and provides the toolkit that supports
the appropriate development.

For each of the seven CCM roles, there is a corresponding learning path, and each path contains learning options that build the required management
accountabilities and core competencies.

The Management accountabilities highlight the differences in the requirements for success at each level.

It focusses on:
–the unique contribution at each level – what should a person be focussing on in their current role
–What a person needs to develop in order to be great at it
–how can we best translate each person’s strengths and potential into performance in this and future roles

Which of the seven CCM roles do you fit into?

Read each description to identify the one that matches what you do. The descriptions briefly outline key aspects of each role.

The management accountabilities describe what you are responsible for in your role.

Click on the name of your CCM role to access your learning path. For more information on the learning paths click here.

If you are still unsure of your role, we suggest you read “What are my CCM role accountabilities” and have a discussion with your manager.

Role Name                        Description                                                    Management accountabilities
Manager of Self                  Managers of Self have no staff reporting to them.              o  Increasing contribution by sharpening and broadening individual
                                 As a manager of self you achieve results through your own      o  Achieving results through personal efficiency
                                 personal effort and efficiencies i.e. managing time, tasks     o  Accepting and living the company values
                                 and outputs to meet objectives and deadlines.                  o  Collaborating with others to achieve personal, team and
                                                                                                   organisation results
Manager of Others                Managers of Others have individual contributors/specialists    o  Getting results through others
                                 reporting to them.                                             o  Planning and assigning work
                                 As a Manager of Others you are responsible for planning        o  Ensuring great customer service
                                 and assigning work, selecting the right person for the right   o  Creating a climate for optimal performance
                                 role, motivating, coaching, delegating and measuring the       o  Managing interpersonal relationships to ensure team
                                 work of others.                                                   effectiveness
Manager of Managers        Managers of Managers generally have Managers of Others         o   Selecting future managers to sustain the pipeline
                           (and in some cases Managers of Managers) reporting to          o   Developing managers
                           them.                                                          o   Executing functional strategy
                                                                                          o   Holding managers accountable for managerial work
                           As a Manager of Managers you are able to achieve results       o   Driving operational excellence across teams and/or departments
                           through other managers and their teams. Executing
                           strategy, driving operational excellence and developing
                           managers are key accountabilities of the Manager of
Manager of a Function      Managers of a Function manage functional teams                 o   Managing functional teams
                           (consisting of sub-functions) or business teams consisting     o   Engaging the organisation on all levels
                           of diverse functions.                                          o   Collaborating across functions to drive business strategy
                                                                                          o   Formulating functional strategy
                           As a Manager of a Function, you may head a single              o   Driving functional competitiveness
                           function in a business support enablement function, or
                           manage one side of the income statement or are
                           responsible for a functional area of the business,
                           generating revenue.
Manager of a Business      Managers of a Business manage a multi-functional team          o   Driving sustainable business profit
                           with shared strategic goals.                                   o   Growing organisational capability
                                                                                          o   Managing external stakeholders
                           As a Manager of Business, you manage a business with its       o
                           own set of customers, and are responsible for profit & loss.

Manager of a Group of      Managers of a Group of Businesses manage cross-business        o   Steering business growth
Businesses                 relationships.                                                 o   Inspiring change
                                                                                          o   Orchestrating great execution
                           As a manager of a Group of Businesses, you manage a            o   Managing key industry relationships
                           portfolio of diverse businesses and decide on the capital
                           allocation between each.

Manager of an Enterprise   Managers of an Enterprise sets direction for a global          o   Focusing the whole organisation on 3 – 4 priorities
                           enterprise.                                                    o   Inspiring the whole organisation
                                                                                          o   Delivering consistent results
                           As a manager of an enterprise you manage the                   o   Reading the external market accurately
                           relationship between the enterprise, its context and its       o   Establishing the required culture and values of the organisation

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