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May 16, 2001
Ron Jones
GPS Management Systems
23 Motif Blvd.
Brownsburg, IN 46112

   GPS Management Systems Introduces A1000 Active GPS Receiver

       (Brownsburg, IN) … GPS Management Systems announces the release of the A1000

“active” GPS receiver/transmitter, a component in their Eye In The SKY® fleet asset locating,

monitoring and management system. The A1000 is designed for long service life and reliability in

the toughest over-the-road conditions.

       The A1000 is considered “active” as it supports two-way communication between the base

station and vehicle. This is accomplished using a cellular telephone connection, making the

A1000 an affordable way for smaller fleets and tradesmen to own a GPS tracking system. The

active system lets the base station PC call the vehicle and see its location on a real-time basis. The

base station PC can also call all the vehicles in the fleet to download position data, including

speed, stops and location, which the computer will store and display.

       Coupled with the optional M1000 Mobile Display Unit, the A1000 can transmit text data

back and forth between the vehicle and office. And, since the technology is based on cellular

service, the A1000 can be equipped with an optional headset enabling it to be used as a regular cell

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phone. The A1000 supports up to seven optional sensor input/outputs, enabling data to be

captured on engine on/off, idling time, doors opened/closed, and more.

       The A1000 is designed for in-vehicle installation, and will record about a week’s worth of

GPS logging information between downloads. The A1000 operates off standard 12v vehicle

power, and is protected against power surges or spikes. The unit’s small size (only 6 x 4 x 1.75

inches) makes it easily mounted out of the way in a vehicle cab.

       The SA1000 base station software package is required to support the GPS tracking and data

downloading functions of the A1000 receiver/transmitter.

       GPS Management Systems, based in Brownsburg, Indiana, is a leader in providing

economical GPS solutions for fleet vehicle locating, monitoring and management. The company

focuses on the small and medium-sized fleets that will benefit from this type of service but cannot

afford the satellite communications-based systems that many major truck fleets utilize. For more

information on the A1000 receiver/transmitter and the other products in the Eye In The SKY® fleet

asset locating, monitoring, and management system, contact GPS Management Systems at (317)

852-5229, or visit their website at

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