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									                                                               Friday, 26 June 2009
Dear cross country athletes and supporters,

Athletics Gauteng North has selected twelve athletes in each age category to take part in
the Inter Provincial Cross Country meeting which will take place at Amajuba High School,
Newcastle on Saturday, 11 July 2009.

Please note that athletes who are selected into the team wear their Gauteng North
Provincial attire at this event. Age category tags are compulsory for age groups 35 and
older. Athletes 13 years and older will be required run with a provincial license number (or
with a temporary licenses number which will be on sale at the event).

AGN would like to thank the four selectors who worked very hard at making sure that all
athletes were considered fairly. The team selected is the best on paper, but with the depth
of our competitions these days we do realize that many other athletes are equally up to the
task if given the opportunity. Like Mpumalanga, we would like to invite the athletes who are
not currently in the team, to come and take part as well and show the selectors that they
have made a mistake by not including you. You may take part in your club gear. Champions
get back when the chips are down. I know of many athletes who could not make their
provincial teams but who went on to represent our country in later years.

The competition is open to all. You do not have to be part of the team to take part.
However, only athletes in the team will be allowed to run in AGN attire. Athletes who are
not in the team take part in their club attire.

Please use the letter attached if you require a letter for your school or any other reason.

Congratulations to those who are included in a very strong AGN team. If you are part of the
Gauteng North team, you rank amongst the best athletes in the country and we are proud of

Gauteng North attire can be obtained at Exco Sport at Loftus Stadium from 08:00 to 17:00
on weekdays: Tel (012) 420 0800.

Please ensure that you have a copy of your ID (Birth Certificate) available if required.
Results will be distributed electronically on Monday after the Inter Provincial.

NB! If you are not able to attend, please contact me, Andre Gobey at or the Gauteng North Athletics office at 012 327 4932 or any
of the team managers. If you do this in time, we may be able to give another athlete the
Venue:           Amajuba High School at Newcastle:
Directions:      From Gauteng (±3.5 hours)
                 Take the N3 to Durban
                 Take the R103 Villiers offramp (just before Wilge Toll Plaza)
                 Turn left to Cornelia/Vrede on the R103
                 Travel 66 km, then turn left to Vrede/Newcastle on the R34
                 Travel ± 21 km, just before Vrede, turn right (still on the R34) to Memel
                 Stay on the R34 past Memel to Newcastle.
                 After you enter Newcastle, turn left at the T-junction in Allen Street
                 Turn right at HJ van Eck drive
                 Look out for Amajuba High School on your right hand side.

Athletes make their arrangements to get to the venue. Alternatively you can make use of
the bus transport provided by Gauteng North Athletics. The bus departs from Pilditch
stadium at 13:00 on Friday, 10 July 2009 and will be back at Pilditch approximately 21:00 on
Saturday, 11 July 2009. Athletes travelling with the bus will each receive one food parcel.
Please contact the Athletics Gauteng North office by no later than Wednesday, 8 July
2009 to reserve your place on the bus.

 Team Managers:
  T-Boy Mabitsela       083 652 8119
  Andre Gobey           072 1910538
  Carol Strydom         084 874 8180
  David Modiba          076 572 2034
  Frans Malatji         078 038 8532

                  Men 30-34; Men 35-39; Men 40–44; Men 45–49; Men 50–54; Men 55–59             8 Km
    1    09:00
                  Men 60-64; Men 65-69; Men 70-74; Men 75+                                     6 km
                  Women 30-34; Women 35-39; Women 40-44; Women 45-49; Women 50-54; Women
    2    09:40                                                                                 4 km
                  55-59; Women 60-64; Women 65-69; Women 70-74; Women 75+
     3   10:05    Boys 9, 10 years (born 2000, 1999)                                            2 km
     4   10:15    Boys 8; Girls 8 (Beginners)                                                   1 km
     5   10:25    Girls 9, 10 years (born 2000, 1999)                                           2 km
     6   10:35    Boys 16; Boys 17 (born 1992 and 1993)                                         6 km
     7   11:00    Senior, U/21 (1988) and U/23 (1986) Men                                       4 km
     8   11:15    Girls 11, Girls 12 years (born 1998 and 1997)                                 3 km
     9   11:30    Boys 11, Boys 12 years (born 1998 and 1997)                                   3 km
    10   11:45    Senior Women                                                                  8 km
    11   12:20    Girls 16 (1993); Girls 17 (1992)                                              4 km
    12   12:40    Senior, U/21 (1988) and U/23 (1986) Women                                     4 km
    13   13:00    Senior Men                                                                   12 km
    14   13:45    Junior Men (1990; 1991)                                                       8 km
    15   14:20    Junior Women (1990; 1991)                                                     6 km
    16   14:45    Girls 13 years (1996)                                                         3 km
    17   15:05    Boys 13 years (1996)                                                          4 km
    18   15:25    Girls 14 (1995); Girls 15 (1994)                                              4 km
    19   15:45    Boys 14 (1995); Boys 15 (1994)                                                4 km

Best of luck with your event!

Andre Gobey
072 191 0538

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