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					                                   EMBARGO: MAY 29 2009

                                       PRESS RELEASE

                     MICHAELHOUSE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS – 2010

Michaelhouse provides a range of merit based Scholarships for students of outstanding academic,
musical and sporting ability. Awards are made to boys entering Michaelhouse in Grade 8 and are
valid for the five year duration of their career at Michaelhouse.

The Academic Scholarship examination is written by invitation, at Michaelhouse, and awards are
based upon the candidates’ performance in the Scholarship examination. Sports Scholarship awards
are based upon the submission of a curriculum vitae and performance at an afternoon of sport at the
School. The Music Scholarship awards are based upon the submission of a satisfactory curriculum
vitae and an audition with an external adjudicator.

Michaelhouse takes great pleasure in announcing the following Scholarship Awards for 2010:

              Scholarship               Surname           First Name              School
Major Open                          Truda               Gianluca          St David’s Marist Bros.
Minor Open                          Cheshire            Simon             Clifton, Durban
Open Exhibition                     Lee                 Robert            Cordwalles
Major Trust                         Chaplin             Cameron           DPHS
Minor Trust                         Mallett             Bradley           Merchiston
Music                               Smith               Jonathan          St David’s Marist Bros.
Closed – Clifton Nottingham Road    Geranmayeh          Angelos           Clifton Nottingham Rd.
Closed – Cordwalles                 Laidlaw             James             Cordwalles
Closed – Highbury                   Green               Campbell          Highbury
Closed – St Peter’s Prep            Bailes              Shawn             St Peter’s Prep
Exhibition                          Perrott             Robert            Clifton, Durban
Exhibition                          Schram              Michael           Highbury
Exhibition                          Nkuta               Fundile           St Peter’s Prep
Exhibition                          Potgieter           Matthew           Highbury
Sports                              Tattam              Brandon           Clifton, Durban
Sports                              Roberts             Bradley           DPHS
Sports Exhibition                   Faber               Tyrone            DPHS
Sports Exhibition                   Swarts              Jacques           Clifton, Nottingham Rd
Sports Exhibition                   Jackson             Gregory           Merchiston
Sports Exhibition                   Walker              Thomas            DPHS
UK Trust Scholarship                Baloyi              Tsakani           The Ridge
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Issued by the Michaelhouse Marketing Department: 27 May 2009
For more information, please contact:
Mrs Melanie Wester
Director of Marketing, Michaelhouse
Telephone:     033 – 234 1153

Background Information

   1.       Michaelhouse Information

   Michaelhouse, the Anglican Diocesan College of Natal, was founded in 1896 and is a South
   African boarding school for senior boys, with an international reputation. Situated on a secure
   estate in the beautiful Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, the school has a fully residential staff which
   facilitates a high level of pastoral care and interaction with the pupils. The distinctive architecture
   of inter-linked quadrangles inspires a sense of belonging amongst the 550 boys.

   To live our lives according to the Christian values of integrity, humility, compassion and courage
   in service to our community and country.

   To provide a dynamic and progressive education for boys that respects individual needs and
   embraces diversity and change in pursuit of academic, sporting and cultural excellence, while
   providing social and leadership skills and nurturing spiritual growth.

   “Our aim is to make, not accountants, not clerks, not clergymen, but men; men of understanding,
   thought and culture.”
                            Founder James Cameron Todd, Speech Day 1897

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