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									                             MEDIA STATEMENT
                    CORRECTIONAL OFFICIALS

Date issued: 24 June 2009

All News Editors

Parties to the General Public Service Sector Bargaining Council have been engaged in
marathon meetings from the 17th June 2009 to conclude negotiations on the Occupation
Specific Dispensation (OSD) for Correctional Officials.

In the early hours of the morning, on the 23rd June 2009 the negotiation process was
concluded. A final draft was circulated for Parties to attach their signatures after their
mandating processes were concluded.

The agreement today (24 June 2009) enjoyed majority status with the Employer, Police
and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) and the National Education, Health and
Allied Workers Union (NEHAWU) signing the agreement.

The agreement introduces an Occupational Specific Dispensation (OSD) for Centre
Based and Non- Centre Based Correctional Officials that provides for–
      a unique salary structure;
      career-pathing opportunities based on competencies, experience, performance and
       scope of work;
      pay progression;
      grade progression based on performance;
      recognition of appropriate experience;
      increased competencies;
      protection of current compensation;
      the introduction of differentiated salary scales for different categories of
       Correctional Officials;
      The introduction of 45-hour work week for the implementation of OSD and the
       implementation of a 7-day establishment/ shift system for Centre Based
       Correctional Officials.
      The appointment of new recruits as learners.

The agreement also further addresses;

      The implementation of an OSD for Educators within the Department of
       Correctional Services
      Translation measures identifying different work streams within the Department
      Recognition of experience
      Migration of Correctional Officials from Head Office and Regional Offices (Non-
       Centre based) to Correctional facilities (Centre Based).

The agreement provides for a once-off amount to be paid to Correctional Officials in lieu
of the late implementation of the OSD.

The agreement will be phased in as follows;

       OSD for Centre- Based and Non- Centre Based 1st July 2009
       Correctional Officials

       Recognition of experience for Centre- Based and 1 April 2010
       Non- Centre Based Correctional Officials

       45 Hour Work Week and 7-day establishment         1 July 2009

       Once-off payment in lieu of the non- On the signing of
       implementation of the OSD from 1 July 2008 to 30 this resolution.
       June 2009.

The Council will now focus on other OSD still outstanding within the Scope of the
Council with an intention of concluding on those before the 30th June 2009.

Issued by the:

General Public Service Sector Bargaining Council (GPSSBC)

Contact person:

General Secretary
Frikkie De Bruin

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