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                                                    Newsletter Jan/Feb 2007
The holidays have come and gone, school has started and life returns to normal! We hope that your holidays were
relaxing and incident-free and that your credit card will have a speedy recovery! EduCare is looking forward to an
exciting year, with quite a few new franchises in the pipeline and some exciting new courses in the incubator. We
hope you enjoy this newsletter filled with interesting tips and advice. If you have friends with children, please
forward it to them, and if you would like to be added to our mailing list, just send us your e-mail address.

          You simply NEED to know CPR!                                      DON’T LAND IN HOT WATER WITH THE EMPLOYMENT ACT!
                                                                           Living in South Africa has all sorts of wonderful advantages, one of
 When Sonnette attended an EduCare Save-a-                                 those being the affordability of domestic help! Having a ‘nanny’ to
                                                                          help with housework and childcare is wonderful, but it can have its
 Child course, it was only to because her sister
                                                                          disadvantages, as Linda van Niekerk found out recently. Linda’s
 insisted that she come with her. Never in her                domestic, Mavis was not coping with the housework and looking after Jenna,
 wildest dreams did she imagine that a scant 5                Linda’s 5-month-old baby, so she asked Linda if she could bring her daughter,
 weeks later, she would be frantically applying the           Virginia to assist with the baby. Linda agreed, but because she was so busy at
 knowledge in a desperate attempt to save the life            work, never got around to registering either of them for UIF, nor did she bother
 of her neighbors 2 year old! There is a certain              with a contract. Virginia was only supposed to work half-day, and had agreed
 type of scream that sends chills down your spine,            to a salary of R700 per month, but most days, Virginia waited for Mavis to
 and it was this sound that had Sonnette vaulting             finish at 5 so that they could travel home together. When Jenna turned one,
 over the wall between her and her neighbors                  Linda decided to send her to a crèche, and told Virginia that she no longer
                                                              required her services. A week later, Linda got a call from the Labour
 house on a Tuesday morning in December. What
                                                              department… Virginia was claiming that she had worked until 5 daily and had
 she found made her blood run cold… 2 year old                been paid less than the minimum salary and that she was unable to claim UIF
 Bruce was blue and lifeless, dripping wet next to            because she had not been registered. There was no contract to prove that she
 the pool. The neighbors Domestic has succeeded               had only been employed to work mornings only, and Linda ended up at the
 in pulling him out of the pool and left him there to         CCMA and had to pay Virginia R6000.00 to settle the case! If you don’t have
 go and try to phone for help! Sonnette                       an employment contract with your domestic, or if she is not registered for UIF,
 immediately started CPR and instructed the                   please contact us RIGHT NOW to help you in this regard! We charge a
 domestic to call an ambulance. Due to the quick              minimal fee for an EXCELLENT contract, give you disciplinary procedure
 and efficient CPR and the speedy arrival of an               guidelines, warning and UIF forms, and we will help you with a step-by-step
                                                              procedure on how to go about registering you domestic with the UIF.
 ambulance, Bruce was able to open his Christmas
                                                              It is best to enter into a contract on the very first day of employing a
 presents, but it was so close to being a very sad
                                                              Domestic so that the probation period is also covered by a contract!
 Christmas for the Erasmus Family…. CPR really
 does save lives! Thank you Sonette!                                               Through our contract we can help you:
There is no better gift to give a child than a love of books and reading.           Encourage minimal use of sick leave
Television has become a very prominent part of our society, and while               Encourage punctuality
it can be of enormous value to children, helping them learn and opening             Deal with safety in the home rules
up the world to them, it can, however impede development. Books and
                                                                                    Have an efficient disciplinary procedure,
reading offered as an alternative to television helps to stimulate their
                                                                                       including a schedule of offences and possible
intellectual capacity and imaginati                 Look 4 books with:
Reading helps to:                                                                      penalties and warning forms
                                                   Colourful pictures              Give your domestic a clear understanding of
       Boost concentration levels.                Lowercase lettering                what her duties entail
                                                   Interactive activities         Having a clear contract from day one will ensure
       Increase their attention span.
                                                   Realistic illustrations        a better relationship between you and your
                                                   Animal pictures                employee and will make sorting out problems
       Develop their imagination.
                                                   One sentence per page
                                                                                   easier should they arise. Don’t delay…. Contact us
                                                   Sturdy pages
       Teach them to listen.                                                      right away on

In our Basic Childcare course, we cover issues like calming a crying baby, personal hygiene of the child minder, discipline
issues, safety in the home, nappy rash, sterilizing etc. If you have to go back to work after maternity leave and have to leave
your baby in the care of a child minder, it would be wise to send her on this course!
      If you still need a ‘Nanny’ please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange for interviews with prospective candidates
                                               Watch out for our new Housekeeping Course!

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