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					       Chess CV of
        Lyndon Bouah
2007   : Elected WP president for 2007 ( having served in this capacity
       since 2001 ( with 2005 not available )
       :Proud President of the federation voted most successful
       Federation of the year in WP and the Western Cape
       :Manager/Trainer of World Under- 16 Youth Olympiad team
       event in Singapore
       : Joint Co-organiser of successful 2007 SA Open
       : Chairperson of WP Trainers Association
       : Winner of the Grabouw Open
       : Runner Up at the Steinitz Open
       : Club Captain of Steinitz Premier Team
       : Author of various Business Plans that reflects the future vision
       of Chessa

2006       Coach       of    various     national
           Calvin Klaasen winner of SA Under
           Laura Irving winner of ladies under
           Coach of WIM Denise Frick, board
           one for SA Olympiad team;
           Captain of WP Men’s team that
           won the National Interprovincial
          title for sixth year running;
           Captain of Steinitz Chess Club that
           won the WP Premier league for 5th
          Coach of various WP Junior players;
           Convenor of training the trainer
           workshops in Cape Town, Boland
           and SWD;
           SWD Open champion;
           FIDE Trainer title awarded for
           coaching 2200-2400 players
           Ended in the top ten of the African
           Individual    Championships      in
           Zambia in November 2005 after
           beating IM K> Solomon and
           drawing with IM Amon Simutowe

           Two students Woman International
           Master – D Frick and with J
           Ellappen ended first and second
           respectively at the SA Ladies
           Student J Ellappen awarded the title
           of Women International Master
           after winning the African Junior
           Champs in Zambia 2005.
           3rd placed at the Cape of Good Hope
          Joint 3rd at the EP Open.

          Winner of the 2004 WP club
           lightning     championship   with
           Steinitz Chess Club.
          Western Cape Sports Administrator
           of the Year.
          Fide Awarded “Candidate Master
           Title” in recognition of Olympiad
           result of 1992.
          Organizer        of     Norwegian
           Grandmaster Tour.

2004      University of the Western Cape
           wins the National Tertiary Sports
           Champs (SASSU) in Johannesburg in
           Dec. 2004.
          Chess South Africa President.
          Western Province President.
          SA Olympiad Captain to Spain.
          Western Province Captain to
             National Interprovincial

          Lesotho National Open champion.
           Centurion Open Champion.
          WP Captain that won the National
           Interprovincial for the 4th
           consecutive time.
          Runner-up with Steinitz in WP
          Undefeated in the WP Premier
          Winner of the 2004 WP club
           lightning championship with
           Steinitz Chess Club.
          National Coach of the Ladies Team
           to Spain for the Olympiad.

2003      Chess South Africa President.
          National Development Officer.

          Captain of SA Team to All Africa
           Games in Nigeria 2003 October.
          WP President.
          Fide Development Committee
          Gauteng Vaal Champion.
          WP Open Runner up.
          Namibian Open Champion.
          WP Close Joint winner.
          Member of Winning National Club
           Championship team Steinitz.
          Organisor of National Club and
           National Interprovincial
          Captain of Western Province.
          Member of WP Team that won for
           the Third Consecutive time the
           National Interprovincial.

2002      Chess South Africa Vice- President.
          Chess South Africa National
           Development Officer.
          Western Province President.
          Convenor of Chess South Africa
           Transformation Committee.
          SA Olympiad Team Captain to
          SA Senior Ladies Coach to Slovenia.
          SA Coach to World Youth Olympiad
           in Malaysia.
          Organisor of National Interclub
          WP Closed Champion.
          Gauteng Vaal Open Champion.
          EP Rapid Open Champion.
          Member of Steinitz: Western
           Province League Campions.
          Captain of Western Province
           Member of WP Team that won the
           National Interprovincial.

2001      WP Closed Champion.
          WP President.
          Member of League Champion Team.

2000      Executive Member of WP.
          WP Open Champion.
          League Co-ordinator.
          Captain of Western Province
           Member of WP Team that won the
           National Interprovincial.
1999      League Co-ordinator for WP.

1998      Eastern Province Executive Member.
          Member of Western Province League

1997      EP Closed Champion.
          EP Executive Member.

1996      Attended the Karpov School of
           Chess in Sweden.
          Member of Press Corps at Olympiad
           in Armenia.
          WP Closed Champion.

1995      National Students Champion.
          Ended third at Kenyan Easter
           International Open.

1994      Member of Olympiad Team to
          WP Open Champion.
          Founder of Unified Student Chess

1993      Ended second at African U-21
           Championship in Kenya.

1992        Member of First Unified SA Chess
             Team to play at Olympiad in
            UWC Sportsperson of the Year.

1991 –      National Student Champion.

1990 –      SASSA Schools Champion.
            Eastern Schools Champion.
            In 1988 and 1989 Lyndon won the
             Bethelsdorp       High      School
             Sportsperson of the Year Award.

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