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Day                          2007/12/05                         Page: 10

Letters to the Editor: Open secret
Collin Mays

Open secret SIR — In an ideal world, the ranting of Ronnie Kasrils about
the noble and lofty goals and objectives of the intelligence services would
make sense, Refining the boundaries of intelligence in SA (December 4).
But Red Ronnie is tainted from his protracted skirmish with Billy Masetlha,
and his political partiality is not a secret within the National Intelligence
Agency (NIA). The agency is engaged in massive preparations for the
African National Congress (ANC) conference, clearly hoping its bandmaster
emerges victorious. Other political parties have held national conferences
recently, and at none did the NLA claim national interest or national
security warranted its presence in huge numbers. Even members of the
NIA have reportedly questioned the partisan role the agency will be playing
behind the scenes at the ANC conference, but clearly none will speak out
openly. Collin Mays Verwoerdpark, Alberton

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