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									The Instructor Development Training Process

The Instructor Development process is a combination of programs designed to
enhance Instructor Candidates abilities as Dive professionals, as well as offer
specialised training programs, all of which are intended to increase your success as a
dive professional.

The PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) consists of 2 training phases, the
Assistant Instructor Program (AI) and the Open Water Scuba Instructor Program
(OWSI). The IDC is then followed by a 2 day Instructor Examination (IE) program
conducted by PADI Worldwide.

The IDC emphasises development, not testing. Candidates can relax and concentrate
on skill development knowing that making mistakes is part of the learning process.
You will be assessed on your readiness to attend an IE during the IDC by means of
feedback during individual counselling sessions.

Instructor Development Course (IDC) Prerequisites

To enrol on an IDC, an individual must:

   1. Be at least 18 years of age
   2. Be certified as a PADI divemaster or hold a leadership level certification with
      another recreational diver training organisation recognised by PADI.
   3. Submit medical clearance for Scuba diving signed by a physician stating you
      are fit to dive. The medical clearance must be current within the previous 12
      months. Since an in date medical is also required for the IE phase of the
      process we suggest that the 12 month period encompasses the final date of the
      IE you plan to attend. The Physician signing the form may not be the
   4. Have been a certified diver for at least 6 months and have completed and
      logged at least 60 dives (100 dives to attend an IE) and have documentation
      of experience in deep, NIGHT and navigation diving as documented in your
   5. Submit proof of CPR and First Aid training within the past 24months.
      Preferably the PADI EFR course.
   6. Submit documentation of any equivalent certifications for entry level,
      advanced and rescue certifications issued by another recreational diver
      training organisation. If submitting an equivalent rescue diver certification,
      also include copies of first aid training documentation.
   7. If not a PADI divemaster successfully complete the PADI divemaster course
      diver rescue skills assessment.
   8. EFRI rating prior to continuation onto OWSI
  Schedule and Dates 2009

EFRI               IDC START       IDC FINISH       IE                 SPECIALTIES
20th – 21st Feb    21st Feb        3rd March        7th & 8th March    13th – 15th March
23rd - 24th May    26th May        5th June         6th & 7th June     12th – 14th June
20th – 21st July   21st July       31st July        1st & 2nd Aug      4th – 6th Aug
14th – 15th Nov    17th Nov        27th Nov         28th & 29th Nov    4th – 6th Dec

  All the programs are full time. The program will start with an orientation evening
  between 6pm and 10pm to complete all administrative procedures. Typically the 10
  day IDC program will start at 7am in the morning and finish at approximately
  6pm.All sessions must be attended for successful completion of the IDC and
  enrolment on an IE. Individual assignments are to be completed during evening hours.

  Costs for PADI Instructor Courses

  EFRI and IDC Combo           R11,000 Incl. Skills & Theory Workshop + Nitrox
                                       Instructor Rating + EFRI Materials
  IDC                          R8195   Incl. Skills & Theory Workshop + Nitrox
                                       Instructor Rating
  Assistant Instructor         R3278   4 Day Program
  OWSI                         R4917   6 Day Program
  Materials                    POR
  IDC registration             £82     Paid directly to PADI
  IE registration              £335    Paid directly to PADI

   Requirements for the Orientation Day:

         4 ID Photographs
         All Non PADI Certification Copies of C- cards (both sides) or Certificates
         Log Book for Dive Verification
         In Date Medical stating you are Fit to Dive
         All PADI Mandatory IDC Course Materials
         Standard Calculator for Exams
         PADI Enriched Air Student Qualification or copy of equivalent
         Balance of Payment
         A great sense of humour and commitment to the program!
PADI Material Requirements:

IDC Crew Pak which consists of:

      Instructor manual or Instructor manual CD Rom
      Candidate workbook
      Business of Diving
      Law and the Diving Professional
      Children and Diving Guide
      The Best of the Undersea Journal
      Open Water Aquatic Cue Cards
      Confined Water Aquatic Cue Cards
      Adventures in Diving Cue Cards
      Rescue Cue Cards
      Open Water Preparation Slates
      Confined Water Preparation Slates
      Peak Performance Buoyancy Outline
      Project Aware Outline
      Coral Reef Conservation Outline
      Open Water/Rescue/Divemaster Exams
      PADI Back Pak

Student Materials

      Open Water Diver Manual
      The Adventures in Diving Manual plus student slate
      The Rescue Diver Manual plus accident management work slate
      Divemaster Manual

Additional Product

      RDP – Table & Multilevel E-RDP with Instructions Booklets
      Divemaster Slates
      Discover Scuba Diving Cue Card
      Diving Knowledge Workbook
      Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving

If you are already in possession of any of the above student manuals, individual prices
will be quoted for outstanding items. As a PADI professional it is critical that you
work from the most up to date PADI materials.
Equipment Requirements:

      Fins, mask, snorkel and appropriate exposure protection
      Cylinder
      Buoyancy Control Device with LPI
      Regulator, alternate air source and SPG
      Weight system
      Timing device
      Depth gauge
      Compass
      Knife/divers tool
      Slate
      Audible and Visible emergency signalling devices

Preparation for the IDC program

A critical element of success is to be fully prepared prior to the start of the IDC
program. Being prepared means you will get the full benefit and enjoyment from the
program and alleviate unnecessary stress. All 16 Knowledge Reviews in the
Candidate Workbook (Independent Study) need to be completed prior to the
start of the course.

Since space is limited and demand is high we do recommend early booking (R1000
deposit required paid in to banking details provided)
Within Gauteng an individual meeting will be arranged with you at time of booking to
provide you with preparation guidelines, detailed course schedule, to check course pre
requisites, material requirements and answer any individual questions. For candidates
out of the Gauteng area, an in depth teleconference or email will replace an individual

Continuing your Education

EFR Emergency First Response Instructor

EFR Tuition: Primary Care, Secondary Care, Care for Children and AED          R2250
EFR Materials : Instructor Manual, EFR Manual,CFC Manual.EFR                  R1300
DVD,CFC DVD, Reference Card, EFR PIC and Barrier Pack
EFR Registration paid directly to PADI                                        £70.50

Master Scuba Diver Instructor Rating

4 x Specialty Ratings + Digital Specialty Manual CD Rom                       R4550
Individual Standard Specialty                                                 R750
Individual outline                                                            R190
Registration per speciality paid directly to PADI (Method 1)                  £26.50
Choose from:

      Altitude
      Navigation
      Wreck
      Deep
      Enriched Air
      Night
      Drift
      Dry Suit
      Search and Recovery
      Digital Underwater Photography
      Emergency O2 Provider

Banking Details

Colleen Bernard
Absa Bank (Current Account)
Account number: 406 218 3967
Westgate Branch code: 632 005

Contact Details

Colleen Bernard
CD # 605286
Cell: 083 268 9777
Email: colleen@kewe.co.za
Fax: 011 802 8417

Hosting Centres:

Jeff’s Palm Resort                S-35450
Twin Palms Scuba                  S-3750
Tofo Scuba                        S-32231
Sandton Scuba                     S-3059

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