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Terms and Conditions - SABC CORPORATE


Terms and Conditions - SABC CORPORATE

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									                       SABC Community Alert Service Terms and Conditions.


SABC Community Alert Service is a community communication system networking thousands of South
Africans nationally to collectively support fellow South Africans and tourists who need community
support in an emergency situation.

Members are the eyes and ears of your community – Suspicious or criminal activities can be reported by
logging onto and clicking the Incident Report. They can also look up info about
crime reported in a specific area under the Incident Search or Incident Map.

Participation is vital in order to build profiles of crime and crime related incidents in different
neighbourhoods throughout South Africa.

the SABC Community Alert Service team also informs and mobilizes communities to support their local
police by supplying information.


The SABC Community Alert Service button provides people with the technology to let each other know
when they need help in the case of an emergency. The SABC Community Alert Service button (which is
also known as a 'panic button') is a service that you can sign up for with SABC Community Alert Service.
As part of the registration process for this service you will need to provide the contact details of 4 of
your friends or family and you will be given a special number to save to your phone. We always say to
people that they should save this number to their contacts and make it a speed dial number. When you
dial this number your 4 friends receive an SMS telling them that you need help. So at the flick of a
button you have notified 4 people who care about you that you are in a dangerous situation!

If we know where you are we do not have to search before we mobilise thousands of members to
assist. Please note this facility is currently ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE VODACOM NETWORK and will
shortly be available on the MTN Network.

If you are on the Vodacom network and give the SABC's Service provider, eBlockwatch (PTY) LTD,
permission to track you position / location the SMS sent by Eblockwatch will also indicate your last

Why is it so important to be linked to the SABC Community Alert Service button?

Besides the obvious of alerting family and friends that you need help, you give SABC Community Alert
Service permission to track your phone. If you are connected to our button we can mobilise the nearest
network of members and their security network to assist you. If we know where you are we can have
thousands of members mobilised via sms to assist.

We work on the philosophy that a member must look after themselves,their loved ones and those
around them and collectively we look after each other.

Our Service Provider can, in an emergency, also mobilise the nearest network of members and their
security network to assist you.


The 'SABC Community Alert Service' is a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. The monthly cost is R20.00 payable
by you, through a reverse charge SMS that will be sent to your cell on a monthly basis that will
automatically deduct the amount from your cellular airtime. There is a once-off registration fee of

SMS your postal code to 33081. Free SMS do not apply; Errors are billed. Multiple SMS required to
register. To STOP, SMS STOP to 31352. Helpline: 082 236 0004(VAS rates apply).

An SMS to notify your four contact people that you need assistance is charged at R6.00 per activation.

Remember - SABC Community Alert Service is neither a security company nor a reaction organisation.
We disseminate information and assist and mobilize communities and members. SABC Community Alert
Service, powered by eBlockwatch (PTY) Ltd, is a network of networks consisting of Neighborhood Watch,
police task teams, specialized industrial support teams, security companies, police reservists, the South
African Women's Agricultural Union with its 10000 members scattered across South Africa, Township
patrols, and most importantly over 50,000 ordinary South Africans. Each member is requested to spread
the word as the more members in the loop the safer our members become.

SABC Community Alert Service in South Africa is presently, through its Service Provider, creating special
members who have volunteered to be part of the SABC Community Alert Service reaction team.

The SABC Community Alert Service team pursues criminals using networks within networks. It has
instant access to established security and police networks that can be mobilized at our discretion. The
SABC Community Alert Service team requests its members to set their family and loved ones up on the
SABC Community Alert Service button which enables the SABC Community Alert Service team to utilize
all the tricks and techniques available in the highly sophisticated security industry. If all the members
have registered correctly it turns catching criminals into child's play.

Our Service Provider, EBlockwatch (PTY) Ltd, manages and administrates the SABC Community Alert

A crime line for voice messages is also available. Call 0822360003 and your message will be recorded.
We email your voice message to all members in the effected area. Normal cellphone rates apply.

Click here to register online.

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