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					      Name of learner                    Favourite part of camp

Taylor Wiltshire         Staying up all night and having a midnight feast
Dylan Jacobs             The camel farm, bumper boats, rabbits, camles and many
Emma Kiely               The Cango Caves – it was exciting and scary, the history was
                         interesting, the crystals were beautiful and climbing through
                         the postbox and devil’s chimney was the best!
Natalie Calder           The camel farm – I had never ridden a camel before
Amber Hossack            The Camel farm - the devil’s chimney. It looked tight wasn’t. I
                         loved it!
Alexia Gouws             The Cango Caves – they were warm!
Lauren Muller            The adventure course at the camel farm. I loved it the
                         challenge and climbing things. I am not that crazy about
                         getting dirty, though!
Landez Parks             Riding a camel. I rode on the one I really wanted to ride.
Edwill Owen              The Cango Caves - It looked so beautiful and cool.
Mischkaa Tharman         The Cango Caves – I had never been there before!
Tyla Moll                The Cango Caves because the crystals were beautiful and
                         the crystal chamber were breathtaking
Michelle Giles           The Cango Caves – fun but scary!
Hayley Linsley Noakes    Riding the camels, it was freaky, but so much fun
Kay-Lynn                 The mini-olympics – I learned that I can’t make a paper jet.
Kina Tait                The Cango Caves – It was fun, but scary going up the devil’s
Nicholas Austin          The Cango Widlife Ranch, playing with my friends and
                         learning new things
Hannah Marshall          Riding camels (scary and fun!), bumper boats (fast and
Jethro Wolfaardt         The devil’s chimney and the postbox at the Cango Caves
Megan Cole               The Cango Caves – I was afraid to go up the devil’s chimney,
                         but I did it!
Jessica Mantel           The Cango Caves
Raphaelia Vasiltoselis   The Cango Caves – I had never been there!
Daniel Hart              The Cango Caves – it was exciting
Josh Raymer              The Cango Caves – it was spooky but lots of fun
Lincoln Titus            Sliding through the hole at the Cango Caves
Tristan Turner           Cheetah land – I loved looking at all the different animals and
                         holding the rabbits
Daniel Christie          The adventure tour of the Cango Caves even though I felt
                         claustrophobic at times
Reece Rademeyer          Riding an ostrich. I really had a good time
Michael Scott            Going through the post box at the Cango Caves

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