We at Pro Active Recruitment believe that by empowering people, we

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					We at Pro Active Recruitment believe that by empowering people,
we automatically empower ourselves.
Recruitment – Working smart, distributing intellectual capital into every industry throughout SA,
offering the business community a total staffing solution. Recruitment is a growing and lucrative
industry comprising of a large number of registered Recruitment Companies and who knows how many
non registered Recruitment Agencies out there, together employing approximately 75000 Recruiters within
South Africa alone. Recruitment has the reputation of attracting the more educated and upper echelon
within the working class, with more earning potential than most top end professional industries. Most
experienced Recruitment Agents/Consultants are working for companies, thus paying over the bulk of their
placement fees to their employers. According to our market research, given the opportunity, 90% of all
Recruiters in South Africa would much prefer to become self employed, rather than work for a boss. The
average experienced Recruiter is placing between 2 and 6 candidate’s per month, also lets bear in mind that
the average Recruitment Agents current remuneration packages is made up of a very low retainer that
varies from R7000.00 to R15000.00, this retainer carries with it a Desk Fee, which ranges from R17500.00
to R70000.00, per month, which needs to be achieved prior to any commission been earned by the
Recruiter. All commissions are paid out at between 10% and 35% of all placement fees, over and above the
achieved desk fees.

Does this sound familiar? Definitely not a get rich scheme for any hard working Recruiter. With the
information above in mind, it would be fair to say that most experienced Recruitment Agents would love to
become self employed, mostly in home based businesses, keeping the start up costs and overheads to a
minimum, in order for the business to operate successfully, not an easy task in the current economical
climate. Recruitment is a highly profitable industry, the main focus is to increase job placements to a
maximum and servicing the widest range of industries, supplying all levels of staff. We aim to achieve
this by increasing the number of Recruiters as wide spread as possible, as well as offering the highest level
of service possible.

Become Self Employed for no up-front cost!

This is a limited offer - Satellite Project, (NO START UP COSTS).

 We offer a complete business for free. (No up-front costs

What you get for free:
          You become part of a registered company operating nation wide.
          A professional business image that stands out from the rest.
          A cost effective existing Virtual Business.
          The means to appoint Sub-Recruiters, which will work under yourself on
         a commission basis only.
          Functional bank account, already opened and in operation.
          A complete professional Website and 1 (one) email address on the Pro
         Active Recruitment Domain.
           Your an email address would be:
        Job Spec sharing, with Recruiters country wide, at 50% shared, at your
        All placement fees will be paid out and in your personal bank account as
       and when they reflect as paid by the client.
        Full backup, which will include:
         IT support.
         Labour Law, consulting and advice.
         All invoicing and billing, including a registered VAT number.
         Accounting and Financial Services.
         Nation wide advertising and marketing.
        Advertising tools, such as Job Spec advertising internet sites,
       subscription internet sites and free internet sites.
         At no extra cost to you.

     Professional business stationary and templates will be provided by Pro
      Active Recruitment to you on a CD disk.
        Including: Company Profile, Company Letterheads, Company Terms &
Conditions, CV Templates & Reference check forms etc.

Qualification Criteria:

 Only Recruiters with minimum 1 year experience will be considered, verification of this
service will need to be done.
 We have a code of conduct, as a representative of Pro Active Recruitment, you will need
to operate within the boundaries of our code of conduct.
 This is a work from home business opportunity.
 You will need a Computer, If you don't have a computer we supply you with one at our
cost price.
 You will need R200.00 excluding VAT, for Business Cards, we will supply the art work.
 You will need to have internet at home.
 You will need to have and grow your own client base.
 You will be required to sign an agreement between Pro Active Recruitment and yourself,
binding you to our terms and conditions.
 You will be charged 20% of all your placement fees, this will be used to cover company
expences and advertising tools, in order for you to operate successfully.

Should you require any additional information, please go to our contact page or mail:

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