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               “Let us help one another”

 The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Altron has been publicly commended on the scope and quality of its
social    responsibility    programme     by     the    national
telecommunications forum and by PMR Publications. the
Masisizane programme won two "emPOWER" awards for its social
responsibility and affirmative action programmes in December
                                                          June 1997
Masisizane – Let us help one another   The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report


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RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT                                                8

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EDUCATION AND YOUTH PROGRAMMES                                                   13

JOB CREATION AND SKILLS TRAINING                                                 16

SPORT AND RECREATION                                                             18

HEALTH AND SOCIAL WELFARE                                                        19


CONSERVATION AND ENVIRONMENT                                                     21

ARTS AND CULTURE                                                                 21

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Masisizane – Let us help one another                 The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Corporate Profile

Allied Electronics Corporation Limited (Altron), is a wholly South African-controlled
group of companies involved in the development, design, manufacture and
distribution of technology-intensive products and systems for parastatals, commerce,
mining and industry.

Corporate headquarters in Johannesburg oversee some 200 Altron operations
throughout South Africa and abroad. Three major operating sectors form the core of
the group’s business activities.

The sectors cover:

       ALTECH

        through Allied Technologies Limited (Altech) and its quoted subsidiary,
        Autopage Holdings Limited (Autopage): telecommunications equipment,
        electronic systems, electronic components, networking, mining and industrial
        products and transport systems, as well as mobile radio, cellular telephone and
        radio trunking.


        through Power Technologies Limited (Powertech: a broad spectrum of
        power electrical products and services including transformers, cables, lighting
        and batteries.

       FINTECH

        through Fintech Limited (Fintech): a diverse range of products and systems
        in the information technology industry embracing computer-aided design and
        processing, reprographics and business communications.

For more than 30 years Altron has successfully put its resources to work to meet
customer requirements. What began as a small manufacturer and distributor of high-
technology products and systems has grown into a R5 billion-a-year organisation
employing people both locally and overseas.

Companies should formulate their contribution in terms of a basic tenet of the RDP, helping to
grow the economy.
                                                                               Jayendra Naidoo
                                                               Negotiations co-ordinator, Cosatu

South Africa has embarked on a great national project. It wants to eradicate poverty
whilst remaining true to the ideals of freedom and democracy. It wants to become the
first African country to play a leading role in the global economic society. And it
Masisizane – Let us help one another                    The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

wants to be the economic engine that pulls Africa into a prosperous and exciting
future. Altron wants to be a part of that programme.

The tenets of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) are not new to
Altron but have always been embedded in the group’s culture, especially in terms of
growing the economy, developing human resources and eliminating discrimination.
As far back as 1979, Altron chairman Bill Venter formalised the Altron Manifesto
which is set out below and in its own way shows that Altron had adopted the
principles embedded in RDP policy many years ago ! The group’s new vision for a
rapidly changing South Africa as it moves towards the 21st century inextricably links
Altron’s future with the establishment of a healthy, just society flourishing within a
growing economy. Altron prefers to talk about the RMSP, which stands for
Reconciliation, Mental Reconstruction, Spiritual Reconstruction and the Upliftment of
Human Potential of all people and their living circumstances, their opportunities for
education and training and economic advancement.

The RDP is not that which is determined at Tuynhuys or the Union Buildings. It is what we do in
our everyday life as a worker, a factory manager, as an unemployed person, as a small farmer.
The RDP is not about hand-outs, or charity.
                                                                            Minister Jay Naidoo
                                                                             17 November 1994

Altron's long history of social commitment stretches back to the late 1970's with the
formation by Bill Venter of The Altron Manifesto. Our many years of involvement
have taught us to continually assess and reassess what we are doing so that we remain
ever mindful of the social political and economic arena in which we operate.

                                       Altron and the RDP
Altron’s Manifesto:
    The group is committed to improving the working conditions of all its employees, irrespective
    of sex, race, religion or creed. In past years much has been done in this direction and
    henceforth the group will use its best endeavours to abide by, and progressively work
    towards the principles, which are listed below:
     Non-segregation of the races in all eating, comfort and work facilities.
     Equal and fair employment practises for all employees.
     Equal pay for all employees doing equal or comparable work for the same period of time.
     Initiation and development of training programmes that will prepare, in substantial
        numbers, people of colour, for supervisory, administrative, clerical and technical jobs.
     Increasing the number of blacks in management and supervisory positions.
     Improving the quality of employees’ lives outside the work environment in such areas as
        housing, transportation, schooling, recreation and health facilities.
                                                                                       Dr. Bill Venter
                                                                                        9 April 1979.

Altron views the renewal of South Africa as a series of basic principles which, linked
together contribute to an exciting and innovative government and economic

Masisizane – Let us help one another                    The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

philosophy enabling all the people of South Africa to harness the utilise the country's
resources in a purposeful way - or, more simply, "putting people first." The main aim
of the RMSP is to integrate growth, development, reconstruction and redistribution
into a programme which meets the demographic ideals, improved standard of living
and quality of life for all South Africans. This includes:
*      meeting the basic needs of the people, such as jobs, land, housing, water,
       electricity, communications, transport, a healthy environment, nutrition, health
       care and social welfare;
*      developing human resources by creating new job opportunities requiring new
       skills and in managing and governing society which will empower the people;
*      growing the economy;
*      addressing the weaknesses in South African society by increasing investment
       in research and technology development and finding ways of boosting
       productivity; and
*      contributing wherever it can to the new democratic order in national, regional
       and local government to facilitate socio-economic development in the country.

The Dignity of People.
The dignity of people will be experienced in the recognition, compensation, growth in the
assignment of responsibility, quality of life, participation in decision-making and common
courtesy and respect.
                                                                                 Robert Venter
                                                                              Executive Director


By being the country’s leader in the manufacture and supply of high technology
products and services, Altron’s vision is to remain a caring corporate citizen
supportive of not only the communities in which the group operates, but also all of the
people in South Africa. In this regard, Altron stands ready, within its resources, to
assist in the various programmes of national importance prioritised by all of the
nation's stakeholders. Above all, Altron will continue to respond meaningfully to
meet the country’s requirements for the continued upliftment of its own people as well
as previously disadvantaged communities in terms of education and technical training,
skills development, housing, health, social welfare and job creation.

What the country really needs is both a spiritual and mental reconstruction, reconciliation as well
as the upliftment of the human potential of all people.
                                                                                     Rev. M.A. Stofile,
                                                   Treasurer General of the ANC's investment portfolio.

Masisizane – Let us help one another                    The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Foreword from the Chairman of Altron, Dr Bill Venter

“It will perhaps come to be that we who have harboured in our country the worst example of
racism ... will make a contribution to human civilisation by ordering our affairs in such a manner
that we strike an effective and lasting blow against racism everywhere.”
                                                                  President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
                                                                        of the Republic of South Africa
                                                                              to the 49th session of the
                                                    United Nations General Assembly, 3 October 1994.

The inauguration of Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa was truly one of the
most inspiring events of our time. Quite literally, the eyes of the world were upon
South Africa that day. Millions watched the event and more than 150 world leaders
gathered to watch the end of apartheid and celebrate the birth of a true democracy.
Watching Nelson Mandela sworn in as South Africa’s first democratically elected
president, I was proud that we at Altron had made our own humble contribution to
this miracle.

With the dark ages of apartheid now consigned to the history books, South Africa was
at last given the awesome opportunity of achieving lasting socio-economic success
where so many political dispensations on the African continent and elsewhere have

Whilst we at Altron have deliberately abstained from political debate on the RDP, we
believe that if the social fabric of our nation is to be rewoven instead of merely
patched, the government’s Reconstruction and Development Programme needs to be
embraced as more than merely a concept set out in a booklet and a White Paper. We
see the RMSP as being a framework within which to plan, work and prioritise.
Everything we do should be focused on developing our nation and on the
reconstruction of our economy and society.

The RDP is the centrepiece of the policy of the Government of National Unity (GNU). It envisages
a broad interlocking programme that will address the total spectrum of socio-economic needs -
from the creation of jobs to the provision of housing, primary health care, water, electricity and
improved education.
                                                                                     F.W. de Klerk
                                                                               23 September 1994

As far back as 1979, and long before it became fashionable to do so, the Altron group
and all its subsidiaries adopted a policy of desegregation and equal opportunity
throughout its operations. Altron’s Manifesto adopted way back in the late 1970s
clearly illustrates its responsible commitment to its most valuable asset - its people
and the communities in which the group operates.

Today the group wholeheartedly supports both the objectives of the government's
RDP and affirmative action, not only because they constitute a moral imperative but
because the development of a stable, equitable society in South Africa makes sound
Masisizane – Let us help one another                 The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

commercial sense. Altron’s greatest contribution to the RMSP will be the creation of
employment and the upliftment of previously disadvantaged communities. Black
empowerment is one of the cornerstones on which the new South Africa must be built.
We need to acknowledge and support the vision of government and government
agencies to ensure that black-owned and black-managed companies are in a position
to provide product for the expansion of the country’s various networks and
infrastructure. It remains my belief, however, that if they do not have the money to
establish themselves in this field of business, it behoves us to help them find it. Many
traditional South African suppliers to our various networks, such as our group for
instance, have had to invest massively in plant, machinery, technology and
management to create the vast national asset which forms the foundation of the
country’s economy. However, the time has arrived for us all to invest even more
significantly in black training and entrepreneurship - a process of empowerment
which will ensure that commerce and industry makes a meaningful contribution to the
reconstruction and development of South Africa.

Stable government cannot be achieved unless distortions in South Africa's social and economic
structure can be addressed through the vehicle of the RDP.
                                                                               Chris Liebenberg
                                                                            Minister for Finance
                                                                               25 October 1994

I hope that this report will give you an overview of Altron’s contribution to this
wonderful country of ours. While the group has already achieved much in the area of
corporate responsibility, we have not become complacent and, I personally, will
ensure the continued monitoring and acceleration of our efforts in this regard.

In addition to the group’s internal and external corporate responsibility programmes,
Altron is placing even greater emphasis than in the past on the development of
product and systems for local and international markets. Emphasis has been placed on
those items which are directed at increasing the standard of living and welfare of the
citizens of the new South Africa both in the rural and urban areas. Symbolic of this
programme is Altron’s investment of more than R850 million over a period of five
years to develop these technologies. Flowing from this investment are achievements
such as communications centres, which enable rural communities to make contact
with the rest of the country. In so doing, Altron has increased the earnings capacity
and improved the livelihood of many black entrepreneurs through the establishment of
Phone Shops and of similar facilities in the townships and rural areas. Driving
simulators have been developed to enable adults in rural communities to be trained for
light and heavy vehicle driving licences at low cost and without the use of a vehicle.

We at Altron wish to state categorically that the RMSP is not about hand-outs. Rather, it
encourages the effective utilisation of financial and human resources to empower people to take
control of their own lives.
                                                                                     Peter Watt
                                                                               Deputy Chairman

Masisizane – Let us help one another                 The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Altron has also participated in several housing forums with government and industrial
bodies to accelerate the building of appropriate dwellings for disadvantaged
communities. To this end our subsidiaries in the power-electrical field have
developed low-cost electrification harnessing systems for housing units improving the
quality of life of rural communities which are benefiting from electrification

Through its long term relationships with its many overseas principals, Altron
continues to attract increasing foreign investment in the economy from international
leaders in high technology such as Alcatel, AT&T, ABB, Xerox and Motorola. This
combination of local development, backed by access to the vanguard of world
technological science, positions the group strongly not only to service its own
customers but to make a significant contribution to the national economy as a whole.
The Altron programme is not designed to offer a mere monetary contribution. Rather
it seeks to incorporate other essential elements such as:
 education and training
 progressive skills improvement, and
 higher levels of information technology expertise

To us, the formula for success lies not in handouts but in helping others to produce
sustainable development in the true spirit of "Masisizane." This brochure is dedicated
to togetherness and solidarity, not only among us as South Africans, but among all the
nations of the world. Let us come together in unity and make our country the shining
example of all mankind and, in so doing, enjoy peace, stability, goodwill, prosperity
and togetherness on earth for all time.

The Government alone cannot be the sole driving force behind the successful implementation of
the RMSP. A well-balanced partnership with the private sector is essential.
                                                                                  Craig Venter
                                                                             Executive Director

Research and Technology Development

Science and technology have an important role to play in the development of all sectors of
society. South Africa's economy is characterised by unequal distribution of resources. The
technology policy must therefore address this duality and must also develop both indigenous and
exogenous science and technology, in order to meet the challenges of all the people of South
                                                                              Minister Jay Naidoo

Altron regards technology development as an important requirement not only for
business success, but also to be used for training engineers for the future development
of the new South Africa. This will also result in the design and quality manufacture
of high technology products and services which in themselves will create improved
quality of life and earning capacities of the individual and export revenue for the

Masisizane – Let us help one another                  The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report


During the past ten years, and particularly the past four years, there has been a
significant increase in the level and breadth of local technology and product
development. This is due not only to the resourcefulness of industry itself and market
requirements but also to the significant support of industry by Telkom, Eskom and
other parastatal organisations.
Altron has not only already produced but also installed, commissioned and now
services electrical, telecommunications and computer-based training systems in
diverse developing communities. This has been accomplished by combining Altron’s
anticipation of requirements and inventiveness with extensive investigations of the
country’s new requirements.

There are many ways in which the special skills and know-how of the business community can
help the Government of National Unity to achieve its development objectives.
                                                                        President Nelson Mandela.

Black Empowerment

I am confident the time has arrived to build this country into a colossus and to demonstrate that
people of diverse race, tradition and culture can live in harmony and build an economy, the
products of which will compete with those of any nation in the world.”
                                                                                    Dr. Bill Venter
                                                                                    25 May 1994.

Black economic empowerment is designed to bring historically disadvantaged people
into the mainstream of the economy and the group regards this as one of its core
values and wholeheartedly supports the vision and the context of this aspect of the
RMSP. Altron's vision of creating significant, profitable black-controlled and owned
companies will result in the development of an economic and social order reflective of
the country's demography and African culture. Certainly the fortunes of our
revitalised nation - and our group - depend greatly on the implementation of this
vision into sustainable reality.

Perhaps the clearest indication of Altron's commitment to meaningfully contribute to
black empowerment is its programme to engage in negotiations with black controlled
and emerging enterprises with the purpose of establishing joint venture organisations.

In this regard, the Altron group will enable black entrepreneurs to acquire equity
stakes in its businesses by assisting them with both their structuring and funding

Evidence of this is the recent announcement by Altron that one of South Africa’s
fastest growing black empowerment companies, the Rethabile Group, has acquired a

Masisizane – Let us help one another                   The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

20% holding in Alcatel Altech Telecoms for R125 million.

Rethabile is a broad-based black empowerment company focusing on high growth
industries such as information technology, telecommunications, leisure and tourism,
the latter two in which the company is already active in both leisure and tourism and,
along with a partner is one of the bidders for an equity stake in Sun Air.

Altron has stated that its choice of partners in other ventures will be strongly
influenced by the specific skills, abilities and experience such partners can bring to the
particular commercial activities involved. This is in line with Altron’s Empowerment
Manifesto which stipulates that empowerment should be aimed at a broad base of
black entrepreneurs rather than specific individuals who have already been generously

“The Rethabile agreement is a milestone for the Altron and Altech groups whereby it has
achieved my personal and longstanding ambition to empower black partners in our group in a
meaningful and constructive way.”
                                                                              Dr. Bill Venter

Support and development of the informal sector - (Small, micro and
medium sized enterprises [SMME’s])

Altron is in the throes of assisting potential black groups - by way of funding - in
acquiring up to 20% in many of the conglomerate’s underlying assets.

The group is also looking into the development of structures, which will enable it to
provide funding for the black partners, rather than asking them to obtain all of the
funding themselves.

The group is looking at a diverse range of mechanisms to help black advancement
generally throughout the corporation. Altron intends giving generous black
empowerment discounts to the relevant values of each company.

Altron and Altech are involved with potential black empowerment groups with the
view of buying into Alcatel Altech Telecoms which is a 50% owned subsidiary of
Altech together with the world’s largest telecoms equipment supplier, Alcatel of
France and other group subsidiaries.

AAT is to be the first of such ventures because it involves the French group, Alcatel,
who have been pro-active in the empowerment field over many years.

The group will also bring on board different black partners in its varied activities.

The group’s choice of partners will be strongly influenced by the specific skills,
abilities and experience they can bring to the particular commercial activities

Masisizane – Let us help one another                  The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Altron is not necessarily looking for black investors or bankers, but people who can
pro-actively add value to the group’s operations.

The group prefers the focused route of matching partners to particular activities rather
than a holding company participation covering a diverse range of activities.

The group aims at empowering a corsortia that will benefit a wide range of black
people rather than specific individuals or large listed companies that were well
established and already generously empowered.

In its quest to further assist the economic rebuilding of the nation, Altron has a stated
policy that at least 20% of all goods and services procured by the group should
emanate from previously disadvantaged enterprises. An evolving process of support
and development of emerging entrepreneurs and their businesses is under way and the
group has put in place the necessary structures to ensure that this target of
empowerment is achieved . Business sectors which have been earmarked by the group
include advertising, marketing, security, catering, motor vehicle maintenance,
building personnel and general services are just a few of the areas where black
economic empowerment is being achieved within the group. Altron fully supports the
view that the SMME sector is the seedbed for the massive expansion of job creation
and is the gateway for the economic empowerment of the previously disadvantaged
South Africans. Altron's subsidiaries are involved in many different programmes of
empowering emerging entrepreneurs in developing their own businesses. The group's
Litemaster subsidiary in Wadeville, for instance, also supports nine small to medium
enterprises. Illustrative of this is the arrangement, which a Powertech operation has
entered into with several of its field service technicians in which the latter are being
assisted in establishing themselves as independent service contractors to the group. In
addition, a programme to identify and employ black-owned and operated sub-
contractors in the field of outside line plant installations was initiated at AAT during
1995. A sub-contractor, Jerome Liberty, was contracted to handle a project for
upgrading the Majemantsho telephone network in Mafikeng.

It is our responsibility to break down barriers of division and create a country where there will be
neither whites nor blacks, just South Africans, free and united in diversity.
                                                                               Oliver Reginald Tambo
                                                                   President of the ANC 1969 - 1991

During the past few years, Altron has also made rapid strides with empowerment in
the workplace in the following areas:

   the elimination of racial discrimination throughout the group;

Altron will ensure that by training and the advancement of black managers and by its support for
small and medium sized black enterprises, that it will play an important role in the much wider
spread of wealth into the black community.
                                                                               Dr. Harold Serebro
                                                                                Executive Director
                                                                                     Altron group,

Masisizane – Let us help one another                   The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

                          and a Trustee of State President Mandela's Committee for Youth Empowerment

   advancement through affirmative action . Special strategies aimed at increasing
    the number of black managers within the group to at least 35% in the medium
    term have been put in place. This reinforces Altron’s commitment to a policy of
    affirmative action which compromises neither standards nor individuals, but aims
    to develop the potential of people by a process of accelerated education and
    training that allows them to achieve their optimal level of competence in an
    equitable environment free of discriminatory practice;

We are striving towards moving decision-making to the factory-floor level: that is what
"empowerment" means. Decentralisation is being applied as far as possible, but we must take
cognisance of the fact that there will be cases where decentralised decision-making may yield
more beneficial results than in other areas. Personnel must be supported in the pursuit of the
effective execution of decision-making by providing direction, systems, training, development
and co-ordination.      People must be encouraged to operate and project originality and an
entrepreneurial spirit and learn from it. We must become THE learning organisation.
                                                                                    Dr. Bill Venter

   democratisation at various levels within the group - such as the establishment of
    forum groups where management and workers could jointly consult in managing
    the workplace are continuously being established, and at Board level a number of
    black directors have been appointed. The Black Management Forum, launched at
    Xerox S.A. two years ago, has nearly 60 members and meets on a regular basis;
   improved education and training opportunities across a wide front.

The RDP is a 'people-driven' programme which can only be achieved within a vibrant society.
Communities and organisations need to empower themselves to set up projects in co-operation
with local and provincial governments. South Africa has begun, for the first time in its history, to
undertake the task of the equitable development of all its citizens. It has a unique opportunity to
transform the means and methods through which its social goals are achieved. The RDP is the
instrument, which will embody this purpose and provide the leadership to accomplish this urgent,
difficult, but historic task.
                                                                                 Minister Jay Naidoo

        Criteria guiding Altron's top management in their affirmative
        action programme

           Affirmative action has been established as a key strategy on which
            management is measured ensuring that commitment is gained;
           The degree to which management is prepared to allocate resources to the
            affirmative action strategy is a direct and critical factor in the development
            of an effective strategy;
           The behaviour/role modelling of the management as a critical success
            factor in launching the affirmative action strategy;
           Behaviours must be defined by executives at management level such that

Masisizane – Let us help one another                  The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

            they show subordinates true and active support;
           Affirmative action should feature regularly on executive meeting agendas;
           Senior executives play a crucial role in ensuring that negative perceptions
            of the process of affirmative action do not perpetuate and are directly
           Board and management commitment to and involvement in a programme
            of sharing values, dealing with sensitive case studies across the race and
            gender barriers would be important;
           The Board should develop a clearly defined policy, which identifies how
            detractors from the affirmative action strategy are meaningfully
            encouraged to change their views, counselled and disciplined for non-

Education and Youth Programmes

The RDP proposes one education and training system that provides equal opportunities to all,
irrespective of race, colour, sex, language, age and religion.
                                                                         RDP White Paper.

South Africa’s plan of recovery will not work if the first miracle of peace and
reconciliation is not translated into a fair and equitable system of education that works
for all its people. One of the most important aspects that needs to be addressed is the
rationalisation of education standards. Until that is achieved it seems the aspirations
of the RDP are only going to be partially met. This is not good enough for a country
with so much opportunity, hence the urgent need for industry to play a major role in
education both at a local level and nationally.

At the level of formal schooling, Altron makes contributions to community
endeavours to build schools and classrooms in rural areas. In addition, the group
regularly contributes to outreach and special programmes in many suburban and
township schools, such as the School for Gifted Black Children in Gauteng and the
Daveyton Youth Enrichment Programme on the East Rand. The group has always
encouraged visits to its larger manufacturing facilities especially aimed at children
interested in pursuing technology as a career.                    Altron’s Boksburg
telecommunications factory, for instance, is a major player in ongoing national
telecommunications awareness programmes.

It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from
                                                                       President Nelson Mandela

There is no short cut to making South Africa the country of our dreams. It requires hard work by
students and teachers to build a literate, skilled and learned nation.
                                                                        President Nelson Mandela

Masisizane – Let us help one another                  The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

                                                                                                  27 April 1995

The Bill Venter - EIF Bursary Fund for education will this year award bursaries to no
fewer than 33 previously disadvantaged students. The students were identified by the
Vocational Education Development Company (VEDCO) from a number of technical
colleges throughout Southern Africa including Pietersburg, Athlone, Isidingo, Ellisras,
Soshanguve, East London and the Northern Cape.

Dr. Venter donated the funds for the bursaries to the Electronics Industries' Federation
last year as his personal contribution to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged
students through the process of technical education.

Dr. Venter also recently donated R15 000 to the Daveyton Enrichment Programme
aimed at helping previously disadvantaged students attain their dreams.

In keeping with the imperatives of the RDP, a great deal of Altron’s social
responsibility focus has, in recent years, shifted noticeably to the realms of education
and training with particular emphasis on affirmative action beneficiaries. Today the
group’s bursaries extend from supporting pupils at primary school level through the
secondary and tertiary phases into the sphere of adult education with particular
emphasis on management, literacy and skills training. The group annually supports
bursars at universities throughout Southern Africa, principally in the faculties of light
and heavy current electrical engineering, electronics and computer sciences.

        Case Study
        Altron strongly supports South Africa's Molteno Education Project which is
        dedicated to:
         providing language education that will equip the primary school pupil to
            learn through the medium of English at higher levels;
         providing teacher education in the principles and practices of a learner
            centred methodology;
         developing teaching and learning materials in support of both teacher and
            learner education;
         establishing a localised, school-based training programme with strong
            ongoing support for teachers;
         providing basic mother-tongue and English literacy materials and tutor
            training for adult education.

Particularly prominent among the group’s social responsibility support programme is
the provision of services to enhance education as well as the construction and
provision of schools and facilities for less privileged children.     Altron has also
established programmes in support of advancing arts and technology education in
South Africa, making available special grants to assist young people in universities,
technikons and colleges to further their studies in their chosen fields of interest. A
fund, to be known as the Bill Venter/EIF Scholarship Fund, will provide R25 000 a
year to a disadvantaged young person or persons selected by the Electronic Industries
Foundation (EIF) to further their knowledge of the industry, either through formal or
informal study. During 1996, 33 candidates were identified by the EIF for assistance.

Masisizane – Let us help one another                   The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

High levels of youth unemployment require special attention. A national youth service
programme is already giving young people structured work experience while continuing their
education and training. Youth development must focus on education and training, job creation,
as well as enabling young people to realise their full potential and participate fully in society and
their future.
                                                                                    RDP White Paper

Altron’s contribution to education is not confined to the formal sector. The group has
put some muscle into a programme aimed at identifying youngsters in Gauteng and
elsewhere in South Africa who traditionally would not have been exposed to high-tech
to prepare them for the future as role models and also as an inspiration for their peers.
In this regard the group is a contributor to Gauteng Premier Tokyo Sexwale’s “The
Sky is the Limit” programme which provides selected young people with aviation

Altron’s Chairman, Dr Bill Venter, seized the opportunity when invited to serve on
the State President’s Personal Trust Fund for Underprivileged Children, committing
himself and the group to improving the lot of South Africa’s disadvantaged youth. In
this regard, the Bill Venter Foundation and Altron are responsible for refurbishing and
upgrading a number of secondary schools under the “Adopt-a-School” programme.
In addition to the reconstruction of junior schools in Namibia and KwaZulu/Natal, the
establishment of farm schools in the Northern Province and Gauteng, two secondary
schools at Nkalane and Qunu have been completely rebuilt. In all cases of its schools'
reconstruction programme, not only have the ground and buildings been provided, but
sophisticated equipment in the field of educational technology has been funded and
installed by the Bill Venter Foundation in conjunction with Altron to accelerate the
learning processes of the pupils involved.

Altron has also, for many years, contributed to adult learning centres, such as St.
Anthony's in Reiger Park, to assist those communities to achieve their full potential in
contributing to the economy of South African society.

In recent years, Natal University brought to the group's attention the need for
increased facilities to train black engineers in South Africa. To this end the Bill
Venter Foundation funded the establishment of a computer centre that will ultimately
accommodate 100 pupils simultaneously in the engineering field, enabling them to
enhance their training and offset the backlog of graduate engineers of colour in South

Altron subsidiary Xerox S.A. is engaged in the process of upgrading a primary school
in Tembisa, on the East Rand, as part of its corporate responsibility programme.
Called Nyiko (meaning gift), the school opened its doors in 1977 with a great deal of
support from the local community and consisted of a single corrugated iron classroom
with no furniture and only the most basic learning aids. Since then, with Xerox S.A.’s
assistance, the facility has been electrified, a brick structure has replaced its
corrugated predecessor and teachers have access to aids such as overhead projectors,

Masisizane – Let us help one another                   The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

copiers and fax machines. Electrification of the school means that it is able to run an
adult basic education programme after hours, thus benefiting the entire community.
The upgrading of the Nyiko Primary School will be an ongoing project for Xerox S.A.
until the school reaches an acceptable standard in terms of an educational institution.
As part of its "Masisebenze" programme, Xerox S.A. is offering older students
continuity in their educational programme in both the academic and the technical

In addition to its programmes for the youth, Altron is fully committed to adult
education among its employees to ensure that individuals reach their full potential and
so improve their quality of life and standard of living.

In addition, Xerox S.A., in conjunction with two other Fintech companies, Alcatel
STC and NDS, has established a communications centre for both the Nyikoani
Masisebenze projects for students wishing to pursue careers in communications, as
well as to familiarise children with information technology.

The development of human resources is one of the five key programmes of the RDP. The main
theme of the RDP's human resource development programme is the empowerment of the people
through appropriate education and training, to participate fully in all the processes of democratic
society, economic activity, cultural expression and community life.
                                                                                  Dr. Sibusiso Bengu
                                                                                Minister for Education
                                                                                  17 November 1994

Job Creation and Skills Training

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; if you teach a man to fish you feed him for his
                                                                                  Chinese Proverb

Altron believes that continuing investment in human capacity, knowledge, skills and
community stability is cardinal to the future of a stable country and a viable business
environment. Job creation is paramount and one of the evaluative criteria Altron uses
to assess projects it is already connected with, and for identifying new projects it seeks
to advance. With poverty and unemployment figures at an all time high, it is
inevitable that the creation of employment and the development of skills remains all-
pervasive in the group’s developmental thinking.

The potential for economic growth and development is better than in many decades. But let us be
brutally frank. Despite the welcome rate of growth, very few jobs have been created. In fact,
against the backdrop of new entrants into the job market, there has been a shrinkage in

If we do not act together in the public and private sectors to develop and implement such a
strategic vision, the danger is that even the modest growth we have attained will peter out in a
matter of a few years, as increasing unemployment and accelerating poverty bear down on our
society. We need a national vision to lift us out of this quagmire.

Masisizane – Let us help one another                  The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

                                                                                President Nelson Mandela
                                                                           at the opening of Parliament on
                                                                                         9 February 1996.

Altron makes a considerable investment in its own employees with numerous
appropriate training programmes offering them the opportunity to explore the limits of
their potential skills. Technical and non-technical courses are offered to employees
throughout the group. Courses which serve to upgrade technical skills are all
competence-based with the tuition focusing on a practical approach to the subject
being studied. Typical courses relating to the electronics field range from basic
principles of electronics to micro-controller chip applications. Non-technical training
ranges from operator to management level. Some of the job-related courses include
financial, life skills, industrial relations, communications, principles of supervision
and a number of middle-management courses.

The Altron group has implemented special programmes providing for the accelerated
training of all its employees. These programmes will maintain merit as the principal
criteria for selection and promotion. The common purpose of management and labour
will be to create a working environment in which all employees are actively assisted
to develop their full potential. A key principle is to develop individual capabilities to
ensure independent mastery of skills and execution of jobs.

South Africa is firmly set on the road to peace and prosperity. In the spirit of Masakhane we
must, as a nation, strive to do better and even better, all the time.
                                                                      President Nelson Mandela
                                                                                 Union Buildings
                                                                                   27 April 1995

The group operates a number of training centres aimed specifically at conducting
apprentice training. The Alcatel Altech Telecoms training centre at Boksburg, for
instance, is accredited to the Metal and Engineering Industries Education and Training
Board to conduct training for electronic equipment technicians. This company alone
contributes in excess of half a million rand towards the running of its apprenticeship
scheme. The training centre is a satellite campus of Boksburg Technical College
where N-stream courses from N0 - N6 are offered on site for employees and their
families. Many other group companies have initiated the creation of training divisions
entirely dedicated to the development of their staff members, including part-time
studies, as well as full-time local and overseas training. These include:

   supervisory and management training
   quality awareness
   safety awareness and security training, including risk management
   industrial relations
   health education, and
   customer service focus

Masisizane – Let us help one another                    The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Sport and Recreation

"One team, one nation.”
                            Motto of the victorious Springbok Rugby Team during World Cup Rugby 1995.

Anyone tempted to relegate sport and recreational programmes to the backburner in
the face of more pressing needs such as education and housing has only to evaluate
the enormous impact of the goodwill and national pride that follows in the wake of
each victory of our national teams. Sport places South Africans side by side, united in
their support of the now nationally cherished green and gold. In addition, sport and
recreation are an integral part of reconstructing and developing a healthy society. It
should cut across all developmental programmes, and be accessible and affordable to
all South Africans. The RDP must facilitate the mobilisation of resources in both the
public and private sectors to redress inequalities and enhance this vital aspect of

Altron’s sports sponsorship programme has concentrated on contributing to the
development of sport at grass-roots level, including tennis, cricket and rugby in the
townships. Attention has also been given to the improvement of coaching skills
enabling previously disadvantaged youngsters to improve their sporting prowess. The
Transvaal Rugby Union Development Programme was the recipient of more than half
a million rand donated by Altron subsidiary, Xerox S.A., for coaching programmes
and development of basic infrastructure in disadvantaged communities. Similarly
Xerox S.A. assisted with a sponsorship of the Wanderers Cricket Club Academy to
develop young cricketers from Alexandra township.

The five-year sports development programme does not only entail the provision of sport and
recreational facilities, but also the total improvement and upliftment of peoples' quality of life in
terms of the RDP.
                                                                              Minister Steve Tshwete
                                                                    Minister for Sport and Recreation
                                                                                     September 1994

Other major projects which have benefited from Altron’s sports sponsorship
programme include the Daveyton Tennis Coaching Programme.

In focusing on the development of its employees, as well as the communities in which
group companies operate, Altron recognises the need to provide extra-mural activities
and in this regard sponsors a number of sporting disciplines. Several group
companies, for instance, have fully equipped on-site gymnasiums for the use of
employees and their families.

"Let our hearts beat as one ........."
Wherever South Africans are across the globe, our hearts beat as one, as we renew our common
loyalty to our country and our commitment to its future.
                                                                       President Nelson Mandela
                                                         Freedom Day Celebrations, Union Buildings
                                                                                     27 April 1995

Masisizane – Let us help one another                 The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Health and Social Welfare

Our aim is to tackle poverty, not merely through handouts, but with programmes that build the
country’s wealth.
                                                                           Minister Jay Naidoo

The alleviation of suffering is both a national priority and a basic corporate
responsibility. Never ending pressure on the government to alleviate backlogs in
politically sensitive areas such as housing, education and job creation means that
welfare budgets face continuous challenges to make dwindling funds stretch further.
It is impossible for government to fully meet its peoples’ welfare requirements and the
need for individuals and corporations to step into the breach and assist is greater than
ever. Through its individual operating companies and the Bill Venter Foundation, the
Altron group continues to assist and develop sustainable welfare funding mechanisms.

Subsidised medical and health facilities exist at all the group’s large manufacturing
sites with doctors and trained nurses in attendance. Dissemination of information
relating to vital health issues such as aids prevention and family planning takes place
amongst the group’s employees on an ongoing basis. All of the group’s employees
have access to medical aid benefits under the Altron Medical Aid Scheme, which
provides benefits that are among the best in the country.

Altron has established, and continues to fund, a Cardio Vascular Research Unit at the
University of the Orange Free State, where the focus is specifically on the reduction of
the mortality rate among black people as a result of cardio vascular-related disease.
As part of its Health and Social Welfare programme, Altron, through its various
subsidiaries, is contributing to the upgrading of the communities in which it operates.
“Outwork Projects” are given to various institutions and societies, which are
financially compensated for their contribution to the project. For example, outwork is
given to:

   the Hamlet Protective Workshop, a foundation for the mentally handicapped.
   Packcraft Enterprises, a society to help the civilian blind.
   Zishap Workshop, under the protection of Germiston Cripple Care.

In addition, Altron supports a number of health and welfare related organisations such
as the Benoni and District Child and Welfare Association, Cancer Association of SA,
Community Chest, Council for the Aged, Council for the Blind, Werk and Oorleef
Fund, Meals on Wheels, Help the Child Fund, Foundation for the Mentally
Handicapped, Funekane Centre for the disabled, the Hope Convalescent Home,
Ikangeng Old Age Relief Centre and the Motheo Creche.

Human Rights and the democratisation of our Society

Masisizane – Let us help one another                The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

The President’s credo of a people centred society based on forgiveness and the participation of
all has profoundly moved the community of nations. I personally think he is terrific and I fully
concur with his call to roll up our sleeves. It is now time for some old fashioned hard work to
enable the promise of political freedom to become reality and fulfil the vision of a new South
                                                                                 Jeremy Ratcliffe

Since its formation, Altron has consistently been committed to human rights. From
the very beginning, close association with unions and worker communication groups
as well sound labour policies ensured that the rights of all workers were to be
recognised and protected. There has never been, nor will there ever be, any
discrimination at Altron in terms of race, sex, colour, religion or creed.       The
important role which women play in the high technology industry, for instance, can be
observed at Altron’s major manufacturing facilities.

Fundamental rights are basic to every citizen's life. By understanding and exercising these
rights, all South Africans can give meaning to the constitution. The constitution upholds freedom
and democracy and restores confidence in the rule of law.

One of the group’s major programmes is its refurbishment of the Legal Resources
Centre (LRC) based in Gauteng which houses the Braam Fischer Papers and valuable
documents relating to State President Mandela’s Rivonia Trial. The Centre is an
independent non-profit law institution which seeks to use law as an instrument for
justice in South Africa. It also works for the development of a democratic society
which functions in accordance with the principles of social justice and human rights.
The LRC employs salaried lawyers and support staff to provide legal services without
charge. Its clients are the poor, the homeless and the landless of South Africa and
those who suffer discrimination by reason of race, gender or social and economic and
historical circumstances. The LRC opposes all forms of discrimination and is
committed to a policy of affirmative action including the training of lawyers. Now
that South Africa has a new constitution with a Bill of Rights, the LRC will work to
uphold, promote and give substance to such rights. The cases of the LRC deal
primarily with human rights; land, housing and development in both urban and rural
areas; abuse of powers by public officials; fair labour practices; consumer abuse and
pension and other welfare rights. Altron believes that its significant contribution to
this programme symbolises its dedication to the enhancement of human rights in
South Africa.

The RDP vision is one of democratising power. Democracy is intimately linked to reconstruction
and development. Reconstruction and development requires a population that is empowered
through expanded rights, meaningful information and education, and an institutional network
fostering representative, participatory and direct democracy. Democracy requires that all South
Africans have access to power and the right to exercise their power. This will ensure that all
people will be able to participate in the process of reconstructing the country.
                                                                                 RDP White Paper

Masisizane – Let us help one another                          The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

Conservation and Environment

Altron is continually aware of its responsibility for the preservation of the environment and the
conservation of the country’s natural resources. Apart from having stringent anti-pollution regulations
in place at its many manufacturing facilities country-wide the group, through its various subsidiaries,
has been responsible for developing and installing massive anti-pollution structures at power stations
and effective maritime pollution monitoring systems. Through its various companies, Altron
contributes to many organisations which care for the environment, such as The Endangered Wildlife
Trust, Keep SA Beautiful, The Wilderness Leadership Schools and Wildlife Society of South Africa.

Arts and Culture

The performing arts play a pivotal role in creating hope, sustaining ideas and
establishing and nurturing leadership among young people. The RDP arts and culture
policy itself is aimed at affirming and promoting all aspects of South African culture.
The ability to translate experience into words and pictures is central to human growth
and is essential for both communication and learning. No one should exist in a
cultural wasteland and Altron has funded extensively in order to maintain our rich and
diverse traditions in the arts and culture. A society which turns its back on its cultural
traditions renders itself an impoverished shell of its true potential.

Through its various programmes that support the arts, Altron has enabled
disadvantaged young students in South African universities and technikons to further
their studies in the field of music. The group’s annual Prestige Concert features
hitherto unknown black artists and choirs, helping them to exploit their talent and
fulfil their dreams in both the local and international music arenas.

The Bill Venter Literary Award bestows recognition upon outstanding contributions
to published research presented by university personnel in the national interest of
promoting expertise. The prize is awarded annually on an alternating basis for
contributions from the humanities and the natural sciences. Published works in any of
the country’s eleven official languages qualify for submission and compete on an
equal basis for this prestigious award.

Recipients of the Altron Corporate Responsibility Programme

The only things we ever keep are what we give away.
                                                                                                        Louis Einsberg

Altron has a long and respected reputation as a corporate donor to a wide variety of
recipients. The group’s social commitment programme stretches back to its formation
and both Altron, as well as the Bill Venter Foundation, have been extremely active
since inception. In addition, the group was involved in social transformation long
before it became fashionable for companies to do so, having met and surpassed the
requirements of the Sullivan Principles as far back as the 1970s.

Masisizane – Let us help one another                The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

The University of the Orange Free State is most appreciative of the support that it has received
from Dr. Venter in his personal capacity, as well as the greater Altron group. Since the
establishment of the Bill Venter Unit for Vascular Surgery in 1988, thousands of persons have
been attended to. More specifically, nearly 16 000 have been treated while 290 major vascular
operations have been performed. Today, the Unit forms an integral part of the Department of
Surgery of the Medical

School. The mission of the Unit includes the improvement of knowledge of vascular diseases by
means of clinical and basic research which ensures optimal patient care and the development of
alternative treatment modalities.
                                                                      Catherine Brazer-Castagno
                                                                           Development Director
                                                                               UOFS Foundation
                                                                                       May 1996

Below are listed some of the recipients of Altron’s Corporate Responsibility fund:

   Aberdare Community Football Club
   The Abraham Kriel Orphanage
   Adult Basic Education
   Affirmative Action Trainees' Scheme
   African Childrens' Feeding Scheme
   African Youth Ensemble Funds
   Africa Tree Centre
   Alberton Athletics Club
   Albert Lithuli Trust
   Alexander Park
   Alta du Toit School
   Altron Bursary Fund
   ANC Youth Fund
   Andrew Rabie - Golf Day
   Anglican Parish of Wadevillle
   Animal Anti Cruelty League
   Asibemuni Trust
   Association of Mouth and Foot Painters
   Basketball and Turf Football
   Benoni & District Child and Welfare
   Bethelsdorp Primary School
   Black African Computer Dealership
   Black Management Forum
   Black-owned Business Association
   Bluewater Bay Surf Lifesaving Club
   BMS School
   B'nai B’rith
   Boksburg Technical College

Masisizane – Let us help one another            The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

   Boys Town
   Brackenfell High School
   Brakpan Technical High
   Bramley Children's Home
   Bryandale Primary School
   BUA English Progress Programme - Soweto
   Bureau for Economics
   Bursary Donations Fund
   Business Equipment Association
   Chris Hani Family Trust
   Hoërskool Akasia
   Cancer Association of SA
   Cape Town University
   Careers 2000
   Centenary Methodist Church
   Chambers of Commerce (various)
   Childrens' Foundation
   Chinese Youth Association
   Christiana Kiddie Children’s Centre
   The Community Chest
   Community Communication Centre
   Cotlands Baby Sanctuary
   Council for the Aged
   Council for the Blind
   Crossroads
   Cape Town Youth Theatre
   De Wildt Cheetah Research Farm
   Deaf Relay Service
   Development of Football Fund
   Dominican Convent School Student Support Programme
   Eastern Cape African Chamber of Commerce - Bursary Fund
   Echo
   Edenvale Environmental Network
   Eldorado Park Civil Protection Fund
   Elim Havens for the Poor Programme
   Endangered Wildlife Trust Fund
   EP Gymnastics
   EP Hockey
   EP Industrial Soccer League
   EP Karate Team
   EP Primary
   EP Waterpolo
   Expo for Young Scientists Programme
   Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development
   Foundation for Mentally Handicapped

Masisizane – Let us help one another            The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

   FUNDA Association
   Funekane Centre for the Disabled
   Grantley College
   Green Trust Fund
   Gun Free SA Fund
   Gymnaestrada
   Hatfield Methodist Church
   Help the Child Fund
   Hoërskool Andrew Rabie
   Hoërskool Brackenfell
   Hoërskool Pretoria North
   Hope Convalescent Home for Children
   Hospices for the Terminally Ill (various)
   Human Resources Interface Programme
   Ikangeng Old Age Relief Centre
   Ikhwezi Welfare Organisation
   Industrial Football League Support Fund
   Informal Business Training Trust
   Isipingo Shotokan Karate Club
   Johannesburg Childrens' Home
   Johannesburg Parent and Child Council
   John Hattle Memorial Road Race
   Karate Association of SA
   Kinderstrand Fund
   King David High School Development Fund
   Kreft Laerskool
   Kwangakhele High
   Kwangubeno Junior School
   Laerskool Bekker
   Laerskool Elsburg
   Laerskool Elspark
   Laerskool Fairland
   Laerskool General Delarey
   Laerskool Louw Geldenhuys
   Laerskool Tuine
   Lawson Brown School
   Leo Club
   Life Saving Association
   Lighthouse Association for the Blind
   Lions Club International
   Material Management Sports Club
   Mayor’s Fund Boksburg
   Medical Battalion Group Fund
   Meals on Wheels for Aged
   Medical University of SA
   Metabolic Association

Masisizane – Let us help one another           The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

   Mission of Angels
   Môre Kolodi Primary School
   Motheo Creche
   Nasereth Care Centre
   Natal College of Education
   National School of the Arts
   Nazareth Home
   Neighbourhood Advice and Resource Centre
   Nerina House
   Nest Phuthing School Fund
   New Brighton Community Programme
   Northbury Park Secondary School
   Novell Bursary Scheme
   NSRI - (CT and PE)
   Northern Transvaal Cricket Union Development Programme
   Nyiko School Fund, Sebenza Township
   Operation Hunger
   Orange Farm Squatter Camp
   Organ Donar Foundation
   Ort-Step Institute
   PE Self Help Scheme
   PE Splash (Job Creation Centre)
   PE Technikon
   PE Technikon Woodridge Coll
   Pendula Art Exhibition
   Perskor Fund
   Petra High School
   Pfunekani Centre & Bible School
   Port Elizabeth Oceanarium
   Pretoria Child and Family Care Centre
   Pretoria Deep Sea Angling Club
   Princess Alice Adoption Home
   PTA Amateur Wrestling
   Queen Alexander Home
   Qunu and Nkalane Schools Re-development Programmes
   Randse Afrikaanse University
   RDP Joint Ventures Fund
   Reach for a Dream Foundation
   The Red Cross Fund
   Red Nose Day for disadvantaged communities
   Reef Training Centre and Phalaborwa Foundation
   Refuge in Christ Ministries
   Rethabile Childrens' Home
   Rotary Ann Club of Vereeniging
   Rotary Club of Johannesburg
   Round Table (various)

Masisizane – Let us help one another           The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

   Run for Life
   SA Air Force Association
   SA Angling Association
   SA Association of University Women
   SA School for the Blind
   SA Brain Research Programme
   SA Foreign Trade Org. Intern. Trade & Development Programme
   SA Hockey Association
   SA National Council for Blind
   SA Nurses' Trust Fund
   SA Police Fund
   SA School for the Deaf
   SA Society for Professional Engineers Educational Programme
   SA Society of Heart Transplant Receipients
   SA Sports Association for the Physically Disabled
   The Salvation Army
   Sandown High Trust Fund
   SAP Sports Club
   SAP Wrestling Club
   Scaw Football Club Development Fund
   School Books for Disadvantaged Children Fund
   School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
   Boy Scouts Association of SA
   Shannon Christian School
   Shayandima Secondary School
   Shaydima High School
   Sipho Pakathi School
   Sisters of Mercy Trust Fund
   Small Business Advisory Bureau
   Solomon Motlana Primary
   SOS Childrens Villages
   Southern Transvaal Schools Tennis Association
   Soweto Education Co-ordination Committee
   Soweto Sport and Cultural Foundation
   SPCA
   Springs Boys High
   SRC\Wits University
   St Alban’s Primary School
   St Anthony’s School
   St Dominic's School
   St Francis Hospice
   St Giles Association
   St Ives Primary School
   St Joseph Home

Masisizane – Let us help one another              The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

   St Mary’s Hospice
   St Patrick’s Church
   Stanza Bopage Christian Community
   Stellenbosch University of Economic Research
   Sundumbil: Community Development Association
   Sunfield Homes for the Mentally Handicapped
   Superior Care Cottage
   Susan Strydom School
   Takalani Home
   Tape Aids for the Blind
   Teaching Hospitals Cancer Fund
   Technical College Isipingo
   Technikon Witwatersrand
   The Community Chest
   The Hospice
   The Molteno Education Project
   The NAC Pilot Trust Fund
   Thuthuka Primary School
   Town View High School
   Township Basketball and Turf Football
   Triathlon Association
   Tshenolog Holy Church
   Transvaal High Schools Rugby League
   Transvaal Rugby Union Development Programme
   U-Lite Soccer Team
   Umhlalhli Tennis Tournament
   Unisa SBL Alumni
   University of Cape Town Educational Programmes
   University of Natal Educational Programmes
   University of Orange Free State Educational Programmes
   University of Port Elizabeth Educational Programmes
   University of PE - Street Law Educational Programmes
   University of Potchefstroom Educational Programmes
   University of Pretoria Educational Programmes
   University of South Africa Educational Programmes
   University of Stellenbosch Educational Programmes
   University of Stellenbosch - Sunsat Educational Programmes
   University of Witwatersrand Educational Programmes
   University of the North Educational Programmes
   University of the Western Cape Educational Programmes
   Vaal Reefs Disaster Fund
   Vaal Technikon
   Vereniging van Mond-en-Voetskilders
   Victor Vermeulen Fund-raising Committee
   Vineyard Christian Fellowship
   Vista University Educational Programmes

Masisizane – Let us help one another              The Altron group Corporate Social Investment Report

   Volunteer Ambulance Services, Fish Hoek City Council
   Wanderers/Alexandra Young Cricket Players' Development Fund
   Wattville Vukani Cons. Club
   Werk-en-Oorleef Feeding Programme
   West Park Rangers
   Westering Primary
   Wide Horizon Hospice
   Wilderness Leadership School Fund
   Witwatersrand Technikon
   World Telecommunications Day
   Youth for Christ Fund

This brochure was compiled and produced by the Altron group's Marketing and Public
         Relations Divisions under the chairmanship of Dr. Harold Serebro.
                                 Research team :
                                 Grant Rogerson
                                   Melanie Davis
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