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                                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

What is a Resume?......................................................................................................... 3
Resume Contents............................................................................................................ 3
Action Words ................................................................................................................. 6
Resume Formats............................................................................................................. 8
Resume Tips ................................................................................................................... 9
Resume Checklist ..........................................................................................................10
Resume Template..........................................................................................................11
Sample Resume #1: Chronological Format; Relevant Coursework ...........................12
Sample Resume #2: Chronological Format; Study Abroad; Varied Experience.......13
Sample Resume #3: Finance; Two Experience Sections..............................................14
Sample Resume #4: Objective; Qualifications; Experiences are Activities................15
Sample Resume #4: Mathematics; Skills Listed First .................................................16
Sample Resume #6: Using a Functional Format; Science; Transfer Student ............17
Sample Resume #7: Arts; Thesis Included ..................................................................18
Sample Resume #8: Theater .........................................................................................19
Sample Resume #9: Computer Science ........................................................................20
Sample Resume #10: Acting .........................................................................................21
Sample CV #1: Curriculum Vitae ................................................................................22
Cover Letters and Other Job Search Correspondence ...............................................27
Cover Letter Template..................................................................................................30
Sample Cover Letter #1 ................................................................................................31
Sample Cover Letter #2 ................................................................................................32
Sample Cover Letter # 3 (General Letter of Interest) ................................................33
Sample Electronic Cover Letters..................................................................................34
Sample Thank You Letter ............................................................................................35
Sample Reference List ..................................................................................................36
Additional Resources ....................................................................................................37

                                        What is a Resume?
A resume is
   •   a summary of your skills, experiences, achievements and activities,
   •   and a marketing tool presented to employers in order to obtain an interview.
A good resume is
   •   succinct, detailed and action-oriented;
   •   organized with easy-to-read headers, identifiable sections and an effective use of white space;
   •   and focuses the reader on the information most relevant to the position applied for.

                                         Resume Contents
Name, address(es), phone number(s), e-mail
   •   Include both campus and permanent address and phone number if currently at school
   •   Include day/evening/cell phone number if appropriate

       Tip: Make sure that a professional greeting is recorded on your voice-mail or answering
       Tip: Make sure that you use a professional e-mail address (i.e., vs.

   •   Do not include non-relevant personal information such as your age, sex, marital status, race,
       religion, national origin, political affiliation, social security number, or health status

The reason you are sending the resume to the employer (optional)
   •   Objectives are not required, but are often useful to focus a resume
   •   Clear, concise and specific to the position applied for

       Example: Instead of “I am currently seeking any position in a museum where I can use my
       diverse range of art history skills,” use something like “To obtain a teaching position in a
       natural history museum”

Institution(s) attended (including JYA), location, degree(s) earned, major(s), minor(s), cumulative
GPA, major GPA (obtainable by calculating yourself), correlate, thesis, graduation date
   •   May include key courses relevant to objective
   •   May highlight achievements, such as a high GPA
   •   High school is not necessary to include
   •   If a degree/certificate is not yet earned, include credits earned and area studied

Work experience, research experience, volunteer experience, fieldwork, internships, organizational
leadership, etc.
   •     Include the following components within this section for each entry:
             o Position held (Title)
             o Name and location of organization
             o Dates of work
             o Accomplishments and responsibilities
             o Demonstrated skills

         Tip: Remember to be consistent in your use of date formats; for example, use ONE of the
         following date styles rather than “mix and match”:
         January 200x-May 200x, or 1/200x-5/200x, or Jan. 200x-May 200x, or Spring 200x

                                       TIPS FOR WRITING THE EXPERIENCE SECTION
                                          •   Work chronologically within each category starting with
            How to start
                                              your most recent experience.
   Brainstorm all of your
    experiences, paid and                 •   Describe (rather than list) your accomplishments using
    unpaid.                                   Action Words to depict yourself as “a doer.” (A list of
   Include accomplishments for               action words is included on page 6). Quantify whenever
    each                                      possible, using numbers, percentages and dollars.
   Include responsibilities
                                          •   Include transferable skills you gained from each experience;
   Include skills needed to                  those skills that you build and carry with you as you move
    meet those responsibilities
                                              from job to job such as oral and written communication,
   Rank the experiences by                   interpersonal skills, working effectively with a team,
    importance to the job you
    seek                                      leadership, and research or analytical skills.
     Now you can start to write          •   Place those jobs and accomplishments that will be valued
      them out in a more                      most for the job you are seeking prominently on your
      organized format

Honors and Activities:
Academic honors or other awards, leadership roles in activities
    •     If academic honors are listed in Education, do not repeat them here
    •     Avoid a “laundry list” of affiliations
    •     Include the length of your affiliation/dates
    •     Include high school activities/honors only if they are highly pertinent to the job you are seeking
          or this is your first year in college

Relevant skills to the position such as computer skills, language proficiencies and key job specific skills
    •     Indicate the level of your understanding of a language (such as fluent or conversational) and
          computer skills

Indicates an interest outside of your stated experience
    •     Category is optional
    •     Irrelevant or assumed interests need not be included

Names, titles, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people a potential employer may
    •     Use a separate sheet; do not include “References upon request” on resume
    •     Maintain the same format (font, style, paper quality) as your resume
    •     Use professors, current and former employers, or student-organization advisors who can speak to
          your qualifications rather than friends or family; three - five people are standard

          Tip: Be sure to get your references’ permission first and give them a copy of your resume
          Tip: After you have made a decision about a job or internship offer/or grad school plans, send a
          thank-you letter to each of your references informing them of your plans

                                           Action Words

Administrative Skills: Administered, Coordinated, Designed, Established, Evaluated, Interpreted,
     Interviewed, Managed, Mediated, Negotiated, Organized, Prepared, Planned, Purchased,
Communication Skills: Addressed, Advertised, Arbitrated, Arranged, Articulated, Attended, Authored,
    Collaborated, Committed, Convinced, Corresponded, Demonstrated, Described, Developed,
    Directed, Discussed, Diverted, Drafted, Drew, Edited, Elicited, Empathized, Enlisted,
    Entertained, Expressed, Facilitated, Formulated, Handled, Harmonized, Influenced, Informed,
    Inquired, Interacted, Interpreted, Interviewed, Invited, Justified, Lectured, Listened,
    Manipulated, Marketed, Mediated, Moderated, Motivated, Negotiated, Networked, Perceived,
    Persuaded, Presented, Promoted, Proposed, Publicized, Recommended, Reconciled, Recruited,
    Rated, Reported, Represented, Settled, Showed, Signaled, Solicitated, Specified, Spoke, Talked,
    Telephoned, Testified, Translated, Wrote
Counseling/Helping Skills: Accompanied, Adopted, Advocated, Aided, Assessed, Assisted, Assumed,
      Clarified, Coached, Collaborated, Combined, Counseled, Demonstrated, Devoted, Diagnosed,
      Disclosed, Educated, Effected, Enlarged, Ensured, Executed, Expanded, Expedited, Facilitated,
      Familiarized, Fortified, Guided, Helped, Increased, Involved, Maintained, Modified, Motivated,
      Offered, Participated, Protected, Provided, Reduced, Referred, Rehabilitated, Reinforced,
      Represented, Retained, Reviewed, Revised, Sampled, Served, Set up, Shared, Suggested,
Creative Skills: Acted, Anticipated, Appeared, Conceptualized, Created, Customized, Decorated,
       Designed, Developed, Directed, Displayed, Drew, Edited, Entertained, Established, Fashioned,
       Filmed, Founded, Illustrated, Initiated, Innovated, Instituted, Integrated, Introduced, Invented,
       Originated, Performed, Planned, Revitalized
Financial Skills: Administered, Allocated, Analyzed, Appraised, Assessed, Audited, Balanced,
      Bargained, Bought, Budgeted, Calculated, Computed, Developed, Exchanged, Forecasted,
      Insured, Managed, Marketed, Planned, Prepared, Purchased, Researched, Sold, Spent
Management Skills: Administered, Allotted, Analyzed, Assigned, Attained, Broadened, Called for,
     Chaired, Changed, Consolidated, Contacted, Contracted, Consolidated, Coordinated, Decided,
     Defined, Delegated, Developed, Devised, Directed, Eliminated, Enforced, Established,
     Evaluated, Executed, Focused, Handled, Headed, Hired, Implemented, Improved, Incorporated,
     Increased, Instituted, Integrated, Judged, Led, Managed, Mediated, Mobilized, Motivated,
     Organized, Overhauled, Oversaw, Planned, Prioritized, Produced, Provided, Recommended,
     Regulated, Resolved, Restored, Reviewed, Scheduled, Screened, Scrutinized, Selected, Shaped,
     Solved, Sought, Specialized, Strengthened, Structured, Supervised, Terminated, Verified
Organizational Skills: Analyzed, Applied, Approved, Arranged, Coordinated, Catalogued, Classified,
      Collected, Compiled, Dispatched, Developed, Expedited, Facilitated, Generated, Handled,
      Implemented, Initiated, Inspected, Monitored, Organized, Planned, Prepared, Processed,
      Purchased, Recorded, Retrieved, Screened, Specified, Systematized, Tabulated, Validated

                                      Action Words Cont.

Research Skills: Analyzed, Applied, Checked, Cited, Clarified, Collected, Compared, Critiqued,
      Deducted, Determined, Diagnosed, Discovered, Dissected, Estimated, Evaluated, Examined,
      Explored, Extracted, Forecasted, Formulated, Found, Gathered, Graphed, Identified, Inspected,
      Interpreted, Interviewed, Investigated, Isolated, Located, Observed, Predicted, Read, Researched,
      Reviewed, Studied, Summarized, Surveyed, Systematized
Technical Skills: Adjusted, Advanced, Altered, Amplified, Assembled, Built, Calculated, Computed,
      Designed, Devised, Developed, Engineered, Excavated, Extinguished, Fabricated, Installed,
      Made, Maintained, Mapped, Measured, Mediated, Moderated, Motivated, Negotiated, Obtained,
      Operated, Overhauled, Persuaded, Plotted, Produced, Programmed, Promoted, Publicized,
      Reconciled, Recruited, Remodeled, Renovated, Repaired, Restored, Rotated, Solved,
      Synthesized, Spoke, Translated, Upgrated, Wrote
Time Management Skills: Administered, Developed, Directed, Generated, Improved, Initiated,
      Increased, Promoted, Reduced
Training Skills: Adapted, Advised, Clarified, Coached, Communicated, Coordinated, Developed,
      Enabled, Encouraged, Evaluated, Explained, Facilitated, Guided, Informed, Initiated, Instructed,
      Motivated, Persuaded, Presented, Stimulated

Accomplishment: Achieved, Became, Elected To, Established, Expanded, Improved, Pioneered,
     Reduced (losses), Resolved, Restored, Transformed
Function/Task: Approved, Arranged, Catalogued, Charted, Classified, Collected, Compiled, Delivered,
      Dispatched, Distributed, Drafted, Edited, Executed, Filed, Generated, Hosted, Implemented,
      Inspected, Kept, Memorized, Monitored, Operated, Organized, Outlined, Prepared, Processed,
      Purchased, Recorded, Registered, Relayed, Reorganized, Reproduced, Retrieved, Scanned,
      Screened, Separated, Simplified, Specified, Systematized, Tabulated, Transferred, Typed,
Type Of Experience: Broad, Complete, Comprehensive, Consistent, Diversified, Extensive, Intensive,
      Scope, Solid, Specific, Successful, Varied

                                         Resume Formats

There are three basic resume formats to choose from and modify: chronological, functional, and

Organizes information within sections in reverse chronological order
   •   Most commonly used format
   •   Especially good if you have progressive experience in the type of position you are seeking

   ADDRESS 1                             ADDRESS 2
   CITY STATE 1                          CITY STATE 2
   PHONE 1                               PHONE 2

        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                      XXXX
        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                                     Experience is listed in
                                                                            reverse chronological
                                                                            order in a
   EXPERIENCE                                                               Resume
                                                                            While dates may be
            JOB 2, EMPLOYER, LOCATION   200x – 200x                         listed by year(s) only,
            ACCOMPLISHMENTS DESCRIBED HERE                                  month and year are
                                                                            often most
            JOB 3, EMPLOYER , LOCATION  200x-200x                           appropriate

        HONOR                                   XXXX
        PRESIDENT, ACTIVITY                     XXXX-XXXX

            LANGUAGE (FLUENT)

Organizes information “functionally” by types of skills, qualifications and accomplishments
   •   De-emphasizes dates and highlights transferable skills rather than work history
   •   Grouped into relevant categories such as “Leadership,” “Technical” and “Interpersonal”
   •   Work History listed separately to include position, employer, location and dates

ADDRESS 1                                    ADDRESS 2
CITY STATE 1                                 CITY STATE 2
PHONE 1                                             PHONE 2

                                                                             There is no set
                                                                             number of
QUALIFICATIONS                                                               that must be
      LEADERSHIP                                                             included under a
            DETAILED ACCOMPLISHMENT 1                                        given section
            DETAILD ACCOMPLISHMENT 2                                         Tailor the functional
                                                                             headings based on
         COMMUNICATION                                                       your experiences
              DETAILED ACCOMPLISHMENT 1                                      and the job you are
              DETAILED ACCOMPLISHMENT 2                                      seeking
                                                                             Work history is still
         RESEARCH                                                            listed in reverse
               DETAILED ACCOMPLISHMENT 1                                     chronological order
               DETAILED ACCOMPLISHMENT 2                                     and needs to include
                                                                             the 4 basic parts

         JOB 1, EMPLOYER, LOCATION           XXXX-XXXX
         JOB 2, EMPLOYER , LOCATION          XXXX-XXXX


Organizes information chronologically within functional categories
   •   A good way to separate different types of experiences, such as “Marketing Experience” and
       “Arts Experience”
   •   Allows you to include relevant positions closer to the top of your resume, even when you may
       have done a less relevant position more recently

  ADDRESS 1                                   ADDRESS 2
  CITY STATE 1                                CITY STATE 2
  PHONE 1                                     PHONE 2



                                                                          Employment listed with
        JOB 1, EMPLOYER, LOCATION                    200x-200x            accomplishments in reverse
        ACCOMPLISHMENTS DESCRIBED HERE                                    chronological order like the
                                                                          Chronological format, but is
           JOB 2, EMPLOYER, LOCATION                 200x-200x            categorized functionally, in
           ACCOMPLISHMENTS DESCRIBED HERE                                 this case, by industry
                                                                          Notice how this allows the job
  INDUSTRY 2 EXPERIENCE                                                   seeker to put the most
        JOB 1, EMPLOYER, LOCATION                    200x-PRESENT         relevant experience at the top,
        ACCOMPLISHMENTS DESCRIBED HERE                                    even though it is not the most
           JOB 2, EMPLOYER, LOCATION                 200x-200x

       HONOR                                        XXXX
       PRESIDENT, ACTIVITY                    XXXX-XXXX



                                             Resume Tips
Crisp and clean look which is visually appealing
Effective use of white space to avoid a “dense” looking resume
Use spacing to accentuate headings

Generally, does not exceed one page for current students or new graduates
         (Note: Exceptions may include resumes for teachers, nurses, researchers, non-traditional
         students, or curriculum vitae for those working in academia)

Bold, italics, underlining, SMALL CAPS, and CAPITALS can be used to make key information, such as
headings, job titles, or employers, stand out
Be consistent in your use of these tools
Avoid over-use of emphasis tools, since it can break the flow of the resume

Reproduction and Printing
High-quality stock paper of at least 20-pound weight is preferred
Paper should be conservative colors such as white, buff, tan or light gray
Print on a laser quality printer; photocopies should be professional quality
Font size should be conservative; no smaller than 10 pt and no larger than 12 pt (except for headings)

Tips for a Computer Friendly Resume
If you plan to send your resume via e-mail, consider the following suggestions:
   •     Save your resume as an RTF (rich text format) or PDF (portable document format; Adobe
         Acrobat software required)—this will help eliminate any potential software compatibility
   •     Make sure your resume is suited to online viewing—avoid using italics, lines, graphics or other
         design elements that may interfere with the screen quality of your resume
Avoid resume templates
Personal pronouns should be avoided (ie. I, we, they, us)
Focus on your accomplishments

                                     Resume Checklist
 Do you have the resume components listed in an order that highlights your most relevant

 Is your format consistent throughout the resume?

 If you included an objective, is it clear and position specific?

 Does each experience listed contain all the key components: position, employer, location and

 Are the descriptions of your experience results-oriented in terms of accomplishments?

 Are your experience descriptions in the correct verb tense? (Use the present tense for current
  experience and the past tense for previous experience; for example, “assist” versus “assisted.)

 Is it one page – no more than two in length?

 Are dated listings in reverse chronological order within each section?

 Does your resume look neat, crisp and well spaced on the paper?

 Is your resume free from errors?

 Is your resume an honest and accurate representation of your professional self?

                                          Resume Template
                                              Email Address
Campus Address:                                                               Home Address:

The reason you are sending the resume (optional)

Institution(s) attended, location, degree(s) earned, major(s), correlate, date graduated, relevant
coursework (optional), GPA (optional)

Work experience, research experience, volunteer experience, fieldwork, internships, etc.
Include title, employer, location, dates and accomplishments

Honors and Activities
Academic honors and other awards, leadership roles and activities

Computer skills, language proficiencies, key job specific skills

       Sample Resume #1: Chronological Format; Relevant Coursework ; Vassar Only Experience

                                           Veronica Vassar
Box XXXX, Vassar College                                                        After May 9, XXXX:
124 Raymond Ave                                                                 XXX Park Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-XXXX                                                     New York, NY 10056
(845) XXX-XXXX                                                                  (212) XXX-XXXX
An internship in museum administration

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (expected May XXXX); Overall GPA: 3.2/4.0
     Relevant Coursework: Roman Art and Architecture and Northern Renaissance Painting.
Self-fund education through academic scholarships and work part-time
NY City High School, New York, NY
June 20XX

Student Volunteer, Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College
January XXXX - XX
    Interpret exhibits for groups of up to 25 visitors
    Assist with two special events and fundraisers
    Develop creative ways to market items in museum gift shop; resulted in higher overall sales
Assistant, Residential Life, Vassar College
August XXXX - XX
    Coordinated recreational activities for 50 students
    Entered data into college wide computer system for easier access and readability of data
    Counseled students on a variety of issues
Chairperson, P.E.A.C.E., Vassar College
September XXXX - XX
    Organized fundraiser for organization committed to the elimination of prejudices and racism; increased
     yield by 15% over previous year
    Motivated members to participate in five fund-raising events

                                          Honors and Activities
Member, Phi Beta Kappa (200x-200x)
Member, Women’s Volleyball Club, Vassar College (200x-200x)
Campus Tour Guide, Admissions Office, Vassar College (200x-200x)

Computer:      MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe PageMaker
Language:      Proficient in Spanish

                        Sample Resume #2: Chronological Format; Study Abroad; Varied Experience

Job Hunter
XXX Park Avenue, New York, NY 10056
(212) XXX-XXXX 
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies/Economics Correlate                 May 200x
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Proficiency                      Spring 200x

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Study Abroad Program in Urban Studies                                 Spring 200x
Work Experience
Student Assistant to the Dean of the College, Vassar College (200x-200x)
Acted as liaison between Dean and students, faculty, staff, and various committees. Launched long-term project
to improve school’s environmental policy and practice. Organized and attended functions for the Board of

Hosting Intern, Vassar College Admissions Office (Fall 200x)
Planned and instituted Ambassador project facilitating recruitment by current students. Enlisted volunteers for
Admissions Office programming. Coordinated host visits for prospective students.

Administrative Intern, City Hall, Prairie Village, KS (Summer 200x)
Worked with Mayor and City Administrator on community relations and planning projects. Managed city-wide
recreation program and 4th of July festivities. Prepared comprehensive report on area water parks for future

Customer Service Representative, Blockbuster Video, Poughkeepsie, NY (200x-200x)
Provided advice and personal attention to customers. Assisted with special promotions and membership
programs. Organized merchandise and layout on sales floor.

Development Representative, Vassar College Annual Fund (200x-200x)
Supported Development Office in the execution of various fundraising projects. Communicated with alumnae/i
about contributions to Vassar’s Annual Fund. Counseled new staff members on procedures and protocol.
Volunteer Experience
Elementary School Mentor, P.E.A.C.E. Organization (200x-200x)
Advisor/Counselor, Teens TAP AIDS Information Hotline (200x-200x)
Workshop Coordinator, Vassar Equal Rights Awareness Day (200x)
Chair, Urban Studies Majors Committee (200x-200x)
Poughkeepsie-Arlington Business Promotion/Vassar Linkage Committee (200x)
Student Fellow, Vassar College Office of Residential Life (200x-200x)
Scholar Delegate to Dean, College Review Committee (200x-200x)
Class Executive Council (200x-200x)
Class Representative, Committee on College Life (200x-200x)
Vassar College Choir, featuring London and East Coast U.S. Tours (200x-200x)
Voice Tutorial under Carnegie Hall Soloist Karen Holvik (200x-200x)

                                                      Sample Resume #3: Finance; Two Experience Sections

                                                 Ima Goodchoice
Box XXXX, Vassar College                                                               After May 9, XXXX:
124 Raymond Ave                                                                        XXX Park Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-XXXX                                                            New York, NY 10056
(845) XXX-XXXX                                                                         (212) XXX-XXXX

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY                                                                May 20XX
        Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Hispanic Studies            GPA: 3.4/4.00
Instituto Internacional de Miguel Ángel, Madrid, Spain                                          Jan.-May 200x

Computer: Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word), QuickBooks 2002, FileMaker Pro
Language: Fluency in Spanish and Tagalog (Filipino)

Countrywide Insurance Services, Inc., Finance/Accounting Intern, Simi Valley, CA                 June-Aug.200x
• Created financial statements on the internal and external accounting of the Company's monthly production of
    15,000 insurance policies which generated a gross annual premium of $177,452,000
• Prepared monthly cost-benefit analysis reports on a newly implemented referral program used to determine the
    firm's sales progress reflected in the 450,000 in-forced policies that had a total net present value of $84,000,000
International Institute of Law & Environment, Research Intern, Madrid, Spain              Jan.-May 200x
 • Conducted research project comparing the different fundraising methods of non-profit organizations in Spain to
     those of the United States
Merrill Lynch, Finance Intern, Poughkeepsie, NY                                           Sept.-Dec. 200x
• Analyzed financial documents and discussed portfolio reviews of 20 individual clients with Director
• Researched and produced reports on the value and status of stocks and mutual funds through teleconferences,
    currently published literature, and the Internet
• Devised the office newsletter published weekly for 46 financial consultants
Vassar College, Economics Research Assistant, Poughkeepsie, NY                                  Sept.-Dec. 200x
• Researched topics concerning minimum wage and the labor market
• Constructed three graphs of economic models for publication
Estée Lauder Companies, Inc., Student Coordinator/Trainee, Vassar College                       June-Aug. 200x
 • Coordinated and structured group activities for 160 Company executives
 • Facilitated business seminars associated with presentation and negotiation skills

Career Development Office, Career Development Intern, Vassar College                            Sept. 200x-May 200x
• Counseled and advised individuals on career plans
• Viewed and critiqued individual résumés
• Designed graphics for posters for career development events

                                Sample Resume #4: Objective; Qualifications; Experiences are Activities
                                            Your Name Here
Vassar College, Box XXX                                                            After May X, XXXX
124 Raymond Ave                                                                    123 Anyplace St, Apt. 1
Poughkeepsie NY 12604                                                              Yourtown, ST XXXX
845-451-XXXX                                                                       555-XXX-XXXX

To obtain a position as a community organizer

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY                                                   5/200x
Bachelor of Arts, Major: Philosophy

       Organized 6 campus wide letter writing campaigns to protest human rights violations
       Collected, analyzed and reported survey data from 500 college students measuring level of political
       Wrote clear, persuasive editorials for local newspaper on various political and environmental issues
       Collaboratively managed fund raising campaign for charitable organization, raising approximately $2,000


Independent Study, Vassar College                                                  9/200x – 12/200x
        Research Assistant
       Designed and conducted a semester-long research project studying the level of political activism among
        college students

Poughkeepsie Journal, Poughkeepsie, NY                                             9/200x – 5/200x
        Editorial Contributor
       Published articles on topical current events throughout the year

Amnesty International, Vassar College                                              9/200x – 5/200x
        President (9/ 200x – 5/200x)
       Managed organizational activities on campus, provided leadership to group members and educated
        campus community on human rights violations globally

Habitat for Humanity, Vassar College                                               9/200x – 5/200x
       Actively involved in fundraising projects and increasing campus awareness of organizational mission
       Refurbished homes in rural Kentucky (Summer 200x)

                                                 Sample Resume #4: Mathematics; Skills Listed First
                                                Mary Brewer
College Address                                                                    Home Address
Vassar College – Box X                                                             XX Fulton Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604                                                             New York, NY 10038
845-451-XXXX                                                                       212-XXX-XXXX

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY
       Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, May 200x
       GPA: 3.57/4.00
Capital University of Business and Economics, Beijing, China (Semester Abroad Fall 1999)
Yale University, New Haven, CT, Summer 200x

                                          COMPUTER SKILLS
Software experience includes: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Mathmatica and Eudora.

                                          LANGUAGE SKILLS
Conversational Spanish and Mandarin.

                                          WORK EXPERIENCE
Private Mathematics Tutor, New York, NY                                     Fall 200x-present
       Assist students with high school, regent and SAT mathematics.
Intern, FDNY Fire Commissioners Office, New York, NY                        Summer 200x
       Created new training scheduler for FDNY units, built relationships between educational
       institutions and FDNY, examined data, designed PowerPoint presentations, instituted
       integration of multiple databases.
Office Associate, Preferred Life Insurance Co., New York, NY                Summer 200x
       Created Excel spreadsheets, reorganized filing system, drafted letters.
Senior Intern, Reuben Warner Associates, New York, NY                       Summer 200x
       Drafted letters for the President, assisted Senior Account Manager with account reporting,
       updated database, fielded client calls, faxed letters.

Affirmative Action Admissions Student Representative                        Fall 200x-Spring 200x
Vassar Women’s Rugby Team                                                   200x-200x
Student Athlete Mentor Program                                              Spring 200x-Fall 200x
Vassar Volunteers                                                           Summer 200x

Selected as Co-chair, Mathematics Majors Committee                          Fall 200x
Art work featured on Images cover and displayed in college gallery          Summer 200x
Student Employment Honor Roll                                               200x-200x

                         Sample Resume #6: Using a Functional Format; Science; Transfer Student

                                        Mike Roskopik
1 Off Campus Address                                             845-451-XXXX
Poughkeepsie, NY 1260X                                 

To obtain a position as a veterinary laboratory technician

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts, May 200x
       Major: Biology, Correlate: Chemistry, Cumulative GPA: 3.75/4.00

Dutchess County Community College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Associate of Science, May 200x
       Major: Medical Laboratory Technology, Cumulative GPA: 4.00/4.00

Veterinary and Animal Care Experience
      Independently conducted microscopic laboratory tests for a veterinary office including:
           o   Intestinal parasite screening
           o   Complete blood count (CBC)
           o   Ear and skin mite screening
      Prepped animals for surgery, maintaining standards for sanitation
      Monitored anesthesia during surgery and aided veterinarian as needed
      Assisted in administration and interpretation of ultrasound examinations
      Insured the quality of care of laboratory animals in the biology department, including
       feeding, sanitation and maintaining a disease-free environment

Research Experience
      Examined the effect of acidity on the ecosystem of a local pond
      Designed study based on rigorous literature review involving examination of key
       microbiological organisms in pond water with varying levels of acidity

Communications Experience
      Reported research through a 45 minute presentation to peers and professors
      Contribute regularly to the Vassar College newspaper, The Miscellany News

Work History
Biology Animal Room Attendant, Biology Department, Vassar College, 9/200x – 5/200x
Veterinary Assistant/Office Assistant, ABC Veterinary Hospital, Anytown, NY, 5/200x- 8/200x

                                                           Sample Resume #7: Arts; Thesis Included

                                         Susanna Perstar
  Current Address                                                         Permanent Address
  Box X Vassar College                                                    1 My Street
  124 Raymond Ave                                                         City, ST XXXXX
  Poughkeepsie, NY 12604                                                  (555) 555-5555
  (845) 437-XXXX                                                

  Bachelor of Arts, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, May 200x
           Majors: Art and History
           Thesis: “The American Quilt: Voice of the Post-Colonial American Women”

  National Park Service, Intern, Hyde Park, NY, February 200x-present
   •     Catalogued all furniture, pewter and linens manufactured by Eleanor Roosevelt’s Val-Kill
   •     Researched, located, and interviewed 10 employees of Roosevelt’s Industries.
   •     Prepared artifacts to be photographed for use in web site as assistant to curatorial staff
         and Smithsonian photographers.
  Wilderstein Preservation, Intern, Rhinebeck, NY, September 200x-December 200x
   •     Cleaned, photographed and catalogued artifacts in 40 room Queen Anne Mansion.
   •     Lead tours of 15-20 visitors and answered questions about historic home and its
   •     Presented local history to school groups and other visitors.
  Summer Scholars Program, Residential Adviser, Vassar College, June 200x
   •     Counseled 12 gifted high school students in “Hudson Valley Archeology” program.
   •     Guided students in an archeological dig and lead museum excursions.
  Art Department, Research Assistant, Vassar College, September 200x-May 200x
   •     Gathered materials for classes and publications for classes on American art history.
   •     Developed web site featuring class syllabi, extensive bibliography and images.

  Language:       Fluent in French and Spanish, Conversational Italian.
  Computer: Proficient in Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Office, Adobe PageMaker and
  FrameMaker, and DreamWeaver. Basic HTML programming knowledge.

                                                                                     Sample Resume #8: Theater

                                           OTHELLO MOORE
Current Address                                                                      Permanent Address
Box XXX, Vassar College                                                              321 Avenue K
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604                                                               Mytown, ST 01010
845-451-1234                                                                         555-444-3333

To secure a permanent position as an Assistant Casting Director

Bachelor of Arts, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, May 200x
Major: Drama              Correlate: Art History Major GPA: 3.57/4.00

Apprenticeship, ABC Theater, New York, NY, Dec. 200x – May 200x
    •   Produced and directed one children’s production with adult actors and professional designers
    •   Wrote advertisements and press releases to local newspapers for three plays
    •   Coordinated and assisted in the selection and hiring of set designers and volunteers
    •   Assisted in the casting and directing of “XYZ Show”
Technical Director, Community Theatre, Poughkeepsie, NY 200x-200x Season
    •   Oversaw all aspects of productions
    •   Trained 35 volunteers and students
    •   Held and attended weekly technical meetings
    •   Acquired raw materials to construct set
Auditorium Assistant Manager, College Theatre, Vassar College, Dec. 200x – June 200x
    •   Scheduled and coordinated classes, movies, and other university activities
    •   Organized, trained, and supervised paid student technicians for events and other activities requiring large
        crew calls
    •   Ensured the safe operation of the facility within the policies and guidelines of the college

    MacBeth, XYZ Theater, Anytown, ST; role: MacDuff, Summer 200x
    Waiting for Godot, Community Theater, Poughkeepsie, NY; role: Vladimir, Fall 200x
    Our Town, Local Theater, Mytown, ST; role: George Gibb, Summer 200x

Windows, Cobol, Fortran, Basic HTML, PhotoShop, Freehand, Claris Works, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe
PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat

                                                                      Sample Resume #9: Computer Science

                                               Chip D. Ziner
Local Address                                                                      Permanent Address
Box A Vassar College                                                               P.O. Box 223
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604                                                             Anytown, ST 12345
845-451-XXXX                                                                       111-222-3333

A computer programming position with a software development company

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, May 200x

Web Developer, Clever Consultants, Hartford, CT, Summer 200x
   •   Designed, tested and implemented a dynamic web site
   •   Collaborated with technical writers to write a user’s manual for the corporation
System Development Team, College Club, Vassar College, Spring 200x
   •   Redesigned Access 2005 Membership Database format
   •   Developed standard queries for use of College Club Board Members
   •   Created users and developers manual
System Development Team, New York Lighting, New York, NY, Fall 200x
   •   Responsible for making recommendations for system improvements
   •   Finished developer’s documentation to achieve the desired system

Languages: C++, COBOL, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, FORTRAN, ADA, DHTML
Operating Environments:  Windows NT, DOS, UNIX
Business Tools:  Statistical Analysis, PSpice, Word Processing, Spreadsheets

Awarded “Promising Programmer” Scholarship by Anytown Chamber of Commerce, 200x
Member, Vassar College Soccer Team, Vassar College, 200x-200x

                                                                              Sample Resume #10: Acting

HEIGHT: 5’ 6”                                                                 VASSAR COLLEGE
WEIGHT: 140 LBS                                                               BOX 0000
HAIR: BROWN                                                                   POUGHKEEPSIE, NY 12601
EYES: BROWN                                                                   845/437-0000

The Royal Family                       Kitty LeMoyne Dean             Interborough Repertory Theater
Dean                                   Dizzy                          Metro Playhouse
Equus                                  Jill                           Metro Playhouse
Grace, George, and God                 Grace                          Mirror Repertory Theater
Kimberley Akimbo                       Kimberley (u/s)                Manhattan Theatre Club
Fiddler on the Roof                    Tzeitzel                       Metro Playhouse
The Frogs                              Dionyius                       Huntington Theatre Co. (Boston)
Hair… the 80’s                         Donna                          Huntington Theatre Co. (Boston)
Spring’s Awakening                     Mrs. Gabor, Thea               Lyric Stage Company of Boston
Sound of Music                         Louisa                         Boston Children's Theatre

Figaro                                 The Countess                   American Repertory Theatre
Damn Yankees                           Lola                           Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera
The King and I                         Anna                           Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera
Guys and Dolls                         Sarah Brown                    Odd Chair Playhouse
Babes in Toyland                       Jane                           Odd Chair Playhouse
Two Gentlemen of Verona                Julia                          Odd Chair Playhouse

Dawn of the Dead (2004)                Goth Chick (u/s)
Six Feet Under (HBO, 2003)             Clair’s Friend
Dawson’s Creek (2001)                  Extra
American Beauty (1999)                 Extra

Hansel and Gretel                      Gretel                         Wilmington Drama League
The Little Princess                    Becky                          Wilmington Drama League
Cinderella                             Griselda                       Delaware Children’s Theatre
Alice in Wonderland                    Alice                          Candlelight Dinner Theatre

       Jazz:    Luigis, Sandy Hagen, Gary Gendell, Assistant to Peter Gennaro
       Tap:     Paul Draper, Leon Collins
       Ballet and Modern Dance
       Bennington Summer Dance Theatre (Full time student and Performer, Summer 200x)

Vassar College, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Poughkeepsie, NY (May 200x)

                                                                           Sample CV #1: Curriculum Vitae

                                                 Drew Child
124 Raymond Avenue, Box ABC                                                      277 My Local Road
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604                                                           City, NY 1XXXX
845.451.0000                                                                     716.111.2222

                                         EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE

Short-term: M.S. in Clinical Evaluative Sciences, focusing on how to effectively initiate change in Medicine and
Health Care as a future Pediatrician.

Long Range: M.D. in Pediatric Medicine.


Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts, May 200x
Major in Biopsychology, focus on Premedical Studies & Environmental Science.

The Maritime Studies Program of Williams College and Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT
Twelve College Exchange Program, Fall 200x
The program included a two week sail aboard the SSV Corwith Cramer.

                                             COURSE WORK
Biopsychology Environmental Science
   Evolution of Biological Diversity                 Models and Systems in Biopsychology
   Environmental Science                             Whales, Whaling, & Whalers
   Cellular Basis of Life                            Statistics and Experimental Design
   Landscape / History: Mid-Hudson Valley            Rebuilding Poughkeepsie’s Waterfront
   Inorganic Chemistry I & II                        Organic Chemistry I & II
   Oceanography                                      Research Methods in Physiological Psychology
   Introduction to Cognitive Science                 Perception and Action
   Marine Ecology                                    Developmental Psychology
   Introduction to Psychology                        Seminar on Aging
   Maritime Literature                               Neurobiology
   Physiological Psychology                          Neurodegenerative Diseases
   America and the Sea: 1600 to Present              States of Consciousness
   Animal Structure and Diversity Marine Policy

    Other Course Work
    Calculus I & II
    Physics I & II
    American History
    Topics in American History
    Computer Science I & II
    Don Giovanni (Writing Course)
    History of Western Philosophy
    French Language & Literature

                                                                                                   CHILD 2

                                             CLINICAL SKILLS
Complete Blood Count (CBC)                                 Empathetic Listening
Lancet / Blood Draws                                       Confidentiality-Sensitivity Training
Vision Screening                                           Peer Mediation
Child Amblyiopia Screening                                 Hearing Screening
Urinalysis                                                 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Basic First Aid Training

                                            RESEARCH SKILLS
Surgery (Sprague-Dawley Rat)                              Behavioral Training / Testing
Ovariectomy                                               Morris Water Maze
                                                          Open Field
Histology (Sprague-Dawley Rat)                            Stabilimeter
Perfusion / Blocking                                      Estrogen Injections
Tissue sectioning (freezing microtome)
Slide mounting and staining (below)                             Anesthesia (Sprague-Dawley Rat)
Neuropeptide Y Immunocytochemistry (ICC)                        Methoxyflurane (Metofane)
Nissl Staining (Auletta Method)                                 Sodium Pentabarbitol (Nembutal)
Protein ID (ICC) using projector and microscope
                                                                Electrophysiological Recording
Biology Lab Skills                                              Single-Cell Recording (Leech Neurons)
Light Microscopy                                                Event-Related Potential Recording
Electrophoresis                                                 Environmental Testing
Nikon Laser Confocal Microscope                                 Water Quality Analysis
Drosophila Breeding / Genetics                                  Fecal Coliform Concentration
Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) Behavioral Testing          Rosette Water Sampler
                                                                Newston Plankton Tow
Chemistry Techniques
Titration / Assays                                              Computer Applications
Extraction / Recovery                                           Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Recrystallization                                               “Basic” Programming
Melting Point Determination                                     C++ Programming
Distillation                                                    Pascal Programming
                                                                MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Molecular Chemistry                                             Quicken
Gas Chromotagraphy                                              Flash 5.0
NMR Spectroscopy                                                HTML Programming / Dreamweaver
Infrared Spectrometry                                           Cricket Graph / Statview

Arbacia punctulata, Sea Urchin                                  Necturus maculosus, Mudpuppy
Asterias forbesi, Starfish                                      Perca flavescens, Yellow Perch
Buscyon sp., Whelk                                              Periplaneta americana, Cockroach
Columba livia, Common Pigeon                                    Prothaca staminea, Clam
Felis catus, Domestic Cat                                       Petromyzon marinus, Lamprey
Hirudo medicinalis, Medicinal Leech                             Rattus rattus, Rat
Homarus americanus, American Lobster                            Sclerodactyla briareus, Sea Cucumber
Lumbricus terrestris, Earth Worm                                Squalus acanthius, Dogfish
Nereis virens, Sand Worm                                        Sus scrofa, Pig

                                                                                                         CHILD 3

                                  MEDICAL / CHILD-CARE EXPERIENCE
Children’s Medical Group, Clinical Student, Poughkeepsie, NY, May 200x-September 200x
Prepared 20-40 patients each day for physical examinations (tested height, weight, vision, hearing, urine, and
blood samples).
Child-Care Provider, Rochester, NY, June - August 200x, 200x, 200x, and 200x
Cared for a growing family of three children (6 months to 6 years old); 40-50 hours per week.

                                             OTHER EXPERIENCE
Susan Stein Shiva Theater, Manager, Poughkeepsie, NY, December 200x - Present
Oversaw all operations and planning for the theater including managing a staff of four students.
Accomplishments include conceiving and implementing a cafe in the lobby; working to establish an endowment
for the theater; securing funding for new equipment (lighting instruments, speakers, sound board, dimmers,
chairs); and establishing safety and maintenance contracts for new and existing equipment.
New York Stage & Film, Assistant to Training Director, Poughkeepsie, NY, May - September, 200x-200x
Coordinated the operations of one of the theaters at New York Stage & Film’s Summer Program as well as
assisted the Training Director with organizing and managing the apprentice company of high school and college
students., Web Designer, Rochester, NY, December 200x - August 200x
Designed and created web pages for a small internet corporation.
Other Employment
Work during college breaks has included the above as well as employment at Titlevest Insurance Agency (New
York, NY), Montana Mills Bread Company (Rochester, NY), Williams-Mystic Administration Office (Mystic,
CT), and the Skinner Music Library (Poughkeepsie, NY).

                                      EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
Team Captain, Vassar Sailing Team, Poughkeepsie, NY, May 200x – Present
Raced in 420s and FJs with Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association. October 2001: Skippered a
chartered Hunter 31 from Coastline Yacht Club in Mystic, CT. Sailed to Block Island, RI.
Stage Manager: “HAIR” (Fall 200x) and “The Illusion” , Poughkeepsie, NY, Spring 200x
American Sailing Association (ASA) Certification, Bridgeport, CT, August 200x
Private training aboard a Beneteau 35.5 in Long Island Sound. Certifications include Basic Keelboat Operations
(BKB 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (BCC 103), and Bareboat Chartering (BBC 104).
Club Involvement: Sailing Team, Outing Club, Gay-Straight Alliance, Greens (Environmental Group), and the
Unitarian-Universalist Group.

                                            COMMUNITY SERVICE
Field Work, Children’s Medical Group, Poughkeepsie, NY, January 200x - May 200x
Shadowed a different Pediatrician one day each week.
Student Fellow, Jewett House , Poughkeepsie, NY, August 200x - May 200x
Peer Counselor to incoming class, similar to Resident Advisor Programs at other schools. Trained in empathic
listening, peer mediation, and peer advising.
Volunteer Fire Fighter, Rochester, NY, January 200x - January 200x
Member of Fire House #2 in the Brighton Fire Department. Certified by New York.

               Cover Letters And Other Job Search Correspondence
Job search correspondence is
      designed to generate interviews and, ultimately, job offers and
      written specifically for each application, and not mass produced.

Structure Of Correspondence
Your letter writing should follow the principles of proper English usage and effective business
correspondence. Generally, it is best to use simple and straightforward language in communicating
your message. Be direct and concise.
Job-search correspondence typically includes the following components:
      Writer’s return address
      Date
      Employer's name and address (inside address)
                                                                           Stay Organized!
      Salutation
                                                                  File a copy of each letter you send and
      Body (usually 3-4 paragraphs)                              receive. A centralized record of all action
                                                                  you have taken will lessen the guesswork in
      Complimentary closing                                      following up on job prospects, interviews,
                                                                  and offers.
      Writer's name and signature
      Enclosure notation (when appropriate)

As when preparing your resume, there are several guidelines to consider when typing job-search
      Use standard 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper
      Use good quality stationery (e.g., “resume paper”), preferably the same type used for your
      Always type or word process correspondence; handwritten letters are unacceptable in the U.S.
       (Note, however, that in some parts of the world handwritten letters are preferred). It is
       preferable to use a computer and have laser printed copies prepared; Neatness counts a lot!
      Be sure to proofread and correct all spelling and grammatical mistakes; Letters must be error-
       free; Do not rely on software spell-checks
      Always type (or use computer-generated mailing labels) the return address and mailing address
       on a legal-sized or flat envelope
      Use the same font style and size as your resume

Types Of Correspondence
There are seven basic types of job search correspondence: 1) the
cover letter, 2) prospecting letter, 3) interview confirmation letter, 4)            Remember…
post-interview thank you, 5) job offer clarification, 6) letter of
                                                                             Job search correspondence is
acceptance, and 7) letter of declination. While each letter has a            business correspondence, and
specific focus, the format is similar for all.                               should always be typed

The Cover Letter
A letter of application, or cover letter, provides cover for an enclosure (your resume).
A well-written cover letter allows you to highlight your qualifications in a way that lets the employer
know why you are the best candidate for the position
To be an effective advertisement introducing the qualities you are promoting in your resume, your
letter should:
      capture the reader's attention,
      stress your potential value and benefit,
      and invite an in-depth reading of your resume.
In general, the basic cover letter has three sections (i.e., paragraphs), each with a specific purpose:

Paragraph 1– Tell why you are writing. State how you found out about the organization/position;
Mention any referrals
Paragraph 2– Refer to your enclosed resume. Highlight skills relevant to the organization/position;
Indicate how you can make a contribution
Paragraph 3– State how and when you plan to follow up. Indicate your interest in meeting to discuss
the organization/position; Thank the employer for their time and consideration

Although cover letters are not always required for resumes submitted for many on-campus interviews,
they should always be used when sending resumes or returning employment applications to hiring
Electronic Cover Letters
With the increased use of the Internet for job search correspondence, you may find yourself in a
situation where you are e-mailing your resume rather than sending a traditional “hard copy.” In this
case, you will still want to include a “cover note” in your e-mail that will serve the same purpose as the
more traditional cover letter.
The following are a few tips for writing e-cover letters:
      Use the subject line of your e-mail to entice the potential reader.
      Keep it short—one or two paragraphs should be sufficient.
      Include a statement about who you are, the position you are applying for, how you heard about
       this job, and an indication of your knowledge of the organization.
      Use standard salutations and closings (e.g., “Dear” and “Sincerely”).
      Carefully spell-check and proofread your cover letter.

Prospecting Letter
      Use to inquire about possible vacancies, get your resume read, and generate interviews.
      Use extensively for long-distance searches.
      Target specific individuals in specific organizations.
      Structure as you would the basic application letter (cover letter).
      Focus on how your qualifications match the organization's needs.

Post-Interview Thank You
Send promptly (within 24 hours) after each of your interviews. A well-written thank-you letter will:
      Remind the employer who you are and impress them with your courtesy and follow-through.
      Reiterate your background and qualifications.
      Show your enthusiasm and continued interest in the field or specific position discussed.
      Convey to the employer your sincere appreciation for his or her time and consideration.

       Tip: Sending your thank you letter via e-mail is appropriate, especially if there is a quick hiring
       timeline; additionally, you can follow up with a “hard copy.” Traditional letters will remind
       them of you a few days after the interview has passed.

Job Offer Clarification:
Sent in response to an oral or written job offer that does not provide all of the pertinent information
you need to make an informed decision.
Your letter should:
      Indicate your interest in the employer and the offer.
      Ask specifically for the information you need.

       Note: This information may be requested over the telephone, but be certain to confirm all
       details in writing with the employer to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Letter Of Acceptance
Sent to formally accept position and clarify important information:
      Refer to the offer made by the employer.
      Restate terms of employment and confirm pre-employment details, starting date, etc.
      Close the letter by expressing your appreciation and pleasure at joining the organization.

Letter Of Declination/Withdrawal
As a courtesy, a formal letter declining a job should be sent to each employer who extended you an
offer after you have made a decision not to accept. You should also notify an employer if you wish to
withdraw your candidacy before an offer has been made. Always be tactful and appreciative in your
correspondence (in other words, don't burn any bridges behind you, since you may want to work for
these employers in the future).

                                      Cover Letter Template

Your Address

Specific Person in the Organization
City, ST Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. XXXXX:

Opening Paragraph – Tell why you are writing. State how you found out about the
organization/position and your interest in it. Mention any referrals.

Middle Paragraph – Refer to your enclosed resume. Highlight skills relevant to the
organization/position. Indicate how you can make a contribution.

Closing Paragraph – State how and when you plan to follow up. Indicate your interest in meeting to
discuss the organization/position. Thank the employer for time and consideration.

Your Signature
Your Name

Enclosure(s): List (i.e., Resume, References, Writing Sample)

                                    Sample Cover Letter #1
PO Box XXXX, 124 Raymond Avenue,
Poughkeepsie, New York, 12604

August 19th, 2005

My Financial Company
3498 46th Avenue
New York, NY 10016-1501

Dear Mr. Jones:

Please accept this letter as an application for the consulting position with My Financial Company.
Samuel Smith provided an excellent presentation Thursday evening about the opportunities available at
the firm for a soon to be graduate like myself. I returned to my room convinced there could be a
working environment as satisfying as my academic experience at Vassar has been.

The corporate culture of My Financial Company is very impressive: teamwork is fostered, out of the
box thinking combined with opportunities for contributing independent ideas is just what I am seeking
to enhance my education after graduation. As a student, I have worked on campus at the Computing
and Information Services department. This experience has permitted me, to formulate different
strategies that could be used to increase the efficiency of student employees. In my role as a student
consultant, we developed a focus group that analyzed performance and efficiency at the helpdesk, the
first line of response for campus user services. Our conclusions called for a formalized training
program, whose implementation I am currently involved in.

In addition, I have had many opportunities to be involved with campus life, as Vice President of the
Vassar Student Association and as a Student Fellow in the residence halls. These have been
particularly meaningful experiences for me while enhancing my leadership and communication skills.
My selection as student leader of the year and a certificate of appreciation for exemplary work at the
Computing and Information Services department are testaments to my dedication, energy and hard
work. I am eager to bring these qualities to My Financial Company.

Enclosed are my resume and college transcript for your review. I look forward to interviewing with
you on August 28th. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide. I can be
reached by phone at 845-222-2222 or by e-mail at Thank you for your
Janis Johnson
Attached: College Transcript

                                         Sample Cover Letter #2
Box XXXX, Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604
(845) 451-XXXX

January 29, 200x

Maria Maccarone
Legal Assistant Recruiting Manager
Sullivan & Cromwell
125 Broad Street 35th Floor
New York, NY 10019

Dear Ms. Maccarone:

This letter is an application for the position of Legal Assistant at Sullivan & Cromwell as listed on the
eRecruiting system at Vassar College.

My interest in Sullivan & Cromwell stems from my strong desire to further immerse myself in the intricacies of
law and financial markets and to contribute to the ever-changing globalized economy that characterizes the
general trend of activities today. My past experiences in financial services have given me a solid understanding
of the structure and operation of financial markets. As an intern for Merrill Lynch and Countrywide Insurance
Services, Inc., I mastered the skills of creating, preparing, and analyzing financial statements and reports with
great precision and accuracy. I specifically obtained and organized data on spreadsheets, carefully analyzed the
resulting trends, and produced reports on the meaning of these trends based on my general knowledge and
understanding of the business. My written and oral communication has been enhanced through working closely
with my Directors and colleagues, thus building my confidence in interacting with a diverse clientele and people
from all levels of management.

Conducting research on the financial status of non-profit organizations in Spain and meeting with
representatives of major private Spanish companies enabled me to compare the existing economic systems of
both the US and Europe and observe the way international business is conducted overseas. I am trilingual and
possess the ability to rapidly learn foreign languages and adapt to different cultures. These attributes would be
an asset to any global sector of a major company.

My varied experiences have all contributed to my interest in the world of international law and financial analysis
and evaluation. I am confident my background, motivation, and desire to share my ideas would be an asset to
Sullivan & Cromwell. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you for your consideration.

Your Name
Enclosure: Resume

                                  Sample Cover Letter # 3
                                 (General Letter of Interest)

Box XXXX, Vassar College
124 Raymond Ave
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-XXXX

February 5, 200x

Human Resources Department
The News Journal
1234 Main Street
Anywhere, NY 12345

This letter is to express my interest in employment as a reporter with The News Journal with a special
interest in the House and Home section.

As an English major at Vassar College, I have had ample opportunity to develop my writing skills. My
interest began with writing periodicals during my freshman year, including small pieces for The
Miscellany News, our campus newspaper. Since that time, I have served as Editor-in-Chief of this
paper for over two years. Additionally, my writing has appeared in two other local publications, the
Poughkeepsie Journal (a Gannett publication similar to the The News Journal) and Chronogram.
Enclosed is a writing sample as well as my resume for your review. My demonstrated interest and
experience in journalism make me an excellent candidate for a position at your paper. I hope you will
keep me in consideration should a position arise at The News Journal. If additional details about my
qualifications can be provided, please call me at (845) XXX-XXXX. Thank you very much for your
time and consideration.


William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

Enclosures: Resume, Writing Sample

                                        Sample Electronic Cover Letters
Remember: Email is a powerful tool in the hands of a knowledgeable job-seeker. Use it wisely and you will
shine. Use it improperly, however, and you’ll brand yourself as immature and unprofessional.
                                    BE PROFESSIONAL with all email correspondence!

To: Josephine Patel
From: Megan O’Malley
Subject: Experienced ESL teacher seeks Training Coordinator position

Dear Ms. Patel:
Professor Jenkins told me that you are looking for a Training Coordinator for Literacy Volunteers of America
and suggested I send you my resume. My interest in literacy issues was fostered during my AmeriCorps tenure,
serving as an ESL teacher for middle school age students last summer. Additionally, I have been tutoring adults
for the GED for the past three years.
My experiences working with ESL and basic reading populations, as well as my background in education, make
me an ideal candidate for the Training Coordinator position. The attached resume will provide more details
about my experience and accomplishments. I would welcome the opportunity for an interview at your earliest
convenience. Thank you for your consideration.

Megan O’Malley
To: Hector Gonzolez
From: Anika Brown
Subject: Interest in paralegal position at Smith, Smith, and Jones

Dear Mr. Gonzolez:
This letter is an application for the paralegal position at Smith, Smith, and Jones recently advertised in the New
York Times. I will obtain my Bachelor of Arts in History with a correlate in Political Science from Vassar
College this upcoming May. My specific interest in real estate law was sparked during a summer internship at
Fisher and Fisher, a firm that specialized in real estate law.
The attached resume will provide more information about my experience and legal research skills. I will be in
New York City between April 1 and 15 and would welcome the chance to discuss the paralegal position in more
detail. You can reach me via e-mail at or by phone at (845) XXX-XXXX. I look forward
to meeting you.
Yours truly,
Anika Brown

                                   Sample Thank You Letter
February 7, 200x

Antonio Ceraso
Corporate Finance Legal Assistant
Sullivan & Cromwell
125 Broad Street
New York, NY 10004-2498

Dear Mr. Ceraso:
Thank you for an interesting and informative interview. Your information provided me with a solid
foundation and an idea of where my qualifications would fit for the Legal Assistant position at Sullivan
& Cromwell.
My combination of academic achievement and international law and financial experience will be
exceptionally suitable to Sullivan & Cromwell’s dynamic plans for the future. Client contact and the
ability to analyze are quintessential for this job and this industry, and my experiences in college and
through my internships with Countrywide Insurance Services, Inc. and Merrill Lynch have prepared
me for this opportunity.
Again, thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Signature
Your Name

                                    Sample Reference List
                List of Professional References for Veronica Vassar
Box XXXX, Vassar College                                                 After May 9, XXXX:
124 Raymond Ave                                                          XXX Park Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-XXXX                                              New York, NY 10056
(845) XXX-XXXX                                                           (212) XXX-XXXX

                                       Mr. John Doe
                                     Current Supervisor
            Associate Curator, Frances Lehman Leob Art Center, Vassar College
                                 124 Raymond Ave, Box X
                                 Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

                                            Dr. Jane Doe
                                        Advisor to P.E.A.C.E.
                              Professor of Art History, Vassar College
                                     124 Raymond Ave, Box X
                                     Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

                                      Ms. Mary Smith
                                   Internship Supervisor
                 Collections Manager, Delaware Museum of Natural History
                                       P.O. Box 3937
                                Wilmington, DE 19807-0937

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Additionally, you will find a multitude of resources for resume writing and job search correspondence
on the Internet. You might start at: Good luck!


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