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									                                    RÉSUMÉ WRITING
                                    A résumé is a marketing tool that highlights those aspects of your background
                                    you wish to draw to an employer’s attention. It should be concise and easy to
                                    read. It is often an employer’s initial contact with you and the basis on which
               LSG 500/LNG 300      decisions are made about whom to interview. Résumé writing is important
          Binghamton University     and can be time consuming. You must be willing to write and edit until you
    State University of New York    have a well-organized document that emphasizes your most relevant
                   P.O. Box 6000    qualifications for the position you seek.
     Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
                                    On average an employer will initially spend less than thirty seconds reviewing
                (607) 777-2400      your résumé. In this short time you need to convince the reader you are       impressive enough to be invited for an interview. How do you do this? Where
                                    do you start? First of all, you need to know what a résumé is and what it is
      Division of Student Affairs   designed to do. Make those thirty seconds count!
CDC Resources:
•    During the academic year, programs presented by CDC staff and employers are offered to explain résumé
     basics and offer advice. Check CDC’s website or your eRecruiting account for dates and times.
•    Utilize Optimal Resume, a résumé writing tool, available on the CDC’s website.
•    Sample résumés are available in CDC South, on CDC’s website, and on eRecruiting.
•    Get a critique of your typed, rough draft during Counselor-on-Call.
•    Use the CDC database in Bearcat to identify books about résumé writing.
The Basics:
1. Be concise: Use phrases not sentences; use fewer words carefully chosen.
2. Think in terms of the reader: Gear your résumé to the skills, experiences and qualities employers seek in a
   candidate. Focus on the needs of your audience.
3. Use a formal writing style: Because this is an important document, you should stick with a formal writing
   style using no abbreviations (except states, GPA and degrees).
4. Make your résumé easy to read: Choose a visually appealing layout that presents the most relevant
   information early. Don’t make an employer hunt to locate important information!
5. Use a font size between 10 and 12 point: Employers may scan your résumé into a computer database so
   use bold, italics and underlining conservatively.
6. Length: Most employers prefer one page, but use two pages if your experience and qualifications warrant.
   If you do use two pages, put the most relevant information on the first page and be sure to put your name
   and “page 2” at the top of second page.
7. Final Draft: Print on high quality neutral-colored bond paper. Proofread carefully!! Don’t rely on spell
   check alone! Spell check cannot distinguish if you should use two, to, or too!
Select A Résumé Format:
1. Chronological: This is the most common type of résumé and presents your background by listing and
   describing positions you have held. Use reverse-chronological order (most recent first). It is an excellent
   choice for people with steady work histories or experience that relates closely to their career objective.
2. Functional: This style emphasizes skills, qualifications and accomplishments rather than position titles,
   employers and dates. It can be effective for career changers or those with limited or erratic work
   histories. This type of résumé works well for someone who wants to emphasize skills they have acquired
   relevant to current job objectives.
3. Combination: This combines the functional and chronological styles. Experience is organized
   chronologically with duties and responsibilities presented through skill clusters.
When Should You Use a Curriculum Vita (CV)?
A curriculum vitae (CV) is typically for academic or research positions. It is usually longer than a résumé and
will include publications, areas of research, presentations, and courses one is prepared to teach. More
information can be obtained from the “Writing a Curriculum Vitae” Quick Reference Guide.
Begin Your Draft!
Once you determine which format you’d like to use, you can begin to prepare your résumé. Remember, your
résumé highlights RELEVANT information related to your career objective. Organize this information into
categories that are easy to read and identify by employers. If the idea of using a template appeals to you, CDC
recommends current BU students utilize Optimal Resume (available on the CDC website) as it not only provides
résumé writing guidance but also has a great amount of flexibility and formatting options within the template.
You may also write your résumé from a blank document, using the tab key to align text.
Résumé Sections
How you order and label the sections of your résumé should be based on what aspect(s) of your background are
most relevant to the position(s) you seek. Remember, as readers review your résumé they will give the most
attention to what is at the beginning of your résumé and pay less attention as they scan to the bottom. Make
sure what you want them to see jumps out at them EARLY!
Identifying Information
•     Name, address, phone number, and email address (do not use an unprofessional address, such as
•     Include a local and permanent address if you are a current student.

         Ronald Howard                     Samantha Edwards
          121 Seminole Parkway             134 Jenssen Road                                 45 Smith Road Apt B
            Vestal, NY 13552               Johnson City, NY 13506                          New York, NY 11011
             (607) 555-1234                (607) 555-1234                     

•     A brief statement that provides focus and direction to your résumé and indicates what you want and what
      you have to offer. The rest of the résumé should provide evidence of your qualifications for the
      opportunity you seek.
•     Should be specific to a position, skills you want to utilize, or field you want to enter.

    A position as an Account Executive at Saltag Corporation.

    An internship working with youth in a non-profit organization utilizing demonstrated interpersonal and
    organizational skills.

•     Include institution(s) attended, degree obtained (or to be obtained), major(s), graduation date, minors,
      and concentrations.
•     Can include relevant courses, study abroad, honors, or scholarships (or put these in separate sections).
•     GPA is optional, depending on the position to which you’re applying. You can include your overall and
      major GPA, making sure to designate each one clearly (If concerned about whether or not to include GPA,
      talk to a career counselor). Indicate the GPA is out of a 4.0 scale (ex. 3.5/4.0), as some schools use other
      scales in their grading.
•     High school information is not included unless you are a freshman or sophomore, or you had a specialized
      high school experience relevant to your career objective (Talk to a counselor if unsure of what to do).

Binghamton University, State University of New York         State University of New York at Binghamton
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Expected May 20XX        Master of Business Administration, May 20XX
GPA: 3.0/4.0                                                Concentration: Consulting and Leadership
Dean’s List: Fall 20XX                                      Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and English, May 20XX
•   Always keep your objective in mind when deciding what experiences you will include and highlight!
•   Category headings may change based on your personal experience. Examples include “Relevant
    Experience,” “Teaching Experience,” or “Research Experience.”
•   List in reverse chronological order (most recent first) within your categories.
•   May include paid and unpaid positions including internships, volunteer experiences, summer jobs, or
    campus activities.
•   For each experience listed, include position held, organization name, city and state, dates of activity, and
    description using action verbs (see Writing Descriptions list below).
For many students writing the experience section is a challenge. To begin:
1. Create a list of the positions and activities in which you have been involved.
2. Refer to the list of action verbs below. Scan down the list and identify words that relate to your
    experiences. You will begin each of your descriptive statements with one of these words.
3. Ask yourself questions with regard to the action verbs such as Who? What? When? Why? How? How many?
    Results? Accomplishments? For instance, if you chose “tutored” from the list of action verbs you can
    enhance your statement by indicating who you tutored, how many, what subjects, and so on. You’ll end up
    with a statement such as: Tutored three at-risk junior high students in science and math.
4. Do you have numbers you can include (quantities, dollar amounts, percent increases or decreases)? This is
    the information that makes your résumé both informative and interesting.
A tip you can use to be sure you have worded your statements properly is to put an imaginary “I” in front of
the statement. If it makes sense with the “I” there, you have probably written the statement correctly (You
should never actually put a personal pronoun in your résumé).
                                              SAMPLE ACTION VERBS
accomplished   collected      displayed        hired            modified        provided        sketched
achieved       communicated   dissected        illustrated      monitored       publicized      sold
activated      compared       distributed      implemented      motivated       published       solved
adapted        compiled       diverted         improved         negotiated      quoted          specified
adjusted       completed      drafted          improvised       observed        raised          spoke
administered   composed       drew             increased        obtained        reasoned        stimulated
addressed      computed       edited           identified       operated        recommended     straightened
adopted        conducted      educated         indexed          ordered         reconciled      streamlined
advertised     confronted     effected         informed         organized       recorded        strengthened
advised        consolidated   eliminated       initiated        originated      recruited       studied
allocated      contracted     enforced         innovated        oversaw         reduced         succeeded
analyzed       constructed    enlisted         inspected        painted         referred        suggested
anticipated    conserved      entertained      installed        participated    regulated       summarized
applied        consulted      established      instituted       perfected       rehabilitated   supervised
appraised      contributed    estimated        instructed       performed       reinforced      supplied
approved       controlled     evaluated        integrated       persuaded       reorganized     supported
arbitrated     coordinated    examined         interpreted      photographed    repaired        surveyed
arranged       corresponded   exhibited        interviewed      planned         replaced        synthesized
assembled      counseled      expanded         introduced       played          reported        systematized
assessed       created        expedited        invented         predicted       represented     tabulated
assigned       critiqued      explained        inventoried      prepared        researched      taught
assisted       defined        expressed        investigated     prescribed      resolved        tested
attained       delegated      facilitated      judged           presented       responded       timed
audited        delivered      familiarized     led              preserved       restored        trained
arranged       demonstrated   filed            lectured         presided        retrieved       transcribed
balanced       designed       filtered         located          printed         reviewed        translated
budgeted       detailed       figured          maintained       prioritized     revised         transmitted
built          detected       formulated       managed          processed       rewrote         treated
calculated     determined     forwarded        mapped           produced        saved           tutored
catalogued     developed      founded          marketed         programmed      scheduled       upgraded
chaired        devised        gathered         measured         projected       selected        updated
charted        diagnosed      generated        mediated         promoted        served          visualized
classified     directed       governed         modeled          proposed        shaped          wrote
coached        dispensed      guided           moderated        protected       simplified
Special Skills
•   Can include computer skills, language abilities, laboratory, and research skills.
•   May be broken down in specific sections: For example, computer science majors may have hardware,
    software, and programming listed under computer skills.
•   Indicate your level of expertise if indicating a foreign language.

     Special Skills
     Languages: read, write and speak French, conversational Spanish
     Computer: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

     Computer Skills
     Server Applications: MS Exchange, IIS, SQL Server
     Desktop Applications: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage
     Databases: Oracle, MS Access, Lotus Approach
     Languages: C++, SQL, XML, HTML
     Operating Systems: Windows NT, XP, Novell Netware, DOS, UNIX, Linux

•   Evidence of involvement is important to employers as it shows another dimension to you as a candidate.
•   Include campus activities, volunteer positions, committees, athletic involvement.
•   Include position, organization name, location, and dates of involvement.
•   You may want to include descriptive statements if you had significant accomplishments or skills you
    developed through participating in the activity.
•   Put those that are relevant to objective in Experience section for emphasis.
     Binghamton University
         • Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), 05/xx - present
         • Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Society, 02/xx - present
         • Students of Color Support Center, 03/xx - present

     Leadership     Department of Residential Life, Binghamton University
     Experience     Resident Assistant; 8/xx- present
                    • Planned programming events, mediated disputes and served as a resource to students in order
                       to foster a positive learning environment and enjoyable college experience

                    Division I Women’s Swim Team, Binghamton University
                    Captain; 8/xx - present
                    • Led daily practice workouts for 20 member swim team
                    • Provided advice, encouragement and support to fellow team members
                    • Represented team concerns to coach

•   List of personal interests is optional; good for rapport building during interview.
•   Be specific and truthful.
•   Do not go overboard with your list, keep it to one line.

•   Not mandatory to include a statement about references.
•   Can state “References Available Upon Request.”
•   You may include the Career Development Center’s address if you have a credentials file and have
    authorized release of the file upon an employer’s request.
JULIE CHANG                                      52 Clarice Dr.
                                                 Vestal, NY 13850                                          BEFORE
                                                 (607) 555-1456
                                                 e-mail:                  Julie has some good experience but doesn’t highlight it
                                                                                             well. Plus, she’s committing “no-no’s” such as using
OBJECTIVE                                                                                    personal pronouns, spelling errors, random font changes,
I am pursuing an entry-level position which allows me to utilize my education in a           inconsistent formatting and including phrases like
challenging, growth-oriented environment.                                                    “responsible for” in her statements.
EDUCATION                                                                                    In addition, the font in her address is too small while
SUNY Binghamton                                                                              other parts are overly large. A good rule to follow is to
Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, expected May 2006                                             stick with 10-12 point font for everything except your
GPA: 3.289                                                                                   name, which would be slightly larger. If you want certain
                                                                                             information to stand out, consider using all caps. Also,
EXPERIENCE                                                                                   don’t get carried away with bolding, underlining and
Manpower Temporaries Agency, Johnson City, NY                                                italics. Keep it simple and consistent.
Various office administrative positions, 6/xx - 12/xx, 8/xx – Present
Providing administrative support to various personel, able to adapt quickly to new           PROBLEMS! She needs to change that unprofessional
situations, answering phones, copying and filing documents.                                  e-mail address! A B.A. in Marketing isn’t offered at
                                                                                             Binghamton! Be sure you know what degree you’re
Katz Media Group, New York, New York                                                         receiving! And ALWAYS SPELL CHECK!
Intern, May 20xx – August 20xx
                                                                                             Finally, many of Julie’s descriptive statements tend to be
Duties included assisting the account executives with their market research,
                                                                                             vague and uninformative. She needs to focus more on
responsible for researching competitor marketing strategies, participated in weekly
                                                                                             accomplishments and results, rather than listing all the
staff meetings, answered phones.                                                             tasks she completed.
BonTon, Binghamton, NY
Sales Associate, 3/xx – 5/xx                                                            JULIE CHANG
Insured customer satisfaction using effective
communication skills, responsible for helping                             52 Clarice Drive ~ Vestal, NY 13850 ~ (607) 555-1456
customers with merchandise selection                                         
American Marketing Association, BU                                     Seeking a marketing position with an emphasis in research.
President, Vice President                                                                  EDUCATION
                                                                           State University of New York at Binghamton
                                                                      Bachelor of Science, Management, Expected December 20xx
                                                                                       Concentration: Marketing
AFTER                                                                             GPA: 3.2/4.0, Dean’s List, Fall 20xx
Julie emphasizes experiences qualifying her                                          RELEVANT EXPERIENCE
for the position she seeks. She’s expanded on            Katz Media Group, New York, NY
her internship to demonstrate relevant                   Research Intern, 5/xx – 8/xx
knowledge and skills. She also includes more                Researched station positioning and maintained up-to-date audience and
information about her participation in the                  station rating database.
American Marketing Association – something                  Compiled demographic research into qualitative profiles for sales staff use.
directly related to the position she seeks.                 Analyzed competitor marketing strategies and compiled advertising samples.
Notice how her objective is now clear and                   Wrote research summary report and presented findings to account team.
concise, allowing her to easily write a résumé              Prepared marketing and sales-oriented graphic presentations for special
directly supporting that objective. She also                projects based on syndicated research sources.
creates a new heading, reinforcing her
qualifications.                                                                       OTHER EXPERIENCE
                                                         Manpower Temporary Agency, Johnson City, NY
Julie is sure to always begin her descriptive
                                                         Administrative Assistant (Various Locations), 6/03 – 12/04, 8/xx – Present
statements with action verbs, making it easy
for employers to quickly scan her resume and             BonTon, Binghamton, NY
pick up on her skills and talents. She also adds         Sales Associate, 3/xx – 5/xx
adjectives and specifics such as numbers to
the statements, making them much more
interesting and informative. Julie opts to               American Marketing Association, Binghamton University
change the format of her resume as well,                 President, 8/xx – Present
making it more visually appealing and easier to             Coordinate and plan monthly educational and social programs.
read.                                                       Supervise organizational committees and conduct weekly meetings.
                                                         Vice President, 8/xx – 8/xx
                                                            Increased membership by 50% through advertising and publicity.
                                                 Sample Chronological Résumé
                                                   MAGGIE SHAPIRO
                   221 Franklin Street ~ Nyack, NY 10960~ (607) 797-1234 ~
A position working with youth in a non-profit organization utilizing demonstrated interpersonal and organizational skills.
Binghamton University, State University of New York
Bachelor of Arts, Human Development, May 20xx
Minor: Judaic/Africana Studies
Cumulative GPA: 3.25/4.00
                                                   RELEVANT EXPERIENCE
Intern Teacher, Spring/Fall 20xx
Hillel Academy, Vestal, NY
•    Completed 200 hours of classroom Kindergarten teaching.
•    Emphasized literacy through one-on-one work with students.
•    Created and implemented lesson plans incorporating NYS standards.
Counselor/Assistant Division Head, Summers 20xx-20xx
Camp Ramah, Nyack, NY
•    Supervised 25 staff members in organizing, coordinating, and scheduling activities.
•    Managed daily camp operations of a seven-week day camp for children in grades Kindergarten-8.
•    Oversaw activities of 200 campers including mentoring, and providing leadership.
•    Organized, created, and conducted fundraising, resulting in donations exceeding $3,000 for non-profit organizations.
•    Served as Head Counselor for Kindergarten/First Graders.
                                                   INTERNATIONAL SERVICE
International College Corps, Summer 20xx
•    Selected to participate in international humanitarian service work in community projects for developing world countries.
•    Traveled to Ghana, West Africa to assist in building the foundation for a school.
•    On a daily basis worked with village and group members building a school, experienced another culture, providing
     leadership, and programming to the local village.
•    Worked in Kharkov, Ukraine with the Jewish Community on multiple refurbishment projects.
•    Interacted with local Ukrainian community youth, learning, and exploring the culture.
                                                     CAMPUS LEADERSHIP
Member, Fall 20xx-Present
Hillel/Jewish Student Union, Binghamton, NY
•    Guide Inter-Cultural Awareness Committee in planning and setting up cultural learning programs on campus.
•    Lead Social Action Committee in organizing, volunteering, and visiting nursing homes.
•    Create and led food drives resulting in the collection of hundreds of food items.
•    Elected “Best Non-Executive Member of the Year,” Spring 2002
Secretary, Fall 20xx-Spring 20xx
Chabad House of Binghamton, Binghamton, NY
•    Managed office activities for organization with hundreds of members.
•    Organized several blood drives for The American Red Cross comprising over one hundred and fifty donors.
Apprentice, Fall 20xx
WHRW 90.5 Radio Station of Binghamton University
                                                  INDEPENDENT RESEARCH
Attention Deficient/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Fall 20xx
Education and Psychology of Race in Ghana, Fall 20xx
                                             Sample Chronological Résumé

                                                  Bryan Smith

Current Address                                                                                Permanent Address
PO Box 1234                                                                                       1510 Park Street
Binghamton University                                                                      Albany, New York 12345
Binghamton, New York 13902                                                                           518-555-5555

Objective        An internship in public relations.

Education        Binghamton University, State University of New York
                 Master of Arts in Social Science, Expected May 20xx
                 Concentration: Public Administration
                 Bachelor of Arts, English, May 20xx
                 Overall GPA: 3.2/4.0
                 Dean’s List: Fall 20xx, Spring 20xx

Study Abroad     University of Manchester; Manchester, England
                 Public Relations coursework, January 20xx – May 20xx

Relevant         Undergraduate Admissions, Binghamton University                             September 20xx–present
Experience       Admissions Representative
                 •   Promote college to prospective students and parents through information sessions, phon-a-thons,
                     and correspondence with accepted students.
                 •   Speak at information sessions of up to 400 campus visitors and lead bi-weekly campus tours to
                     prospective students and their parents.
                 •   Write sections of Admissions Office brochure.
                 •   Serve as liaison between Admissions Office and student organizations.

                 Alpha Phi, Binghamton University                                         September 20xx–May 20xx
                 Public Relations Chair
                 •   Increased sorority function attendance by 10% through increased marketing efforts including
                     emails, newsletter, poster development and distribution and website.
                 •   Wrote and distributed monthly informational newsletter, participate in weekly meetings, and
                     maintain chapter website.
                 •   Utilized Microsoft Publisher to create advertisements for campus newspaper, the Pipe Dream.

Other            Charlie’s, Albany, New York                                                   Summers 20xx–20xx
Employment       Host
                 •    Greeted customers and assisted wait staff
                 •    Interacted with public extensively in fast-paced environment
                 •    Processed financial transactions and routed incoming calls

Activities       Hinman College Council                                                      August 20xx-May 20xx
                 Freshman Advisory Council, Broome Community College                         August 20xx-May 20xx

Special Skills   Computer: Dreamweaver, Microsoft Publisher, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel
                 Languages: Fluent in French, read and write Russian
                                         Sample Chronological Résumé

Elizabeth Smith ~ 567 Becker Avenue ~ Binghamton, NY 13903 ~ (607) 555-1234

A position in the field of journalism.

State University of New York at Binghamton
Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology, expected May 20xx
Minor: Spanish
Overall GPA: 3.4/4.0; Major GPA 3.8/4.0
Dean’s List: Fall 20xx, Spring 20xx

Pipe Dream, Binghamton University
Writer, September 20xx – Present
   • Write weekly column for athletics on campus
   • Research and interview appropriate sources for articles

The Women’s Sports Foundation, Buffalo, New York
Intern, June 20xx – August 20xx
    • Managed biweekly e-newsletter read by 22,000 subscribers through writing, organizing layout, and utilizing
         Adobe Photoshop
    • Wrote 3 feature articles published on Foundation’s website, including an interview with an Olympic skier
    • Controlled homepage material and operated backend settings and features using Dreamweaver
    • Composed script for Grand March portion of “The Annual Salute to Women in Sports Dinner”

Division I Soccer, Binghamton University
Team Captain, August 20xx – Present
Goalie, August 20xx – Present
   • Devote an average of 30 hours per week to training, practices, meetings, travel, and game competition
   • Organize and design workout sessions for goalies
   • Serve as team captain providing leadership and mentoring to 23 teammates
   • Assist head coach in developing new defensive strategies
   • Mentor first year players both on and off the field
   • Selected to participate at the United States Soccer Association All-star Conference Game

Special Olympics, Binghamton University, June 20xx/June 20xx
   • Assisted participants in practices and competition

Computer: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Language: Conversational Spanish
                                           Sample Functional Résumé

                                                  José Martinez
                                                    125 Main Street
                                                Binghamton, NY 13902
                                                    (607) 777-7777
        A position as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Summary of Skills & Qualifications
             •    Exceeded sales goals three out of four quarters while developing new territories
             •    Increased company market share by more than 30% through implementation of new sales strategies
             •    Promoted products successfully by addressing customer needs
        Customer Relations
            •   Established trusting relationships with customer base to ensure customer satisfaction; consistently
                achieved a customer retention rate exceeding 97%
            •   Reconciled customer complaints using individualized problem solving techniques
            •   Presented weekly seminars to retail sales offices to increase customer product knowledge
           •   Conducted educational seminars for individuals and groups of 15 to 20 people
           •   Educated and trained new Sales Associates
           •   Edited monthly health newsletter, with a circulation of 3,000 copies per month
Work History
        Pathology Assistant, Health Services, Inc., Binghamton, NY (August 20xx – Present)
        Sales Representative, Maines Paper and Food Service, Inc., Binghamton, NY (June 20xx – July 20xx)
        Pediatric Assistant, Volunteer, Lourdes Hospital, Binghamton, NY (May 20xx – August 20xx)
        Sales Associate, Bon Ton, Johnson City, NY (November 20xx – May 20xx)
        Binghamton University, State University of New York
        Bachelor of Arts, Biological Sciences, May 20xx
        Major GPA: 4.00/4.00        Overall GPA: 3.75/4.00
Related Courses
        Introduction to Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Writing and Speaking, Operations Management,
Computer Skills
        Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint
        Fluent in Spanish

Community Involvement
        Volunteer Coach, Vestal High School Tennis Team, (September 20xx – Present)
        Mentor, School to Careers Partnership, (September 20xx – June 20xx)
                                     Sample Chronological Résumé

                                     Mark Alexander
     447 South Brick Avenue ~ Binghamton, NY 12345 ~ (607) 555-1234 ~

OBJECTIVE         A position as a Computer Systems Analyst at XYZ Corporation.

EDUCATION         Binghamton University, State University of New York
                  Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, expected May 20xx
                  Cumulative GPA: 3.25/4.0

                  Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY
                  Associate in Applied Science, Computer Technology, May 20xx

PROJECTS          Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science                Binghamton University
                  Senior Project                                                           8/xx – 12/xx
                   • Designed a layout for a 16 bit adder using Cadence Design tool and HSPICE
                   • Implemented channel allocation algorithm for wireless LAN 802.11b system using
                   • Researched security issues of GPRS systems
                   • Compared the performance of two different cache coherence protocols in terms of
                      memory bandwidth and performance using CMP simulator
                   • Performed data dependency tracking and the dependent instruction count
                      measurement in a multiprocessor program using simulator
                   • Calculated Bit Error Rate for free space laser communication system using
                   • Designed a layout for a 16 bit adder using Cadence Design tool and HSPICE

                  Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science                 Binghamton University
                  Junior Project                                                               1/xx – 5/xx
                   • Designed heat transfer device with constant temperature packaging for printed
                      circuit boards in commercial aircraft engines
                   • Developed cost justification proposal promoting this technology over existing heat
                      sink designs

COMPUTER          Languages:            C++, SQL, Visual Basic, COBOL, HTML, Java, PL/SQL (Oracle),
SKILLS                                  Transact_SQL (SQL server), VBscript, Javascript, ASP
                  Software:             MATLAB, HSPICE, CMP simulator
                  Operating Systems:    Oracle, Windows 2000/XP, .NET, J2SE
                  Networking:           TCP/IP, Ethernet, LAN, IP subnetting, Security

TEACHING          Introduction to Computer Science                                 Binghamton University
EXPERIENCE        Teaching Assistant                                                      8/xx – present

                   •   Assist professor with grading and review of course projects
                   •   Hold weekly office hours to tutor and review student work
                   •   Answer student questions and provide support during the class

COMMUNITY         Chabad House of Binghamton                                      Binghamton University
INVOLVEMENT       Secretary                                                             8/xx – present
                   • Manage office activities for organization with over 200 members
                   • Organized four blood drives for The American Red Cross attracting over one
                      hundred and fifty donors
                                                                                        Updated 8/07

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