MultichoiceDSTV settings for LOVEWORLD by monkey6


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									          Multichoice/DSTV settings for LOVEWORLD

   1)   Press “Menu” button
   2)   Move down to “Advanced options” – press OK
   3)   On “Dish Installation” – press OK
   4)   Enter pin code 9949
   5)   Move down to “Network Configuration” – press OK
   6)   Move down to “Network 2 Setup” – press OK

Check if signal setup is “enabled /disabled”
If enabled, press “exit”, move to “Network 3 Setup”
If disabled, press OK – change to “enabled” by moving the right arrow.

Signal setup = ENABLE
Orbital position = PAS7/10
Use NIT = Yes
Frequency = 12682
Symbol rate = 26657
Polarization = Horizontal
FEC = 1/2
Move down to “Accept these setting” – press OK
Press “exit’ to return to “Dish installation” menu
Move to “Scan new network” or “Scan all networks” – press OK
Scanning will take 3 to 5 minutes
Wait for a new screen display
Press “TV” button and move down to “public PAS7/10” – press OK

Please scroll through the channels, you should find LOVEWORLD on channel
number 36.

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