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             Table of Contents

Resume Writing Tips ………..…………………………………………… 1-3
   OptimalResume……………..……………………………………….. 1-2
   Resume Samples ………………………….…………………………4-9
Job Search Letter Tips …………………………………………………. 10-11
   OptimalLetter Builder …….…………………………….…………… 10
   Electronic Cover Letter ……………………………………………. 12
   Acceptance Letter   ………………………………………………… 12
   Decline Letter   ……………………………………………………… 12
   Withdrawal Letter   …………………………………………………. 15
   Thank You Letter    …………………………………………………. 15
Job Search Sample Letters ..……………………………………………. 13-14
   Long Distance Cover Letter ………………………………………. 13
   E-Mail Introduction ………...………………………………………. 13
   Networking Letter ………………………………………………….. 13
   Acceptance Letter …………………………………………………. 13
   Internship Letter – Studying Abroad ……………………………... 14
   Withdrawal Letter …………………………………………………... 14
   Decline Letter ………………………………………………………. 14
   Thank You Note ..…………………………………………………… 14
Reference Page …………………………………………………………. 15
Resume Writing Tips
Optimal Résumé Builder

TO HELP YOU GET STARTED....                                  Other Interesting Features
The Center for Career Services has secured an                • Bentley College watermark appears on your
innovative and simple method for assisting students in         website, if you are creating your own personal
the creation and management of their resume(s). Check          style
out the unique options that are now available to you via     • You can add your web address link to a cover
OptimalResume Builder™.                                        letter or email when applying to employers
                                                               online. This way, employers can quickly and
Creating Your OptimalResume                                    easily access your most recent version of your
   To get started, go to:                                      resume.
                                                             • You can personalize your info bytes or add
                     additional comments for the reader.
                                                             • You can change your distribution from
•   Whether you are a freshman or a senior, looking for        confidential to public and have your link
    an internship or full time job, OptimalResume makes        automatically added to search engines such as
    the process of creating and maintaining a resume           Google, Yahoo or Hotbot.
    fast and easy. By providing you with helpful             • You can deactivate your resume at any time
    samples and suggestions on wording and format,             and reactivate when needed.
    OptimalResume offers you step-by-step instructions
    on how to construct a resume that is customized to       General Tips When Creating a Resume
    meet your career objectives.                             • Keep your resume to one page. If you can’t get
                                                               everything to fit, see a career advisor for help.
•   Already created a resume? No problem, you can
    still take advantage of OptimalResume by simply          •   If your G.P.A. is 3.0 or more, please include on
    uploading your existing resume into the                      your resume. If your overall G.P.A. is less than
    OptimalResume Builder or you can cut and paste               a 3.0, but your major G.P.A. is 3.0 or more,
    your resume into the appropriate fields.                     include your major G.P.A. (but be sure to state
                                                                 it is your major G.P.A.).
Presenting Your OptimalResume
   Once you have built your resume, you now have the         •   Focus on activities as opposed to interests.
   option of presenting it in several different formats:         Always list activities in order of importance or
                                                                 relevance to the position you are seeking. If
•   In a website, with added features such as info bytes         you have not participated in any activities, you
    and hyperlinks.                                              can write interests. However, only do so if
                                                                 those interests distinguish your candidacy (i.e.,
•   In Word, an online Word compatible file that can be          jogging and reading do not distinguish your
    saved for use as an email attachment or uploaded to          candidacy).
    a job board such as eRecruiting or
                                                             •   When highlighting work or internship
•   In Plain Text, a plain text file that can be saved and       experience, be specific and results oriented.
    used for attachments or pasting to employer                  Within OptimalResume we have provided you
    websites that require plain text.                            with examples of what we mean by this.

Managing Your OptimalResume                                  •   Whenever possible, you should position your
• Need to change, enhance or even build another                  headings (i.e., Leadership Activities, Work
   resume? No problem. Reorder the resume section,               Experience, Computer Skills) so that you lead
   change the wording under your work experience                 with your most impressive. For example, if you
   section, add an on campus organization that you               have no internship experience but hold a
   just joined, alter the font size or style: you can do         number of leadership positions on this campus
   this at any time and all changes are instantaneous!           your resume format would be: Education,
   You can manage up to five resumes at any one                  followed by Leadership Experiences, followed
   time.                                                         by Work Experience. Please see a career
                                                                 advisor who can help you to decipher the
                                                                 appropriate order of your headings.
    Resume Writing Tips (cont.)

    •   The Relevant Course section should only be used in      Q. How does my OptimalResume work with
        unique circumstances. For example, if you are a         the other systems?
        freshman creating a resume and thus do not yet          A. After you have completed your resume using
        have a lot of work experience. Another example          the OptimalResume Builder™, go to the Manage
        might be that you have completed a particular           My Account page and select the View/Save
        course that is directly relevant to the                 Word® Resume option. Save this resume to your
        employer/position.                                      computer. After the resume has been saved on
                                                                your computer, you can upload the resume to
    •   Try to focus on your college experience. For            other job boards or employer systems.
        example, a junior or senior should avoid                Remember to include your link on your resume
        accomplishments from High School.                       so the reader can also view your website. Note:
                                                                Some job boards ask for your URL, in which case
    •   Have your resume critiqued by a career advisor.         you can simply add the URL of your
                                                                OptimalResume website.
    Most common mistakes made by students:
    • Watch your tenses! For example, are you currently         Q. What is an Infobyte?
       in the job or working on a project? If so, that          A. An Infobyte is a piece of information presented
       experience should be in the present tense.               at an opportune time. For instance, when a
                                                                reader moves their mouse over your address, an
    •   Your work experience should be presented in             infobyte could display "Contact me anytime via
        reverse chronological order.                            my cell phone". Infobytes can only be used with
                                                                your interactive resume website.
    •   Have you consistently illustrated your dates (i.e.,
        6/04 – 8/04 or June 2004 – August 2004)? It does        Q. Can I add an Infobyte to my online Word®
        not matter which format you choose just be              compatible file or Plain Text File?
        consistent (this includes dashes and spacing).          A. No.

    Frequently Asked Questions                                  Q. Can I add or change information once I
    •   Q. How hard is this to do?                              complete my resume?
        A. It’s easy. The OptimalResume Builder™ even           A. Yes, you can sign in anytime and change
        helps with wording and formatting. Examples and         anything including your website style.
        suggestions are given throughout the process. It’s
        very fast and you can cut and paste information from    Q. Are my Word® compatible and Plain Text
        your existing resume if necessary (or) if you already   resumes actually web pages?
        have one completed. All the hard stuff is done for      A. Your Word® and Plain Text versions are
        you automatically.                                      online files assessable via your links. The name
                                                                you give your resume helps define your resume
    •   Q. How long does this usually take?                     link or URL. For instance, if your resume name is
        A. It depends if you are writing your resume from       JohnQSmith, your link becomes
        scratch or cutting and pasting from an existing
        resume. If you are quick and have a short resume,       txt .
        you can finish your draft in less than 25 minutes.
        Remember, you don’t have to finish your resume in
        one sitting.

    •   Q. How do I use my OptimalResume?
        A. You can save your resume as an attachment in a
        Microsoft Word® compatible format, or you can
        simply supply your unique link (URL) to your Word®
        and Plain Text resume. You also can have your
        resume viewable as a website.
Resume Writing Tips (cont.)
•   Q. Wouldn’t an employer want a scannable,
    printable copy of my resume?
    A. Possibly. The Plain Text file is best if the job
    board specifically requests a “scannable” file. The
    Word® version is also scannable, but may contain
    characters that do not translate correctly. You can
    supply the Plain Text file either as an attachment or
    just use your link.

•   Q. What is a RTF File?
    A. RTF stands for Rich Text Format. This is a
    special file type that has become the standard as a
    common format for all word processors.

•   Q. Once I get a job, can I remove my resume?
    A. Sure, just sign in and deactivate it.

•   Q. Can I have several resumes?
    A. Yes, we recommend 2 or 3 for different purposes,
    but you are allowed up to 5.

•   Q. Is my resume website live right away?
    A. No. The default is set to "Inactive." When you feel
    you are ready, simply click "Set Link to LIVE" button
    on the Manage Your Account page so it can be

•   Q. Is my resume confidential?
    A. Your default resume distribution status is set to
    “Confidential.” This means that your website is not
    indexed and only those who know your link can view
    it. However, you can change the distribution status
    to “Public” on the Manage My Account page. By
    changing the Distribution Status from “Confidential”
    to “Public,” your link will automatically be put in the
    queue for submission to search engines such as
    Google™, Yahoo®, and Hotbot. Recruiters,
    employers, resume database websites, and web
    spiders use these tools when searching for

•   Q. Once I deactivate my resume, can I make it
    active again?
    A. You can come back to your OptimalResume at
    any time in the future and re-activate it.


    School Address:                                                                       Permanent Address:
    School Address                                                                        Home Address
    City, State Zip Code                                                                  City, State Zip Code
    School Phone Number                                                                   Home Phone Number
    E-mail address:
    *Please Note: If only one address, move to center and place text directly under name (deleting school or
                     permanent address heading)

            BENTLEY COLLEGE, Waltham, MA
            Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Economics-Finance, May 200?
            G.P.A. 3.?/4.0                         Minor in Mathematical Science
            HONORS:                                President’s List, Dean’s List

                 *Insert Study Abroad experience here if applicable
                 *Insert transfer information here if applicable

            In lieu of relevant project, you could list courses that are relevant to the position you are seeking.

           Type computer and language skills here.

            Company name, City, State                                                    Time Period
            Title of position
            • Bulleted items here stating specific job functions using results-oriented wording. The reader should have a
                clear sense of what you did, why it was done, and what the end product/results were.

                 Company name, City, State                                                   Time Period
                 Title of position
                 • First Bulleted Item Here
                 • Second Bulleted Item Here
                 • Third Bulleted Item Here

    Company name, City, State                                                                Time Period
              Title of position
              • First Bulleted Item Here
              • Second Bulleted Item Here
              • Third Bulleted Item Here

    Company name, City, State                                                                Time Period
              Title of position
              • First Bulleted Item Here
              • Second Bulleted Item Here

             Type Activities here. Category could be labeled as Interests as well.

                                                      Betty Boop
School Address:                                                                          Permanent Address:
Bentley College                                                                          175 Forest Street
175 Forest Street                                                                        Rochester, NY 14618
Waltham, MA 02452                                                                        (585) 555-5555
(781) 555-5555                                                                 

     Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Management, May 20xx
     G.P.A. 3.9
     HONORS: President’s List, Dean’s List, Honors Program, a prestigious program that elects the top eight
     percent of the entering class to participate in challenging coursework and complete an extensive research

     O/S – SOFTWARE: Windows XP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes
     ADDITIONAL: Salon Biz

      CHI WAH AVEDA, Rochester, NY                                                   06/xx – Present
      Front End Assistant
      • Train new and upcoming staff in correct salon procedures and customer relations
      • Manage schedules, book appointments and answer telephones for four stylists
      • Sell approximately $50 worth of Aveda products to clients daily
      • Maintain the appearance and cleanliness of styling stations and salon floor

        BENTLEY CONSUMER ACTION LINE, Waltham, MA                                        01/xx – 05/xx
        Student Mediator
        • Mediated complaints between unsatisfied customers and area businesses
        • Worked under the auspicious of the Massachusetts Attorney General
        • Organization claimed $113,000 this year for its consumers

        MUHLBAUER DERMATOPATHOLOGY PC LAB, Rochester, NY                                  02/xx – 04/xx
        Lab Assistant
        • Sorted, filed and organized an average of 1,000 lab slides daily used for diagnosing skin infections
        • Prepared slides for the oven

        EASTRIDGE MANOR, Rochester, NY                                                  06/xx – 09/xx
        • Supervised the environment around the pool and approximately 10-20 patrons at a time
        • Maintained the pool and its facilities which consisted of checking pH and other chemical levels, vacuuming the
          pool and cleaning it

      • Residence Hall Association (Vice President)
      • National Association of Asian American Professionals – Bentley Chapter (Public Relations Representative)
      • First collegiate chapter ever
      • Society for Human Resource Management
      • Campus Activities Board
      • Circle K

                                                Joe Bentley
School Address:                                                                          Permanent Address:
Bentley College                                                                          200 Main Street
Forest Hall 253                                                                          Whitman, MA 02382
Waltham, MA 02452                                                                        (781)555-5555

     Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Marketing, May 20xx
     GPA 3.4              Minor in International Studies and French Language
     Honors: Dean’s List, President’s Academic Scholarship, National Dean’s List

     Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Windows 95/98/00, Peachtree, Perseus, MultexNet, First Call, Reuters,
     Lotus Notes.

      Bentley College Center for Undergraduate Career Services, Waltham, MA                          01/xx-Present
      Administrative Assistant
      • Setup and maintain database of the student body to analyze and improve the effectiveness and reputation of the
      • Design promotional advertisements for workshops and/or events to increase student attendance.
      • Present ideas to enhance student awareness of services to Director for critique and approval.
      • Assist students with questions on InterviewTrak database and other services provided through the office.

        Bentley College Bookstore, Waltham, MA                                                     09/xx-12/xx
        Sales Assistant
        • Implemented special advertising campaign for school clothing, targeting members of Bentley College, leading to
          booming sales and expansion of the clothing department.
        • Updated current book orders with publishers and managed the receiving and shipping of hundreds of mail orders.

        Massachusetts High School Football Prospect Information, Whitman, MA                           06/xx-09/xx
        Volunteer for Shriners Hospital Project
        • Raised over $7,000 to help support patients at Shriners Hospital in Boston, by compiling a book of Massachusetts
          High School football players’ statistics for college coaches.
        • Organized mass mailings to colleges and entered data for 400+ football players’ statistics using Microsoft Access.
        • Trained 10 volunteers to comprehend what the position entails for the overall outcome and success of the program,
          coordinating tasks to be accomplished.

        Litecontrol, Hanson, MA                                                                    06/xx-09/xx
        Accounting Department Assistant
        • Processed bank statements, income statements, and vendor files to be reviewed by Accounting Manager weekly.
        • Participated in monthly accounting meetings and contributed new ideas.
        • Exposed to functions of Marketing Department, such as graphic design.

      Residence Hall Association, ABC Dorms President, Forest Hall President, Secretary; International Buddy Network,
      Treasurer, President; Campus Activities Board, Special Events member; Bentley Model United Nations, general
      member, Under Secretary General of Conference Services; International Student Association; Intramural Men’s
      Basketball, Captain; Summer Orientation Leader; Italian Club, general member; Selected from Marketing Services to
      compose journal entries for incoming freshmen to be published on Bentley Website.

                                                      Jane Doe
 200 Main Street, Waltham, MA 02452                                      (781) 555-5555 

  Bentley College, Waltham, MA
  Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Corporate Finance & Accounting, May 20xx
  Candidate for Master of Science, Accountancy, May 20xx
  G.P.A. 3.6
  ACADEMIC HONORS: President's List, Dean's List, Member of Honors Program, The Falcon Society - Highest Honor,
  Financial Management Association National Honor Society

   American Business School, Paris, France
   Study Abroad Program, Spring 20xx
   Traveled to eight different countries and studied French language and culture, International Finance, Managerial Accounting,
   and Quantitative Analysis

   Merrill Lynch, Jersey City, NJ                                                                  6/xx - 8/xx
   Summer Intern, Global Controllers Group Analyst
   • Analyzed the impact of changing the current Transfer Price methodology for Treasury’s borrowing costs
   • Gathered Interbank Offer Rates of various currencies from Bloomberg to calculate the net interest for Global Private
   • Prepared a monthly report based on the average monthly balance and calculated the implied yield (%)
   • Assisted with month end close process such as posting journal entries for Balance Sheet Management System of over
     $440 billion in assets
   • Collaborated on an external project with five Summer Analysts for the redesign of Corporate Audit Website

         Liberty Mutual Group, Boston, MA                                                             5/xx - 8/xx
         Business Intern, Corporate Human Resources and Administration Analyst
     •   Collaborated with various departments such as Employee Relations and Communications to redesign and develop
         employee Intranet used by over 20,000 employees
     •   Coordinated other Liberty Mutual Human Resources websites and organized survey results for the project manager
     •   Tested new applications, such as Oracle Application to identify errors, and recommended usability enhancements
     •   Assisted in rewriting online help processes and instructions to improve user friendliness
     •   Tested, corrected and migrated employee Intranet content to new server

      Bentley Investment Group, Waltham, MA                                                          9/xx - Present
      Co-Vice President (20xx-xx)
    • Assist in the management of a $410K portfolio and a group of over 80 members
    • Research and analyze stocks by utilizing various resources such as the Trading Room, Internet, and the company
      reports and applying different methods of valuations
    • Develop and deliver buy and sell comprehensive PowerPoint presentations
    • Created a BIG Alumni Access database, organized a BIG Alumni Event and coordinate Trading Room workshops

   • Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office: Bentley Consumer Action Line, Waltham, MA              9/xx - 12/xx
   • Charles River Public Internet Center, Waltham, MA                                               2/xx - 4/xx

   Proficiency in First Call, Market Guide, Standard & Poor Net Advantage, Lotus Notes, MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint,
   Word, BASIC I, FrontPage. Knowledge of Bloomberg, Crystal Ball, Peachtree, Oracle Applications.
   Fluent in Vietnamese and working knowledge of Chinese (Chiu-Chou dialect)

   Student Judicial Board Member, National Association of Black Accountants, Student Technology Advisory Council,
   Academic Honesty Task Force, Allocation and Internal Audit Liaison                                             7
                                                         Fannie Falcon
    School Address:                                                                               Permanent Address:
    Bentley College                                                                               200 Main Street
    Waltham, MA 02452                                                                             Jefferson, MA 01522
    (781) 555-5555                                                                                (508) 555-5555

        BENTLEY COLLEGE, Waltham, MA
        Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Marketing and Liberal Studies, May 20xx
        Concentration: American Perspectives, May 20xx
        G.P.A.: 3.3
        Achievement: Placed 1st out of 40 teams in a marketing case competition sponsored by the Boston Globe.

           COTTEY COLLEGE, Nevada, MO
           Transferred 36 credit hours towards Bachelor of Science
           (add G.P.A. and any awards/honors/relevant activities)

        Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Platinum, HTML, Groove

        Bentley College, Waltham, MA
        Executive Vice President, Student Government Association                                            5/xx – Present
        • Assist Bentley College administration and Student Government Association President in setting goals and objectives and
          implementing policy for the current academic year.
        • Helped to formulate three presentations to the Bentley College Board of Trustees showing the most important issues facing
          the student body.
        • Organized, interviewed and selected 10 new members for the Student Government Association to fill vacant senate positions
          at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters as chair of the Nominating Committee.
        • Manage 14 senators to ensure their successful pursuit of feedback from the student body by running weekly senate meetings,
          reviewing weekly status reports, and organizing feedback events.
        • Originated new e-mail survey sent weekly to students to gain feedback on campus issues, averaging a 25% response rate.

           Massachusetts Development Finance Agency, Devens, MA                                                5/xx – 5/xx
           Finance Department                                                                                  5/xx – 5/xx
           • Assisted CFO and Vice President of Finance in preparing and distributing agency’s annual budget.
           • Coordinated and maintained contracts by entering data into Platinum and Access systems; prepared and circulated signature
             requests and contract documents; updated project managers on the status of their contracts.
           • Performed monthly journal entries for AP distribution and general accruals; booked prepaid insurance, deferred income, real
             estate clearing accounts and other expenses.
           • Reconciled two prepaid accounts, four AP accounts and ten Predevelopment/Brownfield accounts.
           Operations Department                                                                               5/xx – 5/xx
           • Organized three years of financial reconciliations for 500 accounts which provided management and staff with an efficient
             system of referencing historical data.
           • Entered 300 purchase orders efficiently and accurately in new Platinum database system.
           • Contacted local businesses to update information for the Devens community directory and MassDevelopment database.

           Bentley College, Waltham, MA
           Orientation Leader                                                                                    1/xx and 9/xx
           • Worked closely with Director of Orientation and Associate Dean of Student Life to restructure the transfer orientation
             program for 200 incoming students by including tours, small group advisory sections and more social events.
           • Facilitated “ice breakers” and other “getting to know you” activities to make incoming students feel more comfortable during
             their transition period.
           • Provided general assistance to transfer students including counseling, registration and campus information.

         Executive Vice President, Senator, Student Government Association; Orientation Leader; Student Activities Board; Concert
         Committee, Campus Activities Board; Steering Council; Founding member of the Boston Intercollegiate Government (an
         association of student representatives from Boston-area colleges to influence City policy and share ideas).

                                                        John Doe
                                                      35 Main Street
                                                    Warwick, RI 00211
                                                     (401) 555-5555
    Candidate for Bachelor of Science, Marketing, December 20xx
    G.P.A. 3.3                  Minor in Psychology
    HONORS:                     Dean’s List
    • Placed first in a marketing case competition sponsored by the Boston Globe.
    • 20xx Multicultural Advertising Internship Program Finalist sponsored by AAAA.
    • On the winning team for the Deutsch summer intern project competition.

    Deutsch Inc., Manhattan, NY                                                         6/xx - 8/xx
    MAIP Intern, Account Management
    • Actively contribute to major interactive accounts such as Imodium, Ortho and Motrin.
    • Coordinated Ortho Evra online banner and website page submissions for Ortho Mc-Neil’s copy review committee
      process, ensuring all guidelines were followed.
    • Developed three copy decks for, and, mapping content to
      existing site architecture.
    • Compiled a research deck on heavy and super heavy sufferers for Imodium that was used when developing the
      communication architecture and presented research to senior level executives.
    • Organized a packet of insightful internet sites for creatives working on the Imodium account.
    • Conducted primary research to identify ways that Imodium can be the #1 recommended AD in hospitals.

      Jeff’s Soccer School, Coventry, RI                                                  Summers of 20xx - 20xx
      Founder/ Manager/Trainer
      • Created a small business as a freshman in high school providing children with the skills needed to succeed on and off
        the soccer field.
      • Grew business to 65 clients within four years, increasing profit by about 550% from my first summer to my last
      • Designed and executed a marketing plan which entailed fliers, word of mouth and business cards that were
        strategically placed.
      • Attended client games to assess performance and interact with parents on progress.
      • Succeeded in gaining business from established professionals due to my strong customer relation skills.
      • Retained all customers in four years of business.

    Created and implemented an integrated marketing communications plan, while leading a team of three students, for the
    New England Soccer School, a start up sports center in Massachusetts. Directed and organized a sporting event which
    included identifying and securing Red Bull as an industry sponsor. Conducted field-based research and focus groups in
    order to design a comprehensive plan that included promotion and price strategies, marketing ROI, trend analysis, e-
    marketing, advertisements for print media and public relations. Presented marketing plan to the owner and founder of
    New England Soccer School. Out of the three teams that presented plans, our plan was chosen by the owner to be
    implemented in 2006.

   Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook, FrontPage, One Note, Windows Movie Maker, SketchUp 4.0, Qualitap
   and MediaMark. Basic knowledge of Nielson NetRatings, HTML, SPSS, Perseus SurveySolutions, Adobe Photoshop

    Vice President Elect of Bentley Marketing Association; Marketing and Communication Committee member, Student
    Government Association; member, Bentley Investment Group; member, Bentley Entrepreneurial Society; Captain,
    Intramural Soccer.
     Job Search Letter Tips
     Letter Builder                     (

 The Letter Builder at will         To find an attractive presentation for your letter,
 make it easy for you to create high-quality                   use the style button to preview different header
 professional letters in a matter of minutes. Similar to       layouts and fonts.
 the Resume Builder, the Letter Builder offers                Use the edit button to preview your letter and
 paragraph-by-paragraph instructions and examples              make any edits.
 developed by career center professionals to help you         Click the download button to download the
 create effective employment letters for a variety of          Word® Compatible or Plain Text version, or to
 purposes.                                                     send your letter as an email.
                                                              If you want to include an HTML version of your
 The Letter Builder may be used to create:                     letter as a page in your professional website,
                                                               open the Website Builder and select the letter.
                                                              Remember, all professional websites must
                      Cover letters                            include a resume.
                   Application letters                        Your website is not viewable until you activate it
                                                               in the Document Center.
                   Networking letters
                    Rejection letters
                   Withdrawal letters
                   Acceptance letters
                    Follow-up letters
                    Thank you letters

 You can build a new letter from scratch, cut and paste
 an existing letter into the Letter Builder, or browse
 and upload an existing letter. For each type of letter,
 view examples of effective introductory paragraphs,
 content paragraphs, and closing paragraphs. A
 progress bar guides you through the letter-building
 process, and most users can finish a draft of a letter
 in a few minutes.

 To save time and offer flexibility, letters are
 automatically created in four formats:

            Rich Text (Word® Compatible)
                        Plain Text

 When you finish building your letter, click on its icon
 in the Document Center to edit, style, download,
 rename, clone, or delete.

 Job Search Letter Tips
 Cover Letter
                                                          200 Main Street
                                                          Waltham, MA 02452
TO HELP YOU GET STARTED....                               August 1, 200x

Below are some opening lines to help give you
                                                          Ms. Deanne Sisco
direction for putting a cover letter together. A          Bain & Company, Inc.
cover letter should be concise, anywhere from             Two Copley Place
                                                          Boston, MA 02116
two to four paragraphs. Each paragraph has a
different goal.
                                                          Dear Ms. Sisco:

                                                          I am writing to apply for the Associate Consultant position, as advertised through your website. From reading your
First Paragraph                                           position description, I believe I am well prepared to perform the requirements of the job successfully.
The opening paragraph explains why you are                During my academic career, my management coursework and related business classes have enabled me to develop strong
writing the letter. State your purpose; identify the      qualitative and analytical skills and high ethics. These skills were especially refined during my summer internship at BMW
                                                          in Germany. The rotational internship program provided me with a thorough understanding of the interplay between the
position for which you are applying, and how              various departments within an organization. I enjoyed assessing the dealership’s use of BMW quality standards and
                                                          devising recommendations for corrective measures that were later implemented by management. In addition, planning and
you learned about the opening. If you are                 organizing promotional events such as the presentation of the new BMW5 series, helped enhance my interpersonal skills
responding to an advertisement, state the name            and ability to work effectively in a team setting.

of the publication where you found the ad. If a           Recently, my friend and I have begun the process for setting up an e-business in Germany: an online market place for
                                                          lease-trading. We are hoping to begin operations in January of 2005. My involvement in the intense planning process for
person referred you to the organization, mention          launching this venture has provided me with valuable exposure to the business world and significant experience in
                                                          conducting market analysis and evaluation. Launching this venture is an exciting challenge for me; and illustrates ambition
the person's name and connection. This                    and passion for achievement.
paragraph will probably be very short (2-3                I feel that my strong technical and interpersonal skills will greatly enhance your Associate Consultant position. I would
sentences).                                               appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss this opportunity further. I will call you within the next two weeks to
                                                          see if an interview can be arranged. Thank you in advance for reviewing my attached credentials.

• Your advertisement in the Boston Globe,

                                                          Fannie Falcon
  indicated your need for...
• Caitlin Blasco, Director of Undergraduate               Fannie Falcon

  Career Services, suggested I contact you                Enc. resume

• I am applying for...
• My professor, Dr. Jane Fitzgerald, informed               **This is for informational purposes only, do not copy text
  me about the opening...
• In view of your ongoing need for software

Second Paragraph:                                               Third Paragraph (optional):
It is within this paragraph that you tailor your resume         This extra paragraph is not always needed, but can
to a particular job description. Here you should                be included if there is additional information which
highlight how you meet the criteria outlined in the job         has not been mentioned on your resume or needs to
description. Identify relevant achievements, skills,            be described in more detail (i.e.: your previous
and/or experience, mentioning the most interesting              internship experience or gaps in your employment).
points on your resume. Give an example of where you
gained this experience. Don’t be afraid to highlight            Closing Paragraph:
what is on your resume – they haven’t seen your                 The final paragraph should be action-oriented. Here
resume yet! Explain how you intend to help the                  you should state when and how you will contact the
employer and contribute to the organization. Show               employer to arrange a mutually convenient time to
how you would “fit” with the position and organization.         interview. Also, be sure to state how and when they
• My qualifications and experience include...                   may contact you. Do not assume an employer will
• The experience I have gained in the accounting                contact you once you have sent your cover letter
     field...                                                   and resume. It is your responsibility to follow up.
• I have worked at developing...                                Finally, thank the individual and mention that you
• I have specialized in...                                      are looking forward to meeting him or her.
• I have had extensive experience in...
• Your company interests me because...                          •       I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my
                                                                        experience and qualifications with you...
                                                                •       Enclosed is a copy of my resume that...
                                                                •       I will be in Atlanta during the week of...
                                                                •       I will be contacting you...
     Job Search Letter Tips
     Electronic Cover Letter, Letter of Acceptance, Letter of Decline
     ESSENTIALS FOR SUCCESS....                                   •   Do open the cover letter with a salutation, but leave
                                                                      off titles. Stick with the person’s first and last name.
     1. Research the organization before you write the            •   Don’t get casual and chummy in your cover letter.
        cover letter. Ideally, every cover letter is unique and       Stick to business style and formatting. This means
        targeted to a specific position. Use the information          no smiley faces, abbreviations, or slang.
        obtained through research to demonstrate that you         •   Don’t forget to SPELL CHECK!
        know something about the company. Each time you           •   Be sure to use a professional e-mail address. You
        submit a resume for a specific position it should be          do not want a potential employer to read that they
        accompanied by an original cover letter.                      have received a message from
     2. Your letter will be more effective when you address
        it to a specific person within an organization. If you    Letter of Acceptance
        don't know the person's name, check employer              Upon receiving a job offer, most employers will verbally
        materials, home page or industry directories for          extend an offer in which they outline key details such
        contact names or call the organization directly to        as pay, benefits, vacation days, etc. You can then
        ask for the name, correct spelling and title of the       expect to receive a “formal” offer in the mail. Typically,
        appropriate person, as well as their phone number         you will then be asked to “sign on the dotted line”.
        for follow up.                                            However, below are some tips on writing an
                                                                  acceptance letter if, by chance, you are asked to
     3. A cover letter should communicate your ambition           accept in writing.
        and enthusiasm. Stress accomplishments by
        explaining how you have met specific employer             •   First respond to the offer by phone, and then follow
        needs. Show how previous accomplishments relate               up with a letter. Be sure to confirm your decision in
        to the position for which you are applying. Also, the         writing to prevent confusion and misunderstandings.
        reader may be judging you on how well you write so        •   When writing an acceptance letter, you can include
        do your best to make the words come alive! HINT:              details of the position including salary, other
        take a look at the job description. If they say they          bonuses, job title, start date and location, and
        are seeking applicants with excellent                         relocation, and relocation package.
        communication skills, be sure to illustrate how you       •   You should also include a short message about
        meet this requirement.                                        your enthusiasm for the position and appreciation
                                                                      for the opportunity.
     4. Use active, not passive, verbs. For example, use          •   No matter how you accept, do make sure you have
        "arranged...", "devised...", "evaluated...", instead of       all details outlined in an “official” document.
        "was responsible for 'arranging...', 'devising...',
        'evaluating...'".                                         Letter of Decline
                                                                  When turning down an offer, do it professionally,
     5. Do not overuse the word "I". Starting every               thoughtfully, and in a timely manner. We recommend
        sentence with "I" can give the wrong impression,          that you call as the phone is the most effective way to
        and you may come across as self-centered. Rather          decline an offer. When you talk to your contact,
        than starting with "I", turn some of your sentences       explain what factored into your decision. Flatter the
        around. It is better to give examples of how you did      company and process whenever possible and let the
        something than to say, "I did this or that...".           contact know how carefully you considered the
                                                                  opportunity. This will allow you to keep the door open
     6. Keep in mind that the professional image you want         to future opportunities. However, if you decide to write
        to give to a prospective employer includes a neatly       a letter declining your offer, below are a few
        typed, grammatically correct and accurate letter          suggestions.
        and resume (NO TYPOS!).
                                                                  •   When writing a letter declining an offer, include a
     Electronic Cover Letter                                          statement of appreciation for the offer.
     One to two paragraphs will suffice. Tell why you are         •   Write a brief reason for declining the offer.
     applying for that particular company, what job you are       •   Have a statement that leaves open the possibility of
     applying for, and what you have done that shows you              some future contact, if appropriate.
     can do the job.
Job Search Letter Tips
Sample Letters

                   Long Distance Cover Letter                                                                                                           E-mail Introduction

221B Baker Street
Waltham, MA 02452

October 21, 200x

Ms. Amy Hirsch
IBM Corporation                                                                                                                                                                        bcc:
1507 Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway, Suite 100                                                                                                                                              Subject: **PUT POSITION IN SUBJECT LINE**
Dallas, TX 75234

Dear Ms. Hirsch:                                                                                                        Dear Rebecca Clark:

I will be graduating from Bentley College in May with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and a minor in                 I am sending you my resume in response to Filene’s announcement for a sales trainee position. I discovered the
Information Technology and am interested in learning more about opportunities at IBM. I will be moving to the           advertisement on Monday, September 15th, on the Bentley College eRecruiting System and found the position to be
Dallas area after graduation and am eager to find an entry-level job in the Sales field.                                an excellent fit with my background and experience.
During my academic career, my marketing coursework and related business classes have enabled me to develop
strong quantitative and analytical skills. These skills were refined during my summer internships. At Arnold            I will contact you within the next two weeks to see if an interview can be arranged.
Communication, I worked directly with Account Executives on drafting five press releases a day. And finally, at
Hewlett Packard, I enhanced my computer and communication skills while gaining valuable experience in the               Sincerely,
corporate work place.
                                                                                                                        Anne Lento
In addition, as my sorority's community outreach chairperson, I coordinated a small team of volunteers who
organized a sorority-wide fund-raising project that netted over $10,000 to support a local charity. I am confident
these experiences will allow me to deliver value to IBM and assist me in becoming a strong member of your team.

I will be in the Dallas area during the holidays and would like to arrange a time for us to meet to discuss potential   (Attach resume here)
employment opportunities. I will contact you the week of November 4 th to see if a meeting can be arranged for an
informational interview. If you wish to contact me in the meantime, I may be reached at (781) 891-2234. I look
forward to speaking with you soon.


Catherine Peterson
                                                                                                                           Note: this is not a substitute for a cover letter, this
Catherine Peterson
                                                                                                                           is only meant to serve as an introduction.
Enc. resume

                                Networking Letter                                                                                                       Acceptance Letter

221B Baker Street
Waltham, MA 02452
                                                                                                                        221B Baker Street
September 4, 200x                                                                                                       Waltham, MA 02452

                                                                                                                        October 8, 200x

Ms. Rachel Decker
Human Resources
Brodeur Worldwide                                                                                                       Ms. Amie Clark
855 Boylston Street                                                                                                     Boston Scientific Corporation
Boston, MA 02116                                                                                                        One Boston Scientific Place
                                                                                                                        Natick, MA 01760-1537
Dear Ms. Decker:

Perry Lowe, professor of Marketing at Bentley College, suggested I contact you regarding a                              Dear Ms. Clark:
possible public relations opening in your firm.
                                                                                                                        I am writing to confirm my acceptance of your job offer of September 30 th and to tell you how excited I am to be
Currently, I work part-time as a Marketing Assistant for Boston Magazine. I have held this                              joining Boston Scientific in Natick, MA. The Research Assistant position is exactly what I am looking for as I start
position for two years and have been able to develop my talent and experience as a public relations                     my career. I feel confident that I can make a significant contribution to the corporation, and I am very grateful for
writer. Due to the fact that the staff is very small, I have been able to help in many projects,                        the opportunity you have given me.
including: writing articles, editing copy, laying out the magazine, and assisting in the production
of the magazine.                                                                                                        As we discussed, I will start on January 15th as a Research Assistant with the starting salary of $40,000 and a signing
                                                                                                                        bonus of $1,500. Additionally, I shall complete all insurance forms, medical exam and drug testing by the start date.
Prior to my current position, I worked as an intern for six months in the public relations industry,
working for Arnold Worldwide, where I assisted in the preparation of numerous press releases and                        I look forward to working with you and your team. If you should need any additional information before the start
media guides. My high degree of motivation has been recognized by my previous employers who                             date, please feel free to contact me at 781-891-2345 or by e-mail at
have quickly promoted me to positions of greater responsibility.

I am eager to speak with you about the contribution I can make to your firm. I will call you the                        Sincerely,
week of September 20th to see if we can find a mutual time and date to get together and discuss
my qualifications.                                                                                                      Steven Holmes
Your consideration is greatly appreciated.                                                                              Steven Holmes


Rebecca Styles
Rebecca Styles

Enc. resume

     Job Search Letter Tips
     Sample Letters

           Internship Letter – Studying Abroad                                                                                                                   Withdrawal Letter

     221B Baker Street
     Waltham, MA 02452

     September 4, 200x                                                                                                           221B Baker Street
                                                                                                                                 Waltham, MA 02452

                                                                                                                                 October 8, 200x
     Ms. Jennifer Daly
     Human Resources
     Fidelity Investments
     265 Franklin Street                                                                                                         Ms. Deidre Higgens
     Boston, MA 02110                                                                                                            Grand Circle Travel Corporation
                                                                                                                                 347 Congress Street
     Dear Ms. Daly:                                                                                                              Boston, MA 02210
     I am writing in response to the Human Resource internship position as posted on eRecruiting through the
     Center for Career Services at Bentley College. My education and prior experience make me an excellent
     candidate for this internship role. Please review the enclosed resume for more details.                                     Dear Ms. Higgens:

     Currently, I am studying abroad in Australia. This experience is helping me to not only understand a                        I am writing to inform you that I am withdrawing my application for the Marketing Internship position with your
     different culture but also strengthen my interpersonal skills; two competencies that are pertinent in a                     corporation. As I indicated in my interview with you, I have been exploring several internship possibilities and have
     Human Resource environment. In addition, my summer experiences as a Sales Representative at Sheppard
     and Corgi Partners, and as an intern at Office Temporaries, demonstrate my ability to effectively
                                                                                                                                 decided to accept a position with another company which matches my career goals more closely.
     communicate with people in order to get the job done. In both positions, I exceeded goals on a monthly
     basis. These are some of my core strengths that will enable me to perform the internship effectively.                       I want to thank you again for interviewing me and considering me for your position. I enjoyed meeting you and
                                                                                                                                 learning about your company. I wish you all the best.
     Please consider me for the Human Resource internship available this spring. I am very excited about the
     position and if given the opportunity, believe that I can add value to your firm. Since I am currently out of
     the country, if you would like to reach me, I am best available through e-mail. My address is                               Sincerely, I check my e-mail on a daily basis and will certainly get back to you as soon as
     possible. If I have not heard from you within a week, I will contact you to determine what the next steps                   Roger Thang
     are. Thank you for your time.
                                                                                                                                 Roger Thang

     Rebecca Styles

     Rebecca Styles
                                                                                                                                    Note: We recommend that you first speak with a contact
     Enc. resume                                                                                                                    “live” to withdraw from an opportunity. The text above
                                                                                                                                    could be used in a verbal situation as well.

                                            Decline Letter                                                                                         Handwritten Thank You Note

     221B Baker Street
     Waltham, MA 02452

     October 8, 200x

                                                                                                                                    Dear Ms. Clark,
     Ms. Amie Clark
     Boston Scientific Corporation                                                                                                  Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your opening for an auditor. I
     One Boston Scientific Place
     Natick, MA 01760-1537
                                                                                                                                    enjoyed meeting you and learning more about Gold Star, its current activities
                                                                                                                                    and upcoming projects.
     Dear Ms. Clark:
                                                                                                                                    I was particularly impressed with Gold Star’s strong commitment to
     Thank you very much for offering me the position of Research Assistant with Boston Scientific Corporation. I
     appreciate your discussing the details of the position with me and giving me time to consider your offer.                      innovation and employee satisfaction and productivity. Your new volunteer
                                                                                                                                    program is a creative example of your company’s belief that corporations
     Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to accept the offer. This has been a difficult decision for me, but I believe it
     is the appropriate one for my career at this time.                                                                             should be vitally connected to their communities – a sentiment I
     I want to thank you again for considering me for the position. It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff. I wish
                                                                                                                                    wholeheartedly support.
     you all the best.

     Sincerely,                                                                                                                     I look forward to hearing from you soon.
     Karen Huang                                                                                                                    Sincerely,
     Karen Huang
                                                                                                                                    Steven Holmes

                                                                                                                                    Note: We recommend that you hand write your thank
     Note: We recommend that you verbally decline an
                                                                                                                                    you note. However, if your penmanship is poor or time
     offer. The text above could be used in a verbal situation
                                                                                                                                    is of the essence, an e-mail thank you note will suffice.
     as well.

Job Search Letter Tips
Letter of Withdrawal, Thank You Letter, Reference Page

Letter of Withdrawal
Once you accept a position, you have an ethical
obligation to inform all other potential employers of your

• Express appreciation for the employer’s consideration
  and courtesy.
• It may be appropriate to state that your decision to go
  with another employer was based on a better job fit.
• DO NOT say that you obtained a better job.

Thank You Letter
It is recommended that you send a handwritten note
within 48 hours of your interview. After all, when was the
last time you received a handwritten note? This is a
simple way to distinguish your candidacy. We suggest
plain, light-colored note cards or stationary (for example,
the bookstore carries note cards with a picture of the
college printed on the front). Please be sure that your
writing is legible and that you have proofread your note
for any typos or grammatical mistakes. Your
note should be brief: thank the interviewer for
his/her time, reiterate your interest in the position,                                  NAME
and highlight any key skills or attributes you may
                                                       School Address:                                           Permanent Address:
possess. Your note should be approximately four        Bentley College                                           14 Morgan Street
                                                       Rhodes 109                                                Clydesdale, CT 04326
to six sentences in length.                            Waltham, MA 02154                                         (203) 587-7761
                                                          (781) 281-3659                               

If you choose to instead send an e-mail or typed
letter, we recommend that you follow the guide-
lines above re: content, length, and proofreading.
                                                                                Professor Clifford Brown
With an e-mail, please be sure to include a                                Bentley College, Accounting Faculty
relevant message in the subject line (i.e.: “thank                                  175 Forest Street
                                                                                  Waltham, MA 02154
you from Betty Smith” or “I enjoyed our discussion                                   781-891-2000
about x.”).
                                                                                    Mr. Mark Larkin
• If more than one person interviewed you, send                                      Vice President
                                                                                 FleetBoston Financial
  thank you letters to all of them. Personalize                                  Waltham, MA 02154
  each letter, since the recipients are likely to                     
  discuss your candidacy together.
                                                                                   Ms. Molly Bishops
                                                                                    Senior Manager
Reference Page                                                                J.P. Morgan Service Center
                                                                                  Canton, MA 03452
For most jobs, employers will ask you to provide                                     508-563-6943
them with a list of references. We suggest that you                

prepare in advance a page containing contact
                                                                                 Ms. Stephanie Gosselin
information on 3-5 individuals who can recommend                           Director, Student Academic Services
you based on their knowledge of your skills,                                      Waltham High School
                                                                                  Waltham, MA 02154
experiences and personal characteristics.                                              781-891-5838


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