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SRC Societies Week 2009

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									                  SRC plaza Week 2009

               “Make your mark in History…”
The 9th to the 11th of February is dedicated to you, assisting you getting the
flow of the “varsity vibe”. This week allows all first year students an
opportunity to: meet cool people, get used to the buildings, discover the
meanings of strange course codes, join societies, become a member of a
developmental agency, sport codes and more than anything………having a blast of
an O-week!!

Student organizations are basically social networks that allow you to meet
people from all over the world, share ideas, experiences and opinions. You
are required to pay a small membership fee, this is deducted directly from
your student account, so no need to worry, your folks with sort that out!

It is important for all first year students not to neglect academic
commitments during this week, and beyond. To think carefully before making
commitments that would require them more spare time, and could mean less time
spent with books. The SRC would advice all first years to join a maximum of 2
student organizations, taking into account their academic load, their
transition and acclimatization of varsity life.

As much as we want you to make this a time to remember, we also want to urge
you to attend ALL Faculty Orientation activities, trust me you will regret it
if you don’t do it right the first time!

This week is packed with fun filled entertainment, and daily doses of fresh
talent and “good times”. The SRC has a stall in the centre of Jameson plaza
(just look for the guys with the red over-alls), and feel free to speak to
us, it would be more than a pleasure to chat to you!

Dates/Days:   Monday (9 Feb 2009)           Tuesday (10 Feb 2009)         Wednesday (11 Feb 2009)

9:00-12:00    Faculty Specific activities   Faculty Specific activities   Faculty Specific activities

12:00-14:00   Live SRC entertainment        Live SRC entertainment        Live SRC entertainment
              (shows), Corporates and       (shows), Corporates and       (shows), Corporates and
              Sign ups.                     Sign ups.                     Sign ups.

14:00-16:00   Society Sign ups continued    Society Sign ups continued    Society Sign ups continued

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