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                                     JOHANNESBURG ON 31 JANUARY 2008
                           1. WELCOME: (A.A)
         P.O. Box 12381
         BENORYN 1504      Nthato Gobodo: New Chairperson (Western Cape)
                           Nancy Odendaal: New Head of Planning Schools Representative
Tel: + 27 (011) 425-4502   Christo Green: Look forward to having new offices and his support.
Fax: + 27 (011) 425-4502
                           PRESENT    Ashraf Adam (President), Christine Platt (Past President), Pieter
                           Botha (Honorary Treasurer), Max Singh, Lauretta Teffo (Chairperson
                           Gauteng), Erna Van Zyl (Chairperson E-C), Lekgau Molepo
     SAPI PRESIDENT:       (Chairperson Limpopo), Prof. Das Steyn (Chairperson F-S and NC),
          Ashraf Adam      Frandri Smith (Chairperson N-W), Nancy Odendaal (Head of      Planning Schools),Nthato Gobodo (Chairperson W-C).

                           2. APOLOGIES:

                           Yusuf Patel (Vice-President)
                           Nic van der Merwe (Representative Mpumalanga).
                           Pravina Govender (KZN Chairperson)

                           3. MINUTES OF MEETING OF 6 SEPTEMBER 2007

                           Christo must check the status of SAPI minute book and ensure that all
                           minutes are logged into it

                           4. CORRESPONDENCE WHICH IS NOT REFERRED TO IN
                              OTHER ITEMS ON THE AGENDA

                           Nothing to report

                           5. ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS

                           5.1. Financial Report

                           Pieter Botha presented the financial report to the end December 2007.
                           and that the bookkeeping will now be done by SAICE.

                           Resolution: Noted.
                                       Boardmeeting expenses: SAPI office is responsible to
                                       make bookings in advance to reduce costs of attending
                                       Board meetings.
5.2. Office

All has been well established, but there are some teething problems, although none are
critical at this stage.

The burden of the administration has to be taken over from the branches. Christo will be
playing a bigger role in supporting the regions.

The board authorises the President and the Treasurer to act on its behalf and to sign the
contracts that are related to the employment of staff.

Board has recorded its thanks to Pieter Botha for all his hard work.
There is a problem of that many people haven‟t received accounts as yet.
The President will be approaching Vishal Ramduny to take over as Treasurer.

Resolution: The Treasurer has to investigate the rationalisation of SAPI‟s banking needs,
            and has to look at alternative methods of payment, including incentives for
            early payments made.

              Christo has to follow-up on the accounts that have not yet been paid up to
              date. SAICE will be undertaking the bookkeeping services, and Ramsan
              Roussow will remain SAPI‟s auditors.
                SAPI - R 708 000.00
                S2      - R 415 000.00
                Saving - R 5 000.00

5.3. Approval of New Members

Following list: Gauteng:

                  Approved subject to the addition of the following names.

                1.Zunaid Khan      (Corporate member)
                2.George Onatu      (Corporate member)
                3.Skhumbuzo Sibanda (Corporate member)
                4.Karien Kriek      (Associate member)


                 Approved subject to the ratification by the branch of the following names.

               1.Speleleisiwe Stholo (Student member)
               2.Gavin Heath         (Corporate member)
               3.Mitchel Hawkins (Student member)


                 Approved subject to the ratification by the branch of the following names.

               1.Louisa du Toit (Corporate member)


                 Approved subject to the ratification by the branch of the following names.
               1.Victor Yankey (Student member)
               2.Martin Klopper (Corporate member)

                North West:

                Approved subject to the ratification by the branch of the following names.

              1.Tjaart Schutte   (Corporate member)
              2.Adolphina Moleka (Corporate member)

  Resolution: Yusuf Patel and P.A. (Max) Singh will be reporting a qualification for the
               International membership.

  5.4. New application form – Max Singh

  The data collection needs to be improved through a new membership form.

  Resolution: Christo has to update the database in accordance with the KZN branch
              suggestions working with Max Singh.

  5.5. Funding for Student Prizes

  An award of R1000 will be given to a student for exceptional achievements despite
  personal adversity in that year of study.The award is at the discretion of the academic
  institution and the award need to be made if there is no such student in that year.

  Resolutions: The SAPI National award will be kept, as is R1000.00 for the best student
               per planning school.
               Branches are free to determine their own awards policy.
               A letter needs to be written to the Heads of Planning Schools to inform


  6.1. Website – Eastern Cape

  The content is being updated. The old service provider was Quartermaster, and the
  hosting company Interprise with the domain name Saplanners Org. The new service
  provider is Reweb – stated of the charging host.

  Quartermaster had a back-up.
  Quartermaster – CD back-up R1034.00, Reweb – R200.00 register domain name,
  R150.00 per month for hosting, R1000.00 to reinstate. CD back-up to SAICE. Remote
  updating, Reweb already reinstating.

  Resolutions: Registerd domain name is owned by SAPI and is hosted by REWEB IT,also
               the contract period is change from 5 years to “between 6 months and 1
               year”,and clarity on the services being offered by REWEB IT needs to be

  6.2. Newsletter – Western Cape
Nthato Gobodo reported on issues listed below.
Key challenges: 1.Internet access
               2.Who distributes
               5.Timing 2 pa.
               6.Cost and capacity – takes 2 months to produce.

Resolutions: - The newsletter should be in electronic form with hard copies printed for
            - PDF is on the Website.
            -To central the office for distribution to all members and placing it on the
            - This has to be done twice a year.
            - In April 500 copies have to be made of the previous newsletter that has
              been updated and joined up.

6.3. Journal – Ashraf Adam
Ashraf reported on his meeting with Edgar Pieterse who stated that more than
anything,the editor needs to be someone who is enthusiastic about the journal.It was
agreed that discussions be entered into with Delivery Magazine and the Urban Green File
to establish their ability to mmanage the journal on SAPI‟s behalf.

Resolutions: Ashraf and Nthato to engage with Katherine McKenzie from Delivery and
            Engela Meyer from Urban Green file.

6.4. Regional Business Plans / Regional Reports – all regions

Gauteng: Notes are attached to the minutes.

North West: Reported that notes are attached to the minutes.

Mpumalanga: Participation has been very good, from the private and public sectors,
            Especially the provincial administration, local authorities have not yet fully
            been involved.
             350km  far.

Limpopo: It was a quiet year last year.

Eastern Cape: Reported that there must be prepared position for paper on frustrations
              between planning and environmental issues.

KwaZulu –Natal: Business plan has been presented.
                Notes and copy attached to the minutes.

Western –Cape: Reported that notes are attached to the minutes.

Free State / Northen Cape: Report will be circulated.

Resolutions: CPD Max and Nancy CPD to do the preparations on all proposals for the
                  next SAPI board meeting. The Service Provider registration is at
                  SACPLAN. Regions to have an annual regional conference – to
                  raise awareness, relevance and to add to financial sustainability.
6.5 2008 Planning Africa Conference - Lauretta

Excellent report from Lauretta regarding progress on the conference. Board asked her to
convey our thanks.

6.6 African Planning Association – Christine Platt

Report on increased membership from 7 to 14.

African Renaissance funding application has been made, and short listed of bookings are
booking for management funds. APA connections teach us many lessons.

SAPI will pay the conference fee‟s of APA delegates only and not airfares or other costs.

6.7 Commonwealth Association of Planners – Christine Platt

Reported on CAP Johannesburg meeting that the CAAP session are responsible to
develop messages for WUF IV(4) in managing planning. Noted. CAP‟s connection led to
SAPI President‟s attendance at the Cameroon event. Also, Gap proposing
GAP/SPU/SAPI/APA networking event on re-inventing planning responses from the
developing world with an emphasis on Africa.

6.8 RTPI

Issue considered by board to be closed as the matter was resolved last year. There are
money matters to be reported on with further progress in due course.

Matter to be removed from the agenda.

6.9 Interim Certification Board

Board looking at certification of EIA consultants.

Resolutions: Max, Stephen Berisford and Erna to respond to draft of the ICB proposals.
            Max to contact Stephen.

6.10 SACPLAN – Max Singh

Max reported on current issues with SACPLAN.

Ashraf Adam to thank chairman of SACPLAN for addressing 2007 AGM.

Have received a conditional letter on recognition as a voluntary against the accreditation
visits programme is underway. Four visits are budgeted for on a yearly basis. Audited
financial statements are being prepared.

6.11 LUMB – Ashraf Adam

Nothing new to report.It was agreed not to spend the R50 000.00 budgeted amount in light
of Dan Smit and Gemey Abrahams being appointed by National Treasury to look into the
rationalisation of planning legislation.Noted that pilot projects regarding the implemention
of the LUMB are being undertaken in the Limpopo / North – West.
   6.12 Green Paper – Ashraf Adam

   Powers and foundations are made by government and provinces. Ashraf Adam has made
   Contact with Derek Powell and will report back to next meeting. Noted.

   6.13 JIPSA – Ashraf Adam

   The paper prepared by Wendy Owens and Stephen Berisford on the „Preparation of a
   Work Plan for the Development of the Planning Profession‟was discussed.The problem
   though is that there has been no consultation on the terms of reference of the paper or the
   paper is itself.There appear to be substantive problems with the content of the report.

   Resolutions: Board to get comment on paper to the president by the 7th of February 2008
                and president to request a SAPI– JIPSA meeting.

   6.14 Mentorship Programme – Max Singh

   Ekurhuleni requested assistance. Hold over to next meeting.

6.15 Report from Heads of Planning Schools – Nancy Odendaal

   -    Constitution to be finalized
   -    Heads of Planning Schools: Vanessa Watson chairman for 2 years.Nancy Odendaal to
        be SAPI representative.
   -    Host meeting with SACPLAN at the end of 2007
   -    APA Schools: Revitalization of education in Africa for the next 3 years project
                      (inform Curriculum)
   -    Circulate TOR to all if Vanessa agrees.
   -    Ashraf reported that he has written to the Heads of Planning Schools to request a
        meeting at which issues of common interest could be discussed.


 Heads of Planning Schools: Vanessa Watson chairman for 2 years. Nancy Odendaal to be
 SAPI representative. Meeting will be held with SACOP. Meaningful discussions have been
 started. The Association of African Planning Schools has funding to look at revitalization
 of planning education in Africa. Will network with APA, SAPI, CAP regarding this.

 Project proposal to be circulated.

 Resolutions: In principle agreement is that of SAPI President is authorised to attend the
             WUF IV (4) and GPN Congress in November.

   NOVEMBER 2006

 This discussion was not held in view of time constraints.

Sunday 13th of April 2008 at 2 pm at Sandton Convention Centre.

Christo to ask Karen to book room for 3 hours at 14:00 on Sunday.

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