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Please read through the following rules and regulations and then
complete the registration form:

Thank you very much for trusting the Diary Club to service you and your clients. We are
currently the only company in South Africa offering this type of affordable, proven,
effective and personal service to professionals and business people to help them retain
their clients. Our service offers the very basic but personal and meaningful way to
connect with clients, make an impression and truly show them that you care. Our service
not only leaves a lasting impression but is often a welcome surprise that strengthens
client loyalty, retention and even referrals. And you, the member, can be assured of a
service that will promote lifelong customers and increase sales; a service that means
convenience, time-saving and less hassle for you.

Cost of Membership
All members need to pay a monthly membership        fee which is dependant on the number
of clients you require the Diary Club to service:
Standard               up to - 200 clients          R15-00   p.m.
Entrepreneur           201 - 300 clients            R25-00   p.m.
Professional           301 - 500 clients            R35-00   p.m.
Busines:               501 - 750 clients            R45-00   p.m.
Corporate              751 - 1000 clients           R55-00   p.m.
Company               1001 - 1500 clients           R60-00   p.m.

All Membership fees are to be paid by debit order, direct bank deposit or internet
transfer. Members wishing to pay via debit order must apply at their bank for the
necessary debit order to be debited to their account on the 31st of every month.
A copy of the application for a debit order must be attached to this registration form.

You CAN enjoy FREE Membership & Appreciation Rewards!
At the end of the registration form you can add referrals. If 5 or more referrals join the
Diary Club, your membership fees are immediately waived for a whole year!
You can also email our web address to any friends, clients, colleagues or family members
whenever you wish; and if any of your referrals join, you can also qualify to receive FREE
Diary Club gifts i.e. FREE membership applies first, then you can qualify for FREE
flowers, snack baskets, chocolate, champagne, wine, fruit baskets etc.

In order to use our service, a member must first complete the attached registration form
and client data sheet. All the information required must be provided in order for the
Diary Club to be able to provide an efficient and reliable service.
We require the Gift Order form from a Member for every gift that needs to be delivered.
The form must be faxed or emailed to the Diary Club a week in advance. (Our system
allows for reminders to go out to you, the member, for those special clients that you
would like to send a gift to e.g. very important clients, a good friend or family member
etc. Refer to the client data sheet) An invoice with an Order number will then be emailed
or faxed to the member for approval and payment, which will be required by the Diary
Club 3 days in advance of delivery date, in order for delivery to take place.

The Diary Club may partner with another party to provide specific services. When the
member signs up for these services, we will share names, or other contact information
that is necessary for the third party to provide these services. These parties are NOT
allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing
these services e.g. flowers that a supplier will need to deliver.

Email and Phone Greetings or Reminders
A member needs to specify when they want an email or SMS reminder to be sent directly
to themselves for those special clients, friends, colleagues or family members that they
wish to contact personally themselves. The gift service can still be used for these clients
and delivered direct to the member to personally deliver or direct to the client. All other
emails and smses will be sent direct to clients as the objective of the Diary Club is to
save the member precious time and trouble, while still giving their clients personal

The Diary Club will take every precaution to protect all members' information. When
members submit sensitive information via the website, it is protected both online and

Site and Service Updates
We send members site and service announcement updates. Members are not able to
unsubscribe from service announcements, which contain important information about the
service. We need to communicate with all members to provide an efficient service.

Incorrect Information
If any of a member's information or clients’ information changes in any way, it is the
member’s responsibility to notify the Diary Club immediately. The Diary Club cannot be
held responsible for any reminders or gifts or greetings not being sent to the correct
physical or email address, or cell phone, due to incorrect or outdated information having
been supplied.

Notification of Changes
If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on our Homepage
so members are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under
which circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

Account Holder: L Rebelo (t/a The Diary Club)
Name of Bank: ABSA, N1City
Type of Account: Savings Account
Account Number: 9163714721
Reference: Member’s full names

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