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					       Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes you different from other dating services?

A. We pride ourselves in providing highly discreet professional service, hand picked matches,
proper screened members and highly selective membership.

Q. How does your dating service work?

 A. Our services provide a unique, tailor-made search and selection service. Each client receives
individual attention and all interviews and matches are carried out by Grace Mabumbulu, the
founder and the Principal Consultant of the agency. Once you have engaged the agency you are
assured of meeting quality people with similar lifestyle and life goals.

Q. What type of people, and how old do you need to be to engage your services?

A. Our members are successful single professionals and entrepreneurs who are doing well in
their respective fields. They are discerning and seek a real alternative to ordinary dating option
with a high level of individual attention. Age wise women are between 26 and 50; men 30-55.
The agency ONLY signs people who are committed in finding genuine long term relationships.

Q. How do you select potential matching?

A. All potential introductions are selected based on guidance of member’s set criteria, and all
will be well mannered, well presented, articulate, and have common interests, similar
background, lifestyle, and seeking the same relationship goal.

Q. Do I need to tell you if I smoke, have children etc.?

A. Yes, it is essential that you disclose honestly all relevant information as some members might
feel strongly about them. If relevant information is not given prior to engaging the agency and
later comes to light, the agency reserves the right to withdraw membership.

Q. How do I engage your services?

A. Just call us at 0861 000 493/011 7016 7901 or visit our website, so we
can arrange time to meet and chat to you about the type of person and relationship you're

Q. Where do you meet clients?
 A. We can either meet you at coffee shop or in the comfort of your own home depending what
is convenient to you.

Q. Do I get to see photographs?

A. We prefer people NOT to choose an introduction base on a photo, as a photo can be totally
misleading. A photo can lead people to make a decision based on it, when of course; connecting
with someone has a whole range of factors to consider. Limiting finding a partner to a photo is
not realistic. And with due respect, it is the avenue online dating takes. We however ensure
that all introductions are well presented and well groomed. However, if both members wish to
see each others’ photo prior to an introduction we certainly organize that.

Q. What if I decline the recommended introduction?

 A. You can of course decline an introduction, but we suggest that you meet with the
recommended match, as we will have recommended the person based on your criteria. The
person will also be professional, educated, and single and genuinely seeking a long term

Q. How do I meet my introduction?

A. We make all the arrangements, by being a go-between the two parties. This keeps the two
parties personal details secure, and offers confidentiality. Once an introduction is agreed, we
ask the two parties where they feel happy to meet, venue etc.

Q. Any advice for meeting my introduction?

 A. Keep an open mind, and remember this can be a difficult time for both parties - usually
people are nervous, especially if they have not dated much recently. Everyone reacts differently
on a first meeting; some will talk quite a lot while others may seem reserved. This is perfectly
normal and not an indication that things are not going well. The first meetings are almost like
an interview, as members are both looking very closely at each other. So our advice is, unless
you both really don't like each other – (this rarely happens) meet a second or third time, so that
you can see each other when you’re both relaxed.

Q. Is there a code of behavior for an introduction?

A. Yes, on your first and second date, you are considered to be an ambassador for yourself and
our agency, and required to act in such a manner that the agency can be proud of. The agency
always checks as far as possible that the male is genuine, and that he is fully aware this is not an
escort service, but a genuine service for finding life partners, therefore a code is vital.

Q. What details do you provide to a potential date?
A. We compile a profile based on the information you provided us both via questionnaire and
in-depth interview. Typically this contain your age, education, occupation, marital status,
children etc. as well as a summary of you as a person which will be created to ' interest ' the
reader. It will also communicate what you’re seeking in a partner, interests, hobbies etc. I
provide enough detail to enthuse the potential match but not too much, so if you meet there is
plenty to ask and communicate on.

Q. How many introductions can I expect?

A. This depends on the package chosen, Gold Members get minimum of 6 while Platinum
members are entitled to 12 introductions. Depends on your personal circumstances some
members could attract more that minimum guaranteed matches. Should your membership
expire before you get the minimum introductions, your membership will be extended until you
reach the minimum guaranteed introductions.

Q. Will age make any difference?

A. Yes, it can, but it is not conclusive, just a realistic view that as we get older there seems to be
less available suitable partners, but that is where an agency uses its expertise to find those
potential partners.

Q. Does nationality or religion make a difference?

A.Yes it can. It will be dependent whether a member or a potential match will be open to
background too different to theirs. Obviously your chances will be limited If you are seeking a
partners from only a certain religion or community.

Q. Will the service definitely work for me?

A. No we cannot guarantee this. We can only open up new opportunities for you to meet a
much wider, more in-tuned selection of people than you are unlikely to meet without our
assistance. So engaging any form of introduction agency is one way to' guarantee' you are
increasing your chances of meeting a partner.

Q. Can I freeze my membership?

A. Only Platinum members can have this facility. If you meet someone through our agency, you
may FREEZE searches for up to 3 months. You may also FREEZE searches up to 3 months, in case
of holidays/ work/illness.

Q. Is your service secure?
A. Grace Mabumbulu, the Principal Consultant meets every new client, and we insist on id no,
telephone numbers, and photographs of every member. In addition to this documentation we
verify background information. However, you do need to take your own precautions after that
e.g., meet in a public place, not get in to a car on a first/second date etc. The service cannot be
held responsible for any event, act, or accident arising from an introduction facilitated through
the agency. Clients are required to take responsibility for their own safety.

Q. How confidential is your agency?

A. Very. Because we are targeting high-profile members so confidentiality is essential.

Q. What is the definition of an introduction?

A. Suitable introduction is deemed to have been made once the member and the introduction
have agreed to a meeting. If a member or a potential match withdraws from a meeting once it
has been agreed/arranged, this is still considered an introduction.

Q. What if I change my mind after engaging you, will you refund my money?

A.The membership fees are non-refundable however, if we have been unable to provide the
minimum introductions applicable to a particular membership at the end of the membership
period, then membership can be extended ,at no additional cost until such time the member
has been provided with guaranteed number applicable to the membership option.

Q. What experience do you have in finding partners?

 A. In addition to many years of working in human relations environment and her psychological
background, Grace Mabumbulu, the Founder and the Principal Consultant conducted
considerable research on dating trends both international and locally which resulted in her
establishing the agency.

Q. What is the fee structure?
Social Events only membership - R800
Gold Membership- R2800
Platinum Membership-R3200

Q. How do I pay?

A. The payment of fees is once-off and exclusive of VAT.

Q. How are you different from online dating?
 A. Our approach is highly personalized; all matches are done personally instead of using a
computer. Before a member meets any match, Grace, our Principal Consultant gets to know
their needs, via an in-depth interview and stringent screening.

Q. How do the social events work?

A. Events are arranged regularly but we put a lot of thinking into them-e.g. we ensure that we
have similar people in the event in terms of age range, background, ratio between men and
women etc.We however guarantee that you will attend not less than 10 events during your

Q.What type of events do you host?

A. Anything from intimate 8@8,bigger –“single and mingle” for bigger groups and informative
talks on dating and grooming etc.

Q. What if I don't get guaranteed invites?

A. We will extend membership until we have given you the minimum guaranteed events.

Q. What if I don’t find a right partner in social events?

A. Social events are not only meant to find partners-it’s also about networking and expanding
social network. If however you are joining in order to get a partner, it is advisable to sign up on
one of our one on one membership. We offer the Gold and Platinum Memberships and
members opting for these options are interviewed and screened and only introduced to hand
picked matches in order to increase their chances of meeting right the partner.

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