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									Definition                                 Recipients                                   Nomination process           Judges            Award
The Peter Pelham Memorial Bursary          Students currently attending financially     Self nomination,             International     £1000
is an endowed fund from which              disadvantaged full member schools;           application available on     Executive Co-     annually
revenues will be disbursed to fund         minimum age 16; students whose family        RS website and submitted     ordinator and     (until
student bursaries on RSIS projects.        cannot afford the cost of an RSIS project    to RS designate.             RSIS project      further
The recipients are students from                                                                                     Coordinator       notice)
financially disadvantaged RS full
member schools.
Peter Pelham was a past Board member
and strong advocate of supporting
financially disadvantaged schools
Governors Bursary                          Current students from Round Square full      Self      nomination     -   Representative
The Governors’ fund monies will be         member schools; minimum age 16; whose        application available on     Governor on the   £1000
disbursed annually to fund student         family cannot afford the cost of             RS website and submitted     Round Square      annually
participation in Round Square              participating in an RS activity such as an   to RS Board representative   Board and the     (until
sanctioned activities such as an           RSIS project                                 Governor..                   International     further
exchange, a regional project an                                                                                      Executive Co-     notice)
international service project or an                                                     Head to confirm that there   ordinator.
International Conference.                                                               is financial need.
The Governors’ fund was established by
Governors of all full member schools as
a tangible way in which Governors
could support Round Square
The Friends of Round Square bursaries      Students from an RS member school;           Self nomination –            Open              Dependent
may be offered by each of the registered   minimum age 16; students whose family        application available on                       on available
Friends (presently Africa, Australia,      cannot afford the cost of an RSIS project    RS website and sent to                         funds
Canada, Germany, India, UK, and USA)                                                    Chair of appropriate
and are used primarily to fund bursaries                                                Friends organization.
for students from their own country to
participate in Round Square sanctioned
activities. If legal articles allow,
Friends may fund student bursaries for
students from another country.

Round Square                                                      Bursary Definitions                                                    April 2009

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