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Cont. Part II: The Urban Rat Race

Part II of our project is made up of two main activities. In the first activity, i.e. Activity 1
you will listen to a song called Synchronicity by The Police in the computer lab and
complete a set of activities based on the song. In second activity i.e. Activity 2 you will
be expected to work in a group of not more than four people and produce either an advert
for a community project/business of your choice or a poem about urban problems.

Activity 1: Synchronicity by The Police
Background information about The Police:

The Police, formed in 1977, were British punk rock band made up of three musicians,
Andy Summers on guitars, Stewart Copeland also on guitars, and Gordon Sumner
(Sting), on vocals. All the while, the band's tight delivery and mastery of the pop single
kept their audience increasing, and by 1983, they were the most popular rock & roll band
in the world. Though they were at the height of their fame, internal tensions caused the
band to splinter apart in 1984, with Sting picking up the majority of the band's audience
to become an international superstar. Some of their most famous songs include: Message
in th Bottle, Walking on the Moon, Synchronicity, King of Pain, Tea in the Sahara, Every
Breath you take, etc.
A. Pre-listening activity
    1. Answer the following questions about yourself.
    1.1. How do you normally prepare yourself before coming to school?_____________
    1.2. What do you normally eat for breakfast? ________________________________
    1.3. What means of transport do you use coming to school? ____________________
    1.4. What do you normally do after school? _________________________________

 2. Answer the following questions about vehicular traffic and settlement types.
2.1. What do you understand by traffic congestion? __________________________
2.2. What time of the day do the volume of traffic increase in your village, and why?
2.3.What is a suburb? __________________________________________________
2.4.What is a cottage? __________________________________________________
      B. During-listening activity

1. Listen to the song “Synchronicity II” by The Police and fill in the missing
   words. Listen to the song at least three times with the first trial aimed at enjoying
   the song. ( Be aware as you listen that The Police is a British band and therefore
   it might not be too easy for you to pick up certain words due to the unusual
   accent. The only best thing you can do is persevere!)

2. Synchronicity II Lyrics of The Police

    Another suburban family __________________
    Grandmother screaming at the wall

    We have to _____________above the din of our Rice Crispies
    We can’t hear ____________at all.
    _______________ chants her litany of boredom and ___________________
    We know all her suicides are fake.

    Daddy only stares into the ____________________
    There’s only so much more that he can take.
    Many ___________away something crawls from the slime
    At the bottom of a dark Scottish _____________

    Another industrial ugly ______________
    The factory belches filth into the sky.
    He walks unhindered through the picket lines today,
    He does’nt think to wonder why.
    The _________________pout and preen like cheap tarts in a red light street,
    But all he ever thinks to do is watch.
    And every _____________meeting with his so-called superiors
    Is a _____________________kick in the crotch.
    Many miles away something crawls to the _________________
    Of dark a ___________________lake.
    Another working ____________has ended.

        Only the rush hour hell to face.
        Pack like lemmings into __________________metal boxes.
        Contestants in a suicidal race.
        Daddy grips the _____________and stares alone into the ______________,
        He knows that something somewhere has to break.
        He sees the family home now looming in the headlights,
        The pain ___________________that makes his eyeballs ache.

        Many miles away there’s a shadow on the door
        Of a cottage on the shore
        Of a dark Scottish lake………………………………………………

Now go to the Internet, look for this song’s lyrics and print it. Name the website where
you found the lyrics: _____________________________________________________
Compare the two lyrics!

C. After-listening activity

 1. Number your song lines on the left marging and paragraphs/stanzas on the right
    margin in chronological order from the first to the last.

 1.1 In the context of the song, match words in column A with their synonyms in
     column B

                               A                                      B
      1.1    din (par. 2, line 3)                i) refuse, disgusting dirt, waste material
      1.2.   stare (par.3, line 6)               ii) humiliating, lower the dignity
      1.3.   filth (par.4, line 11)              iii) prostitutes
      1.4.   embarassing (par. 4, line 16)       iv) look at something steadily
      1.5.   Suicidal(par. 5, line 23)           v) large water mass surrounded by land
      1.6.   lake (par.4, line 19)               v) dangerous, can result in death
      1.7.   Tarts (par. 4, line 14)             vi) loud, disturbing noise

 2. Exegesis- Critical interpretation

 2.1. To whom does the “we (par 2, line 3)” refer? ______________________________
 2.2. Why is “mother bored and frustrated” (par. 2, line 5)?_______________________
 2.3. Why is the industrial morning “ugly” (par.4, line 10) _______________________
 2.4 “The factory belches filth into the sky” (par 4, line 11). Paraphase this statement
     into simple English. Also use a rough sketch to illustrate what the line means.

Fig. 2.4. _________________________________________________

   2.5. “The secretaries pout and preen like cheap tarts in a red light street” (par 4, line
   2.5.1. Which socio-economic class do secretaries represent? High class, Middle
           class or Low class? __________________________
   2.5.2. What happens to traffic when the street light turns red?__________________
   2.5.3. To “pout and preen like cheap tarts” means to maintain themseleves in good
           condition or making sure that they look nice, usually by looking at their faces
           on their car mirrors while their cars are waiting for the robot to turn green.
           “like cheap tarts”. What figure of speech is this? _______________________
   2.5.4. Use the similar figure of speech to construct two sentences of your own
   2.5.5. about yourself. 1.________________________________________________
   2.5.6. What is “rush hour”? (par 5.) ______________________________________
   2.5.7. “Packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes” (par 5) is another figure of
           speech. Lemmings are some kind of rats/rodents which means human beings
           in heavy traffic are compared to a pack of rats. What are “shiny metal
           boxes”then? ____________________________________________________
   2.5.8. Why are people in a heavy traffic referred to as being in a “suicidal race”
           (par5)? ________________________________________________________

Activity 2. Follow-up activity: An advert or a poem

In this activity your are going to get together in a group of not more than four people
and do either an advertisement for a community development project/ business of
your choice or a peom on the pressures of urban life.

Task A: Rural Settlements. (NB. Either do Task A or B).

Instructions on doing an advert.

Identify a community project of your choice and think about ways of marketing the it
to a wider community. It might be the dry cleaner next to your school, or a foul run,
or a vegetable garden or any initiative which you think is aimed at developing your
community. Think about creating an audio-visual advert for the project. The visual
and the audio will be sold to the concerned project. We will also advice the
project/business manager to submit the audio to the local radio (Sekgo Radio) for

Each of your group members will be performing either one of the following roles:
i)     The IT specialist – this person is good at using a camera and will capture all
       the necessary details about your choice project. He/she will also do the
       recording of the audio.
ii)    The interviewer – this person is good at initiating conversations. He/she
       knows how to approach business people and will ask all the necessary
       questions to the owners of the project.
iii)   The poster developer – this person has very good editing skills and is good at
       combining colours to come up with an excellent poster.
iv)    The presenter- this person has an excellent voice and will charm the listeners
       into buying the product. This is the person who will do the audio

Steps to developing an audio-visual advert.

1. Visit the project and asked the managers if you could do an advert for them.
2. If they allow you to do so ask them if you could take photos of interesting
   activities about the project, for example, the building, the products, the
   manufacturing process, etc.
3. Ask necessary questions about the project/business for you to include in your
   advert, for example, aims of the project, target group, prices of products, way of
   operation, working hours, etc.
4. Come back to school and start working with the advert first.
5. Use the tipsheets and the rubric provided as guidelines for developing a good
6. Thereafter develop an audio which will be recorded onto a tape or cd.
7. Use the rubric provided as guidelines for devoping a good audio. Your audio
   should not be more than one minute long.

    Task B Urban Settlements: Writing and reciting a poem.

    1. Think about the song Synchronicity by The Police. Amongst other issues the,
       song is about the pressures of city life. Select a theme from the many urban/city
       problems that you have learned and seen in your field trip and write a poem
       based on it. You may consider any or more of the following areas: pollution (air,
       noise or land), congestion, joblessness, street kids, crime, .
    2. Be prepared to recite the poem to your class. Use the rubric provided to recite a
       good poem.
    3. Collect as many poems as possible from your peers and the web to compile an
       anthology called: The city- The ghost machine.

Groups and roles:

A: Product: Advert
Group 1
    1. Rodney Kubayi- Graphic designer (Grade 12)
    2. Hlayisani Mashele – Presenter (Grade 12)
    3. Hector Mashimbye – Interviewer (Grade 12)
    4. Aubrey Ngobeni – IT specialist (Grade 12)

Group 2
   1. April Chauke – Interviewer (Grade 12)
   2. Erick Makhuvele – Graphics designer (Grade 12)
   3. Lasky Khosa- IT specialist (Grade 12)
   4. Prince Makhuvele – Presenter (Grade 10)

B: Product: Poem (Pairs)
Pair 1: 1. Alice Manganyi – Editor (Grade 11)
       2. Promise Baloyi – Presenter (Grade 12)

Pair 2: 1. Evans Ntsumele – Editor (Grade 12)
       2. Prince Mashimbye – Presenter (Grade 12)

Pair 3: 1. Thacki Ngobeni– Editor (Grade 12)
       2. Shaun Sarila - Presenter (Grade 10)

Pair 4: 1. Excellent Hlungwani – Editor (Grade 12)
       2. Nyiko Mavodze – Presenter (Grade 10)

                           An Advert : local business

  Teacher Name:              Ngobeni V

  Student Name:      ________________________________________

      CATEGORY             4                 3                2                  1
Graphics -Clarity          Graphics are      Most             Most graphics      Many graphics
                           all in focus      graphics are     are in focus       are not clear or
                           and the           in focus and     and the content    are too small.
                           content easily    the content      is easily
                           viewed and        easily viewed    viewed and
                           identified from   and identified   identified from
                           6 ft. away.       from 6 ft.       4 ft. away.
Graphics - Originality     Several of the    One or two of    The graphics       No graphics
                           graphics used     the graphics     are made by        made by the
                           on the poster     used on the      the student, but   student are
                           reflect a         poster reflect   are based on       included.
                           exceptional       student          the designs or
                           degree of         creativity in    ideas of others.
                           student           their creation
                           creativity in     and/or
                           their creation    display.
                           and/or display.
Graphics - Relevance       All graphics      All graphics     All graphics       Graphics do
                           are related to    are related to   relate to the      not relate to
                           the topic and     the topic and    topic. Most        the topic OR
                           make it easier    most make it     borrowed           several
                           to understand.    easier to        graphics have      borrowed
                           All borrowed      understand.      a source           graphics do not
                           graphics have     All borrowed     citation.          have a source
                           a source          graphics                            citation.
                           citation.         have a
Attractiveness             The poster is     The poster is    The poster is      The poster is
                           exceptionally     attractive in    acceptably         distractingly
                           attractive in     terms of         attractive         messy or very
                           terms of          design, layout   though it may      poorly
                           design, layout,   and              be a bit messy.    designed. It is
                           and neatness.     neatness.                           not attractive.
Content - Accuracy         At least 7        5-6 accurate     3-4 accurate       Less than 3
                           accurate facts    facts are        facts are          accurate facts
                           are displayed     displayed on     displayed on       are displayed
                           on the poster.    the poster.      the poster.        on the poster.

           Oral Presentation Rubric : Local Business Advert/Poem

  Teacher Name: Ngobeni V.

  Student Name:    ________________________________________

 CATEGORY      4                    3                      2                       1
Pitch          Pitch was often      Pitch was often        Pitch was rarely        Pitch was not used
               used and it          used but the           used OR the             to convey emotion.
               conveyed             emotion it             emotion it
               emotions             conveyed               conveyed often did
               appropriately.       sometimes did not      not fit the content.
                                    fit the content.
Pauses         Pauses were          Pauses were            Pauses were             Pauses were not
               effectively used     effectively used       intentionally used      intentionally used.
               2 or more times      once to improve        but were not
               to improve           meaning and/or         effective in
               meaning and/or       dramatic impact.       improving meaning
               dramatic                                    or dramatic impact.
Enthusiasm     Facial               Facial expressions     Facial expressions      Very little use of
               expressions          and body language      and body language       facial expressions
               and body             sometimes              are used to try to      or body language.
               language             generate a strong      generate                Did not generate
               generate a           interest and           enthusiasm, but         much interest in
               strong interest      enthusiasm about       seem somewhat           topic being
               and enthusiasm       the topic in others.   faked.                  presented.
               about the topic
               in others.
Preparedness   Student is           Student seems          The student is          Student does not
               completely           pretty prepared but    somewhat                seem at all
               prepared and         might have needed      prepared, but it is     prepared to
               has obviously        a couple more          clear that rehearsal    present.
               rehearsed.           rehearsals.            was lacking.

Speaks         Speaks clearly       Speaks clearly and     Speaks clearly and      Often mumbles or
Clearly        and distinctly all   distinctly all (100-   distinctly most ( 94-   can not be
               (100-95%) the        95%) the time, but     85%) of the time.       understood OR
               time, and            mispronounces          Mispronounces no        mispronounces
               mispronounces        one word.              more than one           more than one
               no words.                                   word.                   word.
Stays on       Stays on topic       Stays on topic         Stays on topic          It was hard to tell
Topic          all (100%) of        most (99-90%) of       some (89%-75%)          what the topic was.
               the time.            the time.              of the time.


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