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									                                    Technical Note 11 - SCUPPERS
Many boat owners are upgrading their boat's "safety" by installing or wanting to install transom
scuppers. A scupper is an opening in the transom (or side panels in sailing ships of yore that lets
water out).
Here are the Rules:-                Circular Scuppers
       Diameter                                                 between 140 & 152mm
       Centre line to centre line Spacing                       305 to 317mm
       Minimum distance from underside of the hull                       23mm
                     Rectangular Scuppers         (applies to series II boats only)
       Maximum width & height size permitted                    180mm x 100mm
       Nearest point of each scupper to the centre line of the 75mm transom measured at right
      angles to the centre line.
       Minimum distance from underside of the hull                       23mm
Note The left side of the boat shows the Series I, and the right side the Series II hull

                             140mm- 152mm
                                                                100mm Max.

             23mm Min.

   SCUPPERS                                                     30mm Min.

                         152.5mm - 158.5mm       180mm Max.

                                    330mm      275mm

              190mm                                               140mm


    For Fastest Drainage make scuppers maximum size, as close to the centre
    line as permitted, and as close to the underside of the hull as you can. On
    Series I GRP boats watch out that the centre transom post is not damaged
    while cutting the scuppers holes. If you cut this post seal it with glass/resin.
    The flap covers can be made from 2mm Polycarbonate fixed with 20mm
    wide strip of material on the transom centre line. Circular Scuppers need a
    piece 340 x 190 mm. Rectangular Scuppers need a piece 280 x 140 mm.


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