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					                                Personal Profile
                                         Marlize Boshoff

                                  Regional Finalist Mrs South Africa
                                       Owned by Susca Watts
26 July 2005

I was born in Heidelberg and moved to Centurion (Pretoria) with my parents when I
was a year old. I’m the oldest of three children. I have a brother and a sister and even
though our ages differ five and six years, we’re big friends. I did my school years in
Centurion and did my matric at Voortrekkerhoogte high school after which I
enrolled at the old H.F. Verwoerd hospital as a nursing student, and became an
enrolled nurse and loved every minute of it, I love working with people and children.

I had my first daughter, Zandria in 1991 and my second daughter, Alecia in 1993.
After the birth of my first daughter I left the nursing industry because of the working
hours and started working as a life underwriter in the Insurance Industry. I completed
my diploma in Life Underwriting and I’m still in the Insurance Industry. At the
moment I’m in the marketing team and I’m responsible for the development of the
medical definitions on some of the risk benefits. I also do presentations and training to

I’m married to a wonderful man, André. Apart from my two daughters, he is the best
thing that has ever happened to me. We are best friends, we have the same interests.

In 2004 I joined my husband in his business. We have an Adventure business and
seeing that we both are adventure addicts, it seemed like the right thing to do. We do
teambuilding’s and fun activities like Quad bike trails, Microlight flips, paintball,
Elephant rides etc. We started our own bush lodge recently in the Dinokeng North
area and we love every minute of it. We moved to the game farm, which was a whole
new experience for me. This is where I’ve decided that I want to do everything
possible to be involved in community work.

Our game farm is near Hammanskraal and there, I’ve met people who are struggling.
You’re always aware of these things, but I’ve never personally experienced it until
now. One of the people I met is Paulus, a matriculant at a school in Hammanskraal
but lives on a farm in Boekenhoutkloof. He spends 3 hours walking to school in the
morning and another 3 hours in the afternoon back home. We got to know Paulus by
giving him a lift every morning and I’ve started helping him with his homework over
weekends. I could not believe how dedicated this young man is to complete his
matric, and that is where I decided to help him wherever I can and again God
answered my prayers. I managed to get a sponsor for Paulus. He will now receive a
bicycle, study material, winter clothes and maybe even a bursary to study next year.
That was the best feeling I ever had in my life about myself, by opening my heart to
someone else, I made a big difference in his life. I’ve decided that I don’t want it to
stop with Paulus. I’ve decided that it changed my life in such a positive way that I
want to continue with community work. Then I decided to enroll for the Mrs South
Africa 2006 competition, what better way to become involved in the community than
this competition. I was chosen as one of the Regional Finalists for Mrs South Africa
2006. The competition is taking place in February 2006.

From there on things just started happening. I’m in the process of registering my own
Section 21 Company specifically for welfare. I’m also arranging functions to raise
some funds for welfare and I will also be giving workshops on our farm for people in
the community for instance, art classes, upholstery etc. and after they completed their
project in the workshop I will arrange a exhibition where they can then sell what
they’ve made.

I am also a motivational speaker and do motivational talks to the public, for
reservations people can contact me directly.

My second love in life is animals. I just love animals! Apart from our 3 dogs, we also
have a tame parrot that believe it or not, can talk more than me, we have a tame
squirrel running around the house teasing everyone and last but not least we have 2
miniature potbelly pigs, naughty but nice!

I started becoming more and more interested in the beauty industry. As a result I
bought myself a beauty salon and started another one from home, I also attended
some beauty courses myself. Unfortunately I had to sell the one salon when I went
into business with my husband as well as the fact that we moved to the game farm,
but I’m definitely starting one at the lodge, my aim is to provide treatments for clients
at the lodge.

My oldest daughter is in grade 8 this year and the youngest one is in grade 6, two

My most favorite saying in life?
Cliff Richard once said “What other people think of me, is becoming less important to
me, but what they think of Jesus Christ when they see me as a Christian, that is

Thank you

Marlize Boshoff

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