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					Java Gently 3rd Edition

Error List No 2 13 March 2001

Stream adaptation
There are still a few residual errors relatied to the transformation from Text to Stream.
These are at:
p139 -8 p148 line 11 Stream.Read
p145 line -13 and p143 line -10 becomes fin.Stream()
p581 line 1 Stream.format

Time class
used to be called Times and there are some occurrences of this on page 98 in Figure 3.7.
Also in example 4.2, the variable declaration should not be constructed, i.e.
p121 line -14 remove = newTime

Minor mistakes - sorry
p151 line14 = d.getInt not getMax
p111 line 13 This is not Pascal’s triangle
p58 line 4 Math.pow(x, 1/3);
p340 getDateInstance(DateFormat.FULL).format(new Date())
p552 lines 12 and 18 = new URL

Rainfall program Example 3.4
p72 lines -6 to -16 12 histograms labels 1 to 12
p73 line -10 to -8
// Display a bar for each month and then the final axis
  for (int month = 1; month <=12; month ++) {
   bar (month, Math.random()*40);
The program on the web is correct.

p270 line -4 Another token should start after the space in “ “
p270 line -1 omit the space in the set
p271 line 3 add a space before the s

Calendar class
p289 line -12 append
if c is a Calendar object then
p289 line -11 and -10 replace c.get and c.set
Search sequence
p241 lines 5, 6, 7 become
return false;

J M Bishop
13 March 2001

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