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									                  Duties and Powers of the Farm Manager

A Duties of the Farm Manager

    1) To maintain the farm infrastructure in a “fit for purpose” state at all times.
       This includes:

         a) Road infrastructure
         b) Water reticulation
         c) Electricity network
         d) Perimeter Fencing
         e) Fire breaks
         f) Dam maintenance
         g) Access control
         h) All common areas: e.g. swimming pool, entertainment centre, workshop
            and store
         i) Waste management

    2) Maintain all Farm Assets in a good state of repair and ensure that they are only
       used for farm purposes unless authorised by the Board. The Board will, in
       certain circumstances allow farm assets to be used by shareholders and third
       parties, provided that market related rates are recovered from such parties.
       This maintenance will involve, but not limited to the following;

         a) Keeping of detailed log books in all vehicles
         b) Regular routine preventative maintenance
         c) Training of drivers / operators to appropriately utilise the assets

    3) Manage the Fauna and Flora of the farm that is in keeping with guidance from
       experts in the field and environmental regulations. This will involve:

         a) Regular monitoring of the veld and taking necessary steps to improve the
            grazing capability of the farm including the elimination of alien plants
            such as sekelbos.
         b) Regular game counts being undertaken to establish the ratio of game to
            carrying capacity of the farm and to make regular recommendations to the
            Board on removing or increasing certain species on the farm.
         c) Ensure that building and other material is kept neat and that excess
            material is removed.
         d) Ensure that the general appearance of the farm is upheld in a manner
            befitting a game farm.

    4) Manage all the direct and indirect labour utilised on the farm. This includes:

         a) Labour employed on a permanent basis by the farm
         b) Labour employed on a temporary basis by the farm and used for farm

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         c) Contractors employed on behalf of shareholders. In this regard the Farm
            Managers duties will be limited to managing access control and not the
            direct management of the work undertaken

    5) Added services that the Farm manager, or other farm employees, may provide
       shareholders as a separate contract include:
       a) Cleaning services
       b) Building and building maintenance
       c) Vehicle repair and maintenance
       d) Laundry services
       e) Security alarm monitoring
       Note (i):      These services are to be charged directly to shareholders by the
                      Farm Manager and the Farm carries no responsibility for the
                      provision of neither the service, the quality thereof nor the
                      financial arrangement thereof.
       Note (ii):     These services are offered to ALL shareholders on an equitable
                      basis and no shareholder may be disadvantaged in any manner

    6) The working hours per week will be determined as follows

         a) Monday to Friday – 7h00 to 17h00
         b) Saturday - 08h00 to 17h00
         c) Sunday - 14h00 to 17h00

         Note: Should the Farm Manager not work on the Saturday and Sunday, the
         assistant manager will be present to assume duties.

    7) Leave in lieu of working weekends. The Farm manager will be entitled to
       take leave in lieu of working over the weekend equivalent to a day for each
       day worked over the weekend. A schedule will be kept in this regard.

    8) Maintain regular contact with neighbouring farms and farm managers to
       establish and maintain the following:

         a) Crime fighting forums and procedures to adequately respond to criminal
         b) Fire fighting forums to mutually assist in the case of fires.
         c) Other issues of common interest to the community.

    9) Make regular reports to the board on the following:

         a) Activities undertaken on the farm by the manager and the labour
         b) Progress on projects undertaken by the farm
         c) Progress on projects undertaken by shareholders through use of outside
         d) Progress on projects undertaken by the farm manager to satisfy
            shareholder requests:
            (i) At farm cost
            (ii) At shareholder cost

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B Powers of the Farm Manager

    1) The powers of the Farm manager are restricted in so far as the farm manager
       may not:

         a) Enter into any agreement on behalf of the Company
         b) Incur expenses greater than R 10,000 without the prior written agreement
            of at least two directors other than the Farm manager in his position as a
         c) Operate a business from the Company premises without the written
            consent of the Board.

    2) The Farm manager may not approve any new building plans. All building
       plans must be approved in writing by the Board prior to commencement of
       any building activity. In this respect, building of any dwelling must comply
       with the basic aesthetic requirements of:

         a) Roofing must be thatch or black tile
         b) Outer walls must be either stone or klinker brick
         c) The general appearance and location must be in keeping with the overall
            aesthetics of the farm
         d) Buildings must be restricted to a single dwelling construction
         e) All buildings must be restricted to the accommodation of eight persons
         f) The exact location and orientation of the building must be ratified by the
            Board prior to any construction work being undertaken
         g) The total bush clearance for the dwelling is restricted to a total area of 700
            m2. This area is to be taken as the perimeter of the extremities of ALL
            construction work.

    3) The Farm manager may not undertake any building work or maintenance and
       repair work that does not comply with the rules as in 2 above.

    4) The farm manager will not allow any contractor working on behalf of a
       shareholder to disregard regulations as stated in 2 above.   In such
       circumstances, the Board must be notified at once.

    5) The farm manager must ensure that all new shareholders formally meet the
       Board prior to the signature of all agreements between the new shareholder
       and the Board.

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