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									09 FEBRUARY 2008

  1. Pastor SK and church leadership had agreed to award prizes to best performing
     learners. In grades 10 & 11 the prizes were as follows:-

     Position        3 = R100-00
                     2 = R150-00
                     1 = R250-00 + a floating trophy.

     Grade 12 the prizes were as follows:-

     Position        3 = R1 000-00
                     2 = R1 500-00
                     1 = R2 500-00 + a floating trophy.

  2. Word of God: PS Mafukata A

  Topic: Confidence
  Main Scripture reaching:
  Exodus 3: 11-14
  Judges 6: 15

  There is one thing you cannot afford to throw away (that is) i.e. your confidence. It is
  your confidence that can take you out of your prison (difficult times) even if you are
  still in prison. If you throw away your confidence you have thrown away your life.
  God has placed you in this world with a purpose-but know that there is no easy way

  In the scripture read when Moses was sent by God to go to liberate the Israelites from
  (bondage/ slavery) the oppression of the Egyptians. Moses gave excuses as if he was
  supposed to it on his own. Moses who had seen God performing miracles still
  doubled God-his problem was that he had low confidence. That means for us a
  Christians we must have confidence to be successful in what we want to achieve in

  Gideon who was addressed by God as a mighty man of velour also doubled himself
  as he was also sent by God to serve the Israelites. This was because he looked at his
  own strength, he did not have confidence.

  For us to be successful in this life we need to have confidence in what we are doing
  and know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us.

  Know that in life you reach a state of inability so that God’s ability can be revealed- it
  seems our God has a tendency to appear very late in our situations.
3. Key note Address: Dr Phaswana N.E.

   Topic: “The importance of decision making.”

   In your everyday life you are not exempted from making decisions. As a young
   person it is your responsibility to make a decision that will make you move from
   poverty. It’s only education that can enable you to move from poverty i.e. you
   need to choose education as the only tool towards success. When you have made
   a decision you have made regardless of the hardships you will come across,
   become there is “no crown without a cross.” You need to make unformed decision
   i.e. consult. Knowledgeable people in whatever decision you want to make.
   Scriptural reference: - Daniel 3: 6

   Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego took a decision not to worship the golden
   image-and God delivered them from the fiery furname.

   Daniel took a decision not to worship a royal statute-and God delivered him from
   the lions. This simply means that you can change your world by the decision you

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