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					                                             UNIFORM POLICY

School uniforms at Pinelands North Primary School are a parent issue.

This means that parents have a right to constitute committees to look at current uniform trends or to make
changes should these be required. Should parents wish to change a part of the school uniform, this suggestion
is taken to a formal quarterly PTA meeting and, should it get majority support, a committee will be established
to investigate.

This committee consists of parents and staff so that the needs of the families and the school can be
considered. After discussion, suggestions are taken to the parent body as a whole and ultimately to the
Governing Body for ratification. This happened a few years’ ago and during 2004 a new uniform was launched.

This process should not happen too often as every uniform change means cost borne by all families.

Should a family require a child to deviate from the generally accepted official school uniform in any way, a
formal written application needs to be made to the Governing Body, who will discuss the merits of the case and
make an appropriate ruling.

Uniform-unisex/all season
short/long sleeved stone golf shirt                                         Physical education uniform
navy Bermuda shorts                                                         short sleeved stone golf shirt/
navy long trousers                                                            PNPS white t-shirt
maroon round necked jersey                                                  maroon quantec shorts
stone short socks                                                           predominantly white sport shoes
optional uniform                                                            short white/stone socks
waterproof maroon jacket                                                    black swimming costume
maroon body warmer                                                          red bathing cap
maroon fleece top                                                           optional sports uniform
maroon beanie                                                               maroon tracksuit pants
maroon scarf                                                                navy blue cricket hat
maroon tog bag                                                              maroon cap
navy/orange/black raincoat                                                  navy cricket hat

Specific sports uniform            Cricket – white shorts, maroon and white socks
                                   Hockey – maroon and white socks
Stockists                          PNPS uniform shop (Tuesdays and Thursdays 07:30 – 08:00)

General uniform regulations

1.      Only the regulation school jacket or a raincoat may be worn in wet weather.

2.      All items of clothing must be clearly marked.
3.        No jewellery or adornments may be worn with school uniform, including those of a religious nature.
          Girls who have pierced ears may wear small plain gold or silver studs.

4.        Hair should be neatly styled and conservative. Hair which touches the collar needs to be tied up with
          maroon, navy, white or hair coloured accessories.

5.        Pupils are expected to wear full school uniform to all evening functions at school unless specifically told

Second hand uniform

This can be bought at our uniform shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Clean uniform in good condition and clearly labelled, can be handed in at the school for re-sale. The school takes
10% of the sale or the full amount if the clothing is donated.

Civvies clothing

1.        Pupils may wear civvies on their birthdays except if their birthdays are on the first or last day of a
          term, or on the day of an outing. In this instance they can choose to wear civvies on the previous or
          following day.

          Should their birthday fall during the holidays, pupils may also wear civvies for a day in the last week of
          a term or the first week of the following term.

2.        Civvies days are held at various times during the year, usually on the second last day of the term, or if
          we have a special day such as Valentine’s Day. Pupils are ‘fined’ R5,00 for this privilege.


Full school uniform is usually worn when pupils go on outings. Pupils with birthdays on that day, should choose
another day to wear civvies. If slightly more casual clothing is required for a particular outing, then the
physical education clothes can be worn. Should pupils not arrive in the correct uniform, they will not be allowed
to participate. Should the outing require casual clothing, pupils can wear civvies. When going on camps, pupils
come to school in civvies and not in school uniform.

Updated May 2008

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