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									                                      PHOENIX NEWSLETTER
    PHOENIX                                August 2005
                                      To all our members


As the new season gets we look forward to each and everyone’s support and enthusiasm.
The more you support us the easier our work becomes.
This winter has been a particularly busy one with the new “Frostbite” series in which
Phoenix came second overall.
Not only were we busy in South Africa but some of our swimmers participated overseas as
well. There is detail of all the swims in the newsletter but congratulations to all.
Our season officially started off last week with the annual winter carnival held at Wahoo. It
was definitely as case of bad timing with a Tri-nations rugby match on the same day.
Fortunately there were so few of us that the races were combined and we almost finished in
time for the kick off. The down side being that instead of a gala it was more like a sprint
training session!


Registration of members has been brisk during the last few months and we had 33 members
who qualified for the SAMS early bird registration.
At present we have 41 members registered. A very BIG thank you to all those members who
have already registered.

Please note that the first SAMS cut off for EXISTING members is the 30th September
After this an existing member may still register but penalties will be incurred
For those who have forgotten the registration fee for 2005/06 is R250

We welcome new members:
Terry Bantock
Marli Venter
Annemarie Dressler
Milton Brest
Johnn Coetzee
Michael Glaser
Hanna Neuhaus
Thys Pienaar
Jane Samson
Micheal Kritzinger

Please keep the registrations coming in ... and remeber the Phoenix initiative, ”Grow
Phoenix, Bring a Friend“ .. many thanks to those that have forwarded on names to the

We wish the following members “Happy Birthday” for this month
3rd Carin Onvlee
20th Patrick Wooley
29 Kyle Lauf


Some of you might not be aware that a Proposal was accepted at the end of last season,
which now sees the GMS Committee rotate between the various clubs on a yearly basis. The
first year is being held by Phoenix !!! Which means in effect that the Phoenix Committee is
also the GMS Committee although in different positions, with Gary standing in as GMS
President and Quirin as Treasurer. We wish ourselves a great deal of strength !!!


Heather is hard at work on arranging the new Phoenix Kit – if you want to order costumes or
caps please let her know … and rumour has it that Yvette has managed to secure our Sponsor
again … so we look forward to another awesome Nationals kit … that should get everyone
motivated to enter for Malmesbury !!!!


At the GMS AGM held last month, the Phoenix Swimmers were back in the spot light….

The Most Improved Swimmer Female – One Nationals to another – Linda Crawford
The Most Improved Swimmer Male – One Nationals to another – Terry Bantock
The Alf Cadenhead Trophy – Clare Davie
The Gary Shenker Phoenix Spirit Trophy – Russell Wolpe
Female Swimmer of the Year – Marissa Rollnick
Open Water Swim Trophy – Shared between Gregg Price and Rachelle Isakov.

Anyone who is counting, meant only one Trophy did not come to us !!!


With the advent of the Midmar qualifying swims and the number of open water swims and
people swimming in the events increasing year on year we have decided to form and Open
Water section as part of our Club

As you are well aware there are very few swims that we can enter as a club. Our aim here is
to find people who are open water swimmers and to provide support to them before, during
and after an event. This would include such things as training hints, swimming in Phoenix
colours at an event, tips and advice for a swim and maybe a get together at the venue after the
event. I believe that the same spirit that is present in master’s pool swimming can be
extended to open water swims as well.

Phil and Chris have been elected as our open water swim captains for this season and are
looking for two more volunteers to help with this section for the club. Both have had many
years of open water swimming experience and we wish them well in their new positions.

We received the following from Natalie and Darren who competed in meet at Gateshead in

Darren and I swam in Gateshead, which is in Newcastle in the UK. The gala was very well
run and I must say we were made to feel most welcome. They knew us by name -
immediately as we walked through the door. Even those who were not part of the organising
committee, when they heard we were from out of town, came for a wee chat.

The gala consisted of 3 sessions of 5 events each, with an hours break between each.

We managed to obtain 6 gold medals and 2 silvers between us. (Natalie 4 gold (yay), Darren
2 gold & 2 silver).

          200 FREE        2:39:57
          100 FREE        1:10:74
          50 FREE          32:58
          400 FREE        5:46:38

          200 FREE        2:11:59 (Gauteng record 2:11:45)
          100 FREE          58:18
          50 FREE           26:29 (Gauteng record 26:31) ********
          400 FREE         4:50:66

All in all a very pleasant day

We also congratulate Rachelle and Greg who were selected as part of an open water team to
compete in England during May this year. In keeping with their reputations in South Africa
they did not let us down and won each of their events.
A comment from them. ”Swimming in the cold grey waters of the Thames makes us
understand why open water swimming is not as popular in England as in South Africa!”


This will take place on the 15th October this year.
We again appeal to all our members to not only swim but also to provide assistance during
the event – please remember the club gets rewarded financially for doing so.

There will be more detail in the next newsletter

For those that have been hibernating this winter nationals will be from the 2nd to the 4th of
March next year in Malmesbury. We have booked three accommodation spots in Wellington.
The web addresses below give details of three possible places to stay.

For the REAL early birds, please let Gary know whether you intend to register for Nationals,
whether you will need accommodation with the Team, travelling down yourself, needing a
lift or interested in flight options.


Please find a copy of the SAMS winter challenge entry form at the end of the newsletter


FINA Votes To Allow One Dolphin Kick on Breaststroke Starts and Turns -- July 22, 2005

By Phillip Whitten

PHOENIX, Ariz., USA, July 21. AS we predicted back in January, FINA has
overwhelmingly approved a recommendation by its Technical Committee to permit one
downward dolphin kick on the start and each turn in the breaststroke.

The action was taken at today's FINA Technical Swimming Congress meeting in Montreal
over the objection of the USA, Australia and several other countries. However it had solid
support by the European nations.

According to Carol Zaleski (USA), Chair of the FINA Technical Committee, the change
came largely as a result of the controversy engendered last year when Japan's Kosuke
Kitajima, winner of both the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke events at the Olympic Games in
Athens, took a very large dolphin kick after the start and turn of the 100-meter race but was
not disqualified.

The Technical Congress also voted overwhelmingly to clarify the backstroke finish rule. It
will be okay for a swimmer to be completely submerged at the finish.

These changes will not go into effect until late September, 2005

The new rule ends decades of controversies (the first one occurred in Berlin, in 1978, at the
World Championships, the latest last year in Athens, at the Olympics).

I am sure this is also good news for all you breast and back stroke swimmers who are “oh so”
close to a world marks!

There have also been some changes to the open water swimming rules

Time limits have been redefined as:
       • 30 minutes in events under 10 km;
       • 60 minutes in events between 10 and 25 km;
       • 120 minutes in events of 25 km and over.

Competitors that are unable to finish the course within the time limits shall be removed from
the water; however, the referee may allow them to complete the course but not participate in
any points or prizes awarded.
The minimum water temperature has been raised to 16 degree Celsius.


Please remember that any deposit, orders or electronic transfer needs to be faxed to 011 –
447- 5861 as confirmation.

       Bank details: FNB
       Account name: Phoenix Masters Swimming Club
       Account number: 6202 508 6134
       Rosebank Branch code: 25 33 05


A gala schedule is attached but please please …. keep the following dates in mind

27 August             Tshwane Masters           Linrand            09h00
10 September          Eastern Masters           Delville           14h00
15 October            Gauteng Masters           Sun City           09h00
23 October            Short Course Champs Wahoo 09h00


Do not think of any dam events until you have completed SUN CITY!

WEB PAGES AND RESULTS                      

Many thanks

Phoenix Committee

Don Johnston – Chairperson – 082-333-6808 -

Alison Curtis – Vice Chairperson – 082-703-2870 -

Gary Coetzee – Secretary – 082-926-8233 –
Heather Morris-Eyton – Additional Member – 082-820-4816 -

Yvette Coetzee – Sponsorship/ Clothing – 083-255-1578 -

Quirin Köhler – Treasurer/Newsletter – 083-400-9209 -
                  ENTRY FORM
NAME:       …………………………….               CLUB:      …………………….

D.O.B.:     ………………             AGE:    …….          SAMS MEMBER : YES/NO


      50     100     150    200     250    300     350    400      450    500    550    600       650
      700    750     800    850     900    950    1000   1050     1100   1150   1200   1250      1300
     1350   1400    1450   1500    1550   1600    1650   1700     1750   1800   1850   1900      1950
     2000   2050    2100   2150    2200   2250    2300   2350     2400   2450   2500   2550      2600
     2650   2700    2750   2800    2850   2900    2950   3000     3050   3100   3150   3200      3250
     3300   3350    3400   3450    3500   3550    3600   3650     3700   3750   3800   3850      3900
     3950   4000    4050   4100    4150   4200    4250   4300     4350   4400   4450   4500      4550
     4600   4650    4700   4750    4800   4850    4900   4950     5000

TOTAL MILEAGE SWUM            ……………..            COUNTER’S SIGNATURE            ………………

CLUB CHAIRMAN’S SIGNATURE:                ………………………..

        The WFC must be swum during the month of August.
        This is an INTER-CLUB CHALLENGE and each entrant has a time limit of one hour
          to swim as much as he can (does not have to be continuous, he can stop and rest, but
          only has one hour, including stoppage time!).
        ENTRY FEE: R20.00 per swimmer [including SAMS lanyard]
        ENTRY FEE: R50.00 per swimmer [including T-shirt]
        Each swimmer must have a counter, who must sign at the bottom of the entry form.
        The club chairman will add up the total kilometres swum by his/her club (including
          visitors) and send in all the signed entry forms and a summary to reach SAMS by Tues
          7th Sept 2004.
        The winning club will be decided on a handicap basis, taking into account the number
          of club members, number of participants, distance swum and average age.
       To the winning Club (according to the SAMS formula) – a refund of all your members’
        entry monies for the winter challenge plus R300.00.
       Tick appropriate box to place order and please include money with entry

                                    LANYARD R 20.00
   T-SHIRT       R 50.00    SMALL      MEDIUM       LARGE       X LARGE         XX LARGE

    I do not hold SA Masters Swimming responsible for any injury or damage or loss of
  property I may suffer as a result of this challenge. I accept all conditions and will comply
                                           with them.

SWIMMER’S SIGNATURE            ………………………                     DATE        ……………..

                               PRESIDENTS REPORT
This has been our most successful year ever !!!!

We had an increase of membership this season, with 20 New Members, taking us from last
season’s 53 members to a record high of 63 members for 2004-2005. As far as Nationals go,
5 of our swimmers achieved maximum points, 10 swimmers achieved between 50-59 points,
with the balance of our points being achieved by our other 32 swimmers. In the club ranking
Phoenix achieved an overall second place only fractionally behind Coelacanth (380 points).
Our men were ranked second and our ladies third overall.

 Next years Nationals have been confirmed as 2-4 March 2006 in Malmesbury. We look
forward to a competitive team travelling down and encourage all our swimmers to compete
in their maximum of 6 races allowed – every point counts.This is evident from the fact that
we, as a club, won 167 medals overall – only 6 behind Coelacanth !!!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Eastern Stingrays for putting
on a very successful and enjoyable Nationals 2005. Thanks also to Gary, Peter and Alison for
contributing towards our “Eastern theme” costumes for the final dinner party in Boksburg,
we looked very smart.

Thanks must go to Yvette Coetzee for our Nationals Kit. We received many compliments,
from swimmers outside the club, on how smart we looked. For this we thank our sponsors,
Lusan Premium Wines – “Flat Roof Manor”.
Thanks are also extended to our other sponsors, Swimming International, Halewood
International – “Red Square Ice”, SA Greetings – Cardies, Cape Union Mart, and Hi-Tec.
Also thank you to Heather for arranging new Phoenix costumes and caps.
I think its agreed, we are noticed for our outfits not only our swimming.

At nationals, Phoenix swimmers broke one team and 8 individual South African Records.
Congratulations to the 200m Free 240-279 Relay Team of Mike Edwards, Willie Wilson,
Marissa Rollnick and Anne Jones. Also to Gregg Price, Jack Brink, Lain Schutte, John
Petersen, Rachelle Isakov and Anne Jones who between them broke the eight South African

During the season 5 other long course South African records were broken by Gregg, Jack and
Heather. A number of short course records were also smashed by the likes of Gregg, Gary,
Rachelle, Heather and Jack. (Hope that I have not missed out anyone). The list of GMS
records on both long course and short course, are simply too extensive to mention.

7 swimmers were awarded South African Colours: - Jack Brink (5th time), Clare Davie (8th
time), Mike Edwards (2nd time), Rachelle Isakov (2nd time), Anne Jones (7th time), Heather
Morris-Eyton (4th time) and to Gregg Price (first time). Well done.

Congratulations to Gregg Price who was awarded the Victor Ludorum Trophy at Nationals.
Phil Chappel, Clare Davie, Eric Gilfillan, Quirin Kohler and Russel Wolpe were awarded
their 10 year attendance plaque at Nationals. Well done.

Jack Brink was the oldest man attending and competing at Nationals, at the tender age of 85

Out of the 6 gala’s held this past season, Phoenix was the strongest team on four occasions.

We do not only flourish in the pool and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate
the Phoenix swimmers who continuously achieve in the open water/dam swims, special
mention of Gregg Price, Rachelle Isakov, Phil Chappel and Chris MacKinnon. 21 swimmers
from Phoenix took part in the 2005 Midmar Mile and I hope to see this increase next year. A
strong focus as always for any club is Sun City. We would like to extend our appreciation for
our two club members who work tirelessly on the Sun City committee to ensure the event
runs smoothly, Eric Gillfillan and Phil Chappel. To all the swimmers who took part or
worked, much appreciation as it is to the benefit of the club. See you all at Sun City on the
15th October 2005. I think its now time that we should have an Open water sub-committee to
look after Phoenix’s interests in open water swims. The Chairman of this committee to be on
the main committee.

We had a very successful End of Year function. Thanks to the committee for all their workt,
especially Alison and Heather. We had a great turn out, and our special thanks to everyone
who made the effort, especially to Phil and Chris for allowing us to destroy their home !!!.

I would like to appeal to all our members to register timeously this season (today of possible)
so as not to overload the Secretary, who experienced some problems this past season. We
also encourage all our members to assist with the initiative, “Grow Phoenix, Bring a
Swimmer”. Lets stay the largest and strongest club in Gauteng, the next step, to win
Nationals. We can do it!

Congratulations to Gary for his willingness to be the new GMS President.

The final point is to thank the Committee for the hard work and effort they put into the the
past season: Madam Vice – Alison, Master of the Newsletter – Quirin and our additional
members responsible for kit/ costumes – Heather and Yvette.

A special word of thanks to Gary the Secretary/Treasurer he worked tirelessly and the
increase in membership is in no small measure due to his efforts. To all the committee and
members thank you for making the chairman’s job such a pleasant one.

Thank you all for being here. Phoenix looks forward to an even more successful 2005- 2006
swimming season.

Don Johnston

Seriously, we swim for fun . Seriously!!

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