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					Letter number 5                                                                     4 June 2009

Dear parents


At this time of the year the school is focusing on mid-year assessments. Assessments vary in
form from informal assessments in Grades 00/0-3 [such as the teacher assessing fluency in
reading] to formal High School examinations written in the hall. Irrespective of how the assessment
is done it will culminate in an academic report being sent home on the last day of school. This
report should form the basis of a discussion with your child during the holidays.

Some points worth noting about the report:
   The class average is useful for comparative purposes. A pupil may obtain 75% in a subject
      yet the class average is 80%! It also forms the basis for goal setting for the next report.
      Please be realistic – for some pupils a 5% improvement is a significant step. For the more
      gifted child, class average represents an under achieving examination result.
   It gives the parent the right to ask the “big questions” and demands answers from pupils.
   It forms the basis of discussions with teachers at the various meetings described below.
   It is never too late to rebuild a course but this takes sacrifices. During the June holidays,
      time “stands still”, especially for the Grade 12’s, and this becomes a wonderful opportunity
      to fill in the gaps.

During the last two weeks, individual meetings with every parent will be set up by the Primary
School teaching staff to discuss your child’s progress. This system will apply to Grades 00/0-6.
Working parents are welcome to see Pat on Monday 22 June at the High School meeting.

On Monday 22 June the High School [Grades 7-12] and Grade 6 will be having an Academic
Parent Evening at school from 19:00 in the hall. As per usual the teachers will be grouped around
the hall at tables and will be more than happy to assist you in interpreting the examination marks of
your child. Although reports would not have been issued by that stage, they would have received
their scripts back from the relevant teacher and would know their marks. Hopefully the
communication lines will be in place from child to parent and you will not arrive at the meeting
“blissfully in the dark!”

The school places a high value on benchmarking and will be embarking on this in the near future.
The Primary School will be busy with the Conquesta Olympiad in August and the Grade 7’s
participate in the Academic Triathlon.

Lynn Budge reports on the UCT Mathematics Competition 2009
On the evening of 21st April 2009 thousands of High School students, ranging from Grade 8-12,
descended on the campus of the University of Cape Town to participate in the annual UCT
Mathematics Competition. The interaction with the other 6329 students and a look at the campus
has ensured that this event has become a highlight amongst our students.

Every year, without exception, our El Shaddai students make us proud as they give of their best.
This year the results that they obtained are of the best we have received. We sent 57 students to
compete and more than 50% of them obtained a “Merit Award”. (To obtain a “Merit Award” the
student must rank in the top 200 in the singles division or the top 100 in the pairs division - keeping
in mind that there are approximately 1200 students per grade that write).

Natalie Frenz was awarded “The School Prize” for obtaining our highest school ranking in her
grade. This achievement was acknowledged at the prize giving last month.

The overall school performance, ranked El Shaddai Christian School 19th out of the 138 schools
that participated from the Western Province – this was quite a notable achievement for our small
school. We give God all the glory for His favour! Well done to our Mathematics achievers, we are
very proud of you all!
Whilst on the topic of exceptional achievements we once again feature in the Cambridge
International Examinations Top Ten IGCSE Honours list.

Top in South Africa (June 2008)
    Joint highest mark in South Africa for First Language English - Michail Brynard [Grade 11 of
    Joint highest mark in South Africa for First Language English - David Webster [Grade 11 of
    Highest mark in South Africa for Mathematics (without coursework) - Michail Brynard
       [Grade 11 of 2008]
    Highest mark in South Africa for Biology - Jared Eric Kretzmann [Grade 11 of 2008]

Top in South Africa (Nov. 2008)
    Highest mark in South Africa for Physical Science - Matthew Deacon [Grade 10 of 2008]

Top 10 in the world (Nov. 2008)
    Joint second highest mark in the world for Physical Science - Matthew Deacon [Grade 10
       of 2008]
    Eighth highest mark in the world for Physical Science - Claire Bond [Grade 10 of 2008]

        My congratulations to the individual students as well as the teachers who have prepared
        them – I appreciate you.

Dates to diarise
      Date                            Event                             Teacher responsible
Mon 8 June       Grade 11 Parenting Evening [subject choice]        Karen Anderson
                 Final Grade11 parent interviews                    Karen Anderson
Fri 12 June      Last day for High School Exams
                 Last day for school closing early at 12:45
Mon 15 June      School Holiday
Tues 16 June     Public Holiday
Mon 22 June      Grade 6-12 Parenting Evening [academic]            Karen Anderson & Linda Nel
Tues 23 June     School Photos – winter sport                       Karl Bohler
Wed 24 June      Civvies day – fund raise for Compassion &          All
                 Care fund & Open Doors – R 5.00 per pupils
Fri 26 June      School closes after 4 teaching periods at 11:00    All

Kind regards


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