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									                                Deputy’s Desk
                                17 April 2009

Our new MaraMag holds the key to planning your academic progress – please consult
the cycle test programme printed in it. The exam timetable will be made available this
week - please speak to Mrs Derrick should you have any concerns.

Learners and parents are reminded that cycle tests are written every Tuesday. Starting
to study for the cycle test on Monday afternoon is counter-productive and can only lead
to poor results. Learners are urged to study over weekends and use Monday afternoons
as the ideal opportunity to do final revision, or to seek help during support lessons.

Please note that learners absent from these cycle tests require a Doctor’s certificate.
If a learner is absent, he/she is required to write the test on the first day upon return to

Top Ten Term 1, 2009
                      Grade 8                                      Grade 9
12       Brenton Lotz                             10      Natalie Smit
11       Armandt Le Roux                          9       Shivani Naidoo
10       Kaylin Cilliers                          8       Chantelle Vermeulen
9        Carmen Perkins                           7       Roxanne Putzier
8        Charissa Du Toit                         6       Terissa Reddy
7        Tyler Morrissey                          5       Madeleen Singleton
7        Liza Mcgeer                              4       Cayla Albrecht
6        Nicole Cherry                            3       Marichen Peyper
5        Janneke Le Roux                          2       Ashlee Sonnydeva
4        Leandré Fouche                           1       Melissa Rabie
3        Ainsley Sonnydeva
2        Tayla Moorley
1        Kiara Hirachund

                    Grade 10                                       Grade 11
7        Devin Minnaar                            8       Hendrik Coetzee
6        Zaakira Kaka                             7       Daniel Cilliers
5        Jessica Hunkin                           6       Casey Staunton
4        Marlé Cilliers                           5       Ann Van Staden
3        Caitlin Lahoud                           4       Sandra Wesolowski
2        Kelebohile Tabane                        3       Lauren Peacock
1        Danile Venter                            2       Kevin Lien
                                                  1       SAMANTHA MEDHURST

                   Grade 12
7        Gerhard Combrinck
6        Cameron Davis
5        Megan Mondahl
4        Vincent Britz
3        Karien Van Zyl
2        Shenade Fataar
1        Emile Zitzke

Our Representative Council of Learners for 2009 (RCL) are:

8.1       Storm Middleton                 Jonathan Polyblank
8.2       Lauren Perkin                   Jason Nieman
8.3       Leandré Fouche                  Ryan Stephens
8.4       Lethabo Bosoga                  Keegan Green
8.5       Tayla Moorley                   Ryan Britz

9.1       Nina Rykaart                    Cameron Mc Cluskey
9.2       Marichen Peyper                 Kyle De Cramer
9.3       Cayla Albrecht                  Talbot Smith
9.4       Caitlin Langeveld               Bernard Keys

10.1      Marlé Cilliers (Secretary)      Brandon Kotze
10.2      Natalia Dos Santos              Brendan Rankou
10.3      Toni-Lee Beckton                Tsenolo Thloloe

11.1      Samantha Medhurst               Ruan Coetzer
11.2      Jasmin Pereira                  Jeannot Manachi
11.3      Natalie Craig                   Wade Pearce
11.4      Karabo Phakathi                 Keegan Pretorius (Chairman)

12.1      Karien Van Zyl                  Bernard Funk
12.2      Kyndra Robertson                Christopher Jardine
12.3      Charlene Le Roux                Kabelo Tabane

Day Trips:

Our next set of academic day trips takes place on Thursday, 30 April. Learners are
reminded that these day trips form part of their curricula and that attendance is

Cultural Activities:

          The junior debaters are preparing for their first round of SACEE debates which will be held on 15
          May at St. Ursula’s Convent.
         The first debate will be against Redhill and we will be opposing the motion.
         Prepared debate: That gay communities should “out” gay celebrities.
         Second round of debating to take place on 23 May at Fourways High.
         Prepared debate: This house believes that government should provide heroin users with safe
          injection facilities.
         We do not yet know if we will oppose or propose the motion.

Major production
          Lead roles (11 learners) had practice on Thursday – read through script and orientated actors to

Vocal group
       Sessions are on Mondays – be there with voice in throat!

ATKV Redenaars
        Senior redenaars are: Monique Theron, Marle Celliers and Janine McKay.
       Junior redenaars are: Madeleen Singleton, Melissa Rabie, Chantelle Theron.
       Preparing for competition on 5 May at Fourways High.

SA Drama Championships
       Next week several of our learners will be participating in the SA Drama Championships. Maragon
        wishes them all the best – BREAK A LEG!!

RAPS 2009
       Registration: Sunday 19 April at Wits Theatre (9am – 1pm)
       Rehearsals: At school Fridays 2 pm to 4
       Rehearsal at Wits from 18 May. Slot only confirmed after registration.
       Performances start 25 May.


The High School League starts this week. Players from Grade 8 to 12 may participate.
Learners wishing to be part of the team are to speak to Mr Kenning. Attendance at
practices is rather poor and therefore Mr Kenning has investigated the creation of on-line
groups to facilitate social players as well.

Mr Kenning believes that there are many pupils who play “social” chess. These pupils do
not want to get involved in chess at school (despite his attempts to lure them). It is this
untapped group that he wants to draw into participating.

The website makes provision for the creation of on-line groups.
Membership to the group is by invitation only: meaning that you can only join the group
if the group administrator sends you a request to join. His intention is to encourage the
“social players” to sign up as a member of the website (at no cost) and play against
other Maragon pupils in turn-based chess (although there is a live chess option too). In
this way we could have a substantial number of pupils participating in chess, but doing
so when it is convenient for them – even possibly during the holidays.

Good luck to all our budding Kasparovs!

Boys’ Hockey

Our First Boys Hockey Team truly enjoyed their winter sports tour down in Stellenbosch.
The boys held their own against schools that far outnumber Maragon, winning three of
their six matches, drawing two and losing one. Congratulations, boys! We are very proud
of your performance, your attitude, your sportsmanship as well as your behaviour on
tour! A Maragon player was also awarded a man-of-the-match medal for three of the six
games – truly commendable!

The hockey season was hit off with a most enjoyable sport day held on 7 March at
Maragon. The U/14 and U/16 teams played against Westonaria and the 1st team against
Eden Glen. On 14 March, the 1st team competed against five other schools in the Winter
Sport Day at Maragon and did us proud by convincingly winning the boys hockey
section. On 25 March, our U/16 and 1st teams played against Bekker. The U/16 match
ended in a draw 0-0 and the 1st team played a smashing game to beat Bekker 5-0.

Maragon’s boys’ hockey is taking great strides and we are very proud of the large
number of players that were included in the D12 teams that participated in the Inter
District festivals held on 22 March at King Edward High School (KES), Parktown Boys
High and St. Johns. Nine U/14 boys, Eight U/16 boys and Seven U/18 boys from
Maragon were included in the D12 teams.

Congratulations to the following boys that were invited to attend further regional (U/14)
and provincial (U/16) trials and were all selected to represent Southern Gauteng in
upcoming tournaments:

U/14C:       Robert Atkinson
U/14D:       Stedon Venter
             Darren Reddy
             Matthew Marais
             Tyler Morrissey

U/16A:       Dean Harrison

We are looking forward to some exiting hockey and more excellent results in the second
term. Our 1st team will for the first time, participate in the prestigious Aitken Trophy
tournament from 15 to 17 May at St. Benedicts. All our teams will participate in the
D2/D12 League Championship to be held on 25 July and 1 August and play a number of
friendly matches during the course of the second term.

House Captains for 2009:

      Bateleur:            Marcello De Freitas       Shelly De Bruyn
      Martial:             Yvan Nys                  Ann Van Staden
      Wahlberg:            Trevor Johnston           Alexis Robb


Six girls were selected for the Johannesburg Regional Team. They are:
        u/17:         Daniecka Riehl
        u/16:         Carron Fick
                      Monique Theron
                      Masechaba Moloi
                      Zimbini Mancotywa
        u/15:         Nina Rykaart

These girls will be participating at the Gauteng Trials on Saturday, 18 April at Dr EG
Jansen High School.

Thought to ponder:

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is
more important than facts. It is more important than the past, the education, the
money, than circumstances, than failure, than successes, than what other people think
or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or
break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice
everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our
past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot
change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and
that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of
how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.”
  Charles R. Swindoll quotes (American Writer and Clergyman, b.1934)

God bless.
      Dion Kotze


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