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					   Example SALES PITCH                        This can be changed byyourself accordingly

Hi my name is ….. Nick

Can I speak to -------------- or the communication Manager or the incharge of
the business please ???

Who is calling??

Nick from (company name).




Hi ….I’m calling from (company name), we offer mobile solutions to small
business’s like yourself.

Can I just ask if you make international calls ?

Offer solutions which are cost effective and value for money.

May I ask, what are your mobile / communication costs, on an average, every
How much of that, is related to mobile phones?

We are a federated business partner with all the major networks

We offer a free, totally unbiased and the most competitive price in the market
along with a very professional and user friendly customer care service. i.e.:

      No automated calls,
      1-2-1 account manger to take care of your mobile account.
      1 point of contact,
      You will not have to endure long waiting and listening to music and
       hold for hours to get to talk to the customer service agent etc etc etc.

       Can I ask how many mobile handsets do you have / use ?

       What network?

       What’s the monthly bill on average??

       How many minutes ?

       Do you have Insurance for your phones?
      Any text bundles??

      Any blackberries??

      Would you consider an alternative network? I.e., Voda Fone, T-Mobile ,
      3G etc.???

We can offer bespoke packages for your business requirements and can save
you at least 30% on your on going monthly spend??

I will give you a NO Obligation quotation for your communication package.

In order for me to do that could you please fax me your recent bill? And give us
your current requirements???

Ok, well I can certainly help you decrease your spending .

Or alternatively

In order to finalise the communication package our specialist sales consultant
will visit you personally.we have a appointment slot available tomorrow
between 12pm to 12:30 or Day after 3:00???

Which one is good for you??
OK our senior sales consultant Mr----.------- will be with you on--------can i ask to
please keep copy of your latest for his quick analysis

           Objections and Answers.
Client Q1, I am sorry but I am in contract with my supplier for two three five years

A1, The telecommunications industry is constantly changing, so the deal that was offered at the time
of signing the contract was good, but we have seen that even after a couple of months your
situation may not be so appealing, when compared with the ever changing market place. We offer a
FREE tariff analysis to all of our customers both existing and potential. This will supply you with the
information required to liaise with your current airtime provider and reduce your costs. Is this
something you would like us to undertake as in most cases with clients in your situation the analysis
does reveal some interesting points which I am sure you would like to evaluate?

Client O1a, So even if we came to you, the situation would be the same?

A2, With (company name) this is not the case, most sales people when analysing the account
will take you highest spend and work the quotation around these figures this enables the sales
person to gain the highest commission, where possible take a set of variables regarding your
working structure, this gives us both an average figure to which we can work from. So the chances,
of over selling you a contract is none, but few telecommunications companies work this way. We
have asked OFCOM to have our system endorsed, because of the high network charges some
companies are suffering from. All we require from you is your last three months invoices with the
itemised break down. You can email them do you get your invoices electronically or on paper. (if
small account scan and email.) (If the company has 20 phones or more, we can have them collected,
by courier.) See collection form.

Q2      , Look we get hundreds of calls a month with you people trying to sell us mobiles!
A2, We know this and a lot of companies are falling fowl because of the many unscrupulous
companies out there. All I ask because I know you’re a busy man/woman, is to look at a web
address, you can do this at your leisure. We are a company that like to prove its worth to our clients,
both existing and potential. This site is a calculator all you need to do is enter your tariff that you are
currently on and the number of mobiles that you have. I can certainly guarantee your company will
see not only a huge saving but also a level of customer service not experienced before. I know you
have probably heard all this before, but I am not trying to sell your company any products just a
concept that (company name) will reduce your call spend and stop your staff having to deal
with those annoying problems that can take up a lot of their time. Would you like to look at this

Cab, Yes. Ok Go to deal calculator.

Cac, No Ok I will send you the link along with some details.

Q3, We don’t use mobiles all our staff pay for their own and claim it back on expenses.

A3, This must be costing you a small fortune, you can then reduce your company costs by allowing a
call spend to each employee, this should reduce your out going revenue and allow taxable refunds to
be obtained on this facility, as supplying such equipment is a benefit to the employee and can be
included as part of their salary. At the moment each user is on a separate tariff, we have a wide
range of tariffs that can reduce your costs many of which offer free calls between the mobiles, this
will not only reduce your cost but also allow you to control the usage. We could then analyse your
bills and report excessive usage during working hours, which can also improve your output. At the
moment you are unable to do this as you have no control over the usage.

Q4, We are happy with our current supplier and do not wish to change.

A4, That’s great it’s not often we hear that! But in our experience a company can always do more,
we could offer an analysis on your account free of charge, this would at least give you a comparison
regarding your present situation it is always good to get a fresh prospective on long term accounts to
ensure that they are running cost effectively and it would show your existing supplier that you do
monitor their progress or we could give you a web address which will calculate this for you. (do this
on the phone with the customer)
Q5, We have seen these offers before! Just recently we were offered a deal that gave cash back
as an incentive to reduce our line costs the company went broke and took the cash and left us high
and dry!

A5, We are fully aware of these situations and although we do offer cash incentives this is held by a
third party and is paid on a monthly basis back to your account, because of the bad press that these
companies have caused we are working with OFCOM to gain there endorsement of this system.

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