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 To:        Mr Andrè Harrison
 Of:        Metrorail
 From:      Dorian Glass
 Date:      21 April 2004                               Ref:


Dear Andre,

 A short note to reinforce the thanks I conveyed to you last night when we chatted briefly. As a
high-level Strategic Business Consultant, I am massively overawed at the complexity and,
overall, the immense challenge that you and your team undertook.

What has emerged is surely a case study for the industry -- globally in fact.

 Part of this compliment is the maturity I would like to commend you regarding of the open
honesty and transparency you showed in facing up to this challenge, especially with SABS. Very
noteworthy, and certainly the "stuff of visionary companies."

 I would like to also thank you for availing yourself to chat in the future re aspects of the Metrorail
transition that would certainly and passionately assist other companies in committing themselves
to a visionary future with which we work.

 May I also extend a similar "sounding board" offer, from our side, should you ever require, to
discuss any dynamics present in the work we have done with ACSA or other. Much of the
challenges my partner and I faced with ACSA are clearly present in Metrorail. The sweet smell
of success has been proven however, in Cape Town International Airport having just been
chosen, via global IATA research, as the very best airport serving 6 to 16 million passengers.
Proof of strategically committing oneself to the future, and of the highly admirable
and mature leadership of CTIA by Monwabisi Kalawe! It all starts with Leadership...

I look forward to meeting with you again in the future Andre.

Warm regards,

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 To:        Ms Riana Jacobs & Mr Andrè Harrison
 Of:        Metrorail
 From:      Brenda Sudano
 Date:      21 April 2004                              Ref:     31555/55A
            Metrorail Presentation Blue Train Lounge : 20.04.2004

Dear Andrè & Riana

My compliments on your ISO status, and on a winning presentation to the Cape Regional
Chamber last evening. The presentation went a long way to put to rest some of the concerns
that have been relayed from commuters within our business organizations, and everyone present
agreed the evening was a great success.

I will pursue the Chamber President’s suggestion of an informal (public transport) debate, in
social circumstances, amongst key transport stakeholders in the City and will contact you in this
regard in the near future.

I will also be contacting Riana for that train trip to Khayelitsha which I have been plucking up the
courage to take in the past months (perhaps we should wait for warmer weather?!).

May I also thank you for the Metrorail folder received on departure from the function, which I look
forward to using and displaying at forthcoming business meetings.

Yours sincerely

Transport and Communications Forum
Cape Regional Chamber of Commerce

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