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3 April 2008

5 annual Entrepreneurship Development Conference goes to Cape Town

“Youth Entrepreneurship for 2010 and Beyond: Unlocking, Unleashing, Empowering” - this is the theme for this year‟s
annual Entrepreneurship Development Conference 2008 (EDC 2008). The conference, the brainchild of Umsobomvu
Youth Fund and the biggest annual conference in South Africa focused exclusively to youth entrepreneurship, is back
again this year with what is promising to be yet another powerful platform for debate, the sharing of ideas and best
practices towards the increase of Total Entrepreneurship Activity among young South Africans.

Following the success of last year‟s conference which was held in Durban, Umsobomvu is hosting the fifth annual
EDC 2008 in the city of Cape Town. This year, the conference is hosted under the auspices of UYF‟s Centre for
Youth Development Practice in partnership with the Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign 2010, the City of Cape Town
and the Western Cape Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The conference will build on the previous
conferences in its focus to ensure youth entrepreneurial activity increases as the country prepares for 2010
opportunities and beyond.

“Last year‟s conference was aimed at identifying opportunities created by the 2010 FIFA World Cup platform and
programmes aimed at increasing the culture of entrepreneurship among our youth,” says Chief Executive Officer of
Umsobomvu Youth Fund, Malose Kekana.

He adds: “This year we decided to go with the theme „Youth Entrepreneurship for 2010 and Beyond: Unlocking,
Unleashing, Empowering‟ meaning that we will focus on making available knowledge, tools, systems and processes
available for young entrepreneurs that can be used by practitioners to increase entrepreneurship among the youth.”

Present at this year‟s conference to be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre will be business
support organisations comprising of agencies, chambers and business trainers, practitioners such as business
advisors, mentors and consultants, policy makers in the government sector and parastatals, FIFA World Cup
representatives from host cities, financial institutions, local and international donors and established youth

To open the conference up to experts across the country and internationally, Umsobomvu Youth Fund is issuing a call
for papers to be presented at the conference and published in the Conference Proceedings report. The focus will be
on the Education and Training, Information Communication and Technology, 2010 Opportunities, Tourism and
Hospitality and Microfinance sectors. Interested presenters can download information from the Umsobomvu Youth
Fund‟s website: www.youthportal.org.za or contact Mr. Takalani Nethengwe on 011 651 7000 for information.

For more information please contact:

Gugu Mjadu
Umsobomvu Youth Fund
Tel: (011) 651 7112/ 073 263 0973
Email: gugu.mjadu@uyf.org.za

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